I. Teacher Came to Save Jiang Xiuying Three Times

When our Teacher went to Guizhou Province to spread the Fa, he held lectures in Guiyang City. Ms. Jiang Xiuying, who later became the assistant of Guizhou General Assistance Center, had not yet become a practitioner. She was a retired teacher and enjoyed fan-waving exercises in a park. While in the park, she met Teacher, who came to Guizhou on three separate occasions to spread Dafa. The first two times, Teacher talked with her and reminded her, but she was still reluctant to learn Falun Gong. The third time, Teacher kindly reminded her, "Ms. Jiang! How much longer do you have to live?"

With the third reminder, she finally awakened and began walking the path of genuine cultivation. Later, she took on the responsibility of a volunteer assistant. She has made many contributions to spreading Falun Dafa.

II. Wu Kuan Witnessed Teacher's Miracles

During the time when Teacher spread Falun Dafa in China, he taught Dafa for four days in Chenzhou City, Hunan Province. There was a Falun Dafa practitioner, Wu Kuan, who was over 70 years old. When Wu Kuan was young, he was deceived into joining the Red Army. Fortunately for him, he met Teacher. One day when it was raining hard, Wu Kuan and Teacher walked side by side down a road. Wu Kuan wanted to find an umbrella for Teacher. Our Teacher told him there was no need for an umbrella and continued walking in the rain with Wu Kuan. Wu Kuan then noticed that Teacher was dry, even though it was still raining. Not only that, but he was dry, too. Wu Kuan felt he was witnessing a miracle and ascertained that Dafa was not an ordinary Fa. Thereafter, he walked the path of true cultivation.

III. Eye-witnesses of Our Teacher's Visit to the Cave of Suxian Mountain

In Chenzhou's history, a divine being named Suxian saved many people who had been stricken by plagues. When Teacher arrived at Chenzhou during his journey, he visited Suxian Mountain with some practitioners. When they reached the gate of the cave where Suxian had lived, some practitioners saw our Teacher do the Heshi hand sign and say, "Today, I have come back to take a look." Later, the practitioners learned that our Teacher had lived in Chenzhou before.

The stories above have been compiled from practitioners' narratives.

February 4, 2006