(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioners illegally detained in Daqing Prison in Heilongjiang province were on a hunger strike for 17 days from January 27, 2006 to February 11, 2006. Practitioners Zhang Zhi, Guan Zhaoqi, Wang Yudong, Li Ronghong, Zhao Yuan, Zhang Xingye and Pu Fanwei are now unable to get out of bed; they are very weak. Pu Fanwei is in a coma, and Zhang Zhi is in serious condition.

We urgently appeal to the international community and all people with a sense of justice to support these practitioners.

An inhumane group persecution is taking place in Daqing Prison. Since July 1999, at least 46 practitioners there have been persecuted to death. The authorities continue to commit crimes upon crimes. Prison Director Wang Yongxiang, who came to the prison in October of last year, is especially cruel and merciless. He personally directs the persecution there.

On January 26, 2006, Wang Yongxiang publicly beat practitioners Jiang Derong, Jia Shenghui, Sun Jianbin, Wang Yudong, and Jin Sheng, and locked them all up in solitary confinement to torture them.

After learning of this ill treatment, other practitioners began a hunger strike on January 27 to protest. Director Wang Yongxiang instigated the prison hospital Chief Gao Qing and Deputy Chief Huang Zhiwei to force-feed these practitioners with salt water once a day. He also ordered each ward to send practitioners to the prison hospital for forced intravenous injections.

On February 8, policemen and inmates from the first ward sent practitioner Jin Sheng to the prison hospital. Deputy Chief of the hospital Huang Zhiwei ordered several inmates to strap Jin Sheng down in a bed and thrust in a tube to force-feed him. Jin Sheng did not cooperate with the force-feeding and pointed out that this is just another form of persecution. However, the inmates force-fed him with violence. Due to the violent insertion of the tube, his nose was covered in blood and he coughed up blood in his mouth until the inmates stopped in fear. Jin Sheng continued to try to persuade the perpetrators not to participate in the persecution. Huang Zhiwei not only did not listen to Jin Sheng but personally inserted the tubes even more aggressively. He also ordered the inmates to mix salt in the milk powder to fill his stomach.

Practitioners who participated in the hunger strike include Pu Fanwei, Jin Sheng, Wang Yudong, Zhang Zhi, Guan Zhaoqi, Zhang Zidong, Jiang Derong, Li Ronghong, Zhong Zhaoqin, Zou Guoyan, Wang Junfeng, Deng Qingshan, Yao bin, Li Chao, Li Zhanbin, Zhai Zhibin, Zhao Yuan and Zhang Xingye.

Those responsible for the persecution:

Address: Daqing Prison, Hongweixing, Ranghulu District, Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, zip code: 163159.
Wang Yongxiang, Prison Director, 86-459-5099876, 86-459-5964388, 86-13904867068(Cell)
Chen Qingfa, Political Instructor, 86-459-5058588, 86-459-4686358, 86-13329491288(Cell)
Wang Jiaren, Deputy Prison Director, 86-459-5050616, 86-459-4687616, 86-13303691339(Cell)
Zhang Yajun, Deputy Prison Director, 86-459-5059122, 86-459-6388889, 86-13359825633(Cell)
Jiang Shuchen, Deputy Prison Director, 86-459-5059808, 86-459-6783122, 86-13936711131(Cell)
Wang Yingjie, Deputy Prison Director, 86-459-5059919, 86-459-6363870, 86-13329393777(Cell)
Ye Wenhui, Captain of the 1st ward, 86-459-5059423, 86-459-5982371, 86-13069600810(Cell)
Li Chunzhi, Political Instructor of the 1st ward, 86-459-5058609, 86-459-6766285, 86-13019083428(Cell)
Liu Shengyu, Vice Captain of the 1st ward, 86-459-5059423, 86-459-6687062, 86-13039825600(Cell)
Zhu Renshan, Captain of the 2nd ward, 86-459-5059596, 86-459-5699290, 86-13936776952(Cell)
Zhu Wenwu, Vice Captain of the 2nd ward, 86-459-5059596, 86-459-6688246, 86-13054213979(Cell)
Cao Wenzhao, Vice Captain of the 2nd ward, 86-459-5059596, 86-459-6683203, 86-13945910985(Cell)
Zhu Rui, Captain of the 3rd ward, 86-459-5059835, 86-459-6180660, 86-13936723666(Cell)
Wang Yalong, Vice Captain of the 3rd ward, 86-459-5059835, 86-459-5827085, 86-13019776633(Cell)
Chen Junchang, Captain of the 4th ward, 86-459-5059834, 86-459-6868664, 86-13019070892(Cell)
Fu Xuelin, Political Instructor of the 4th ward, 86-459-6865576, 86-13045390999(Cell)
Zhe Zhongxin, Vice Captain of the 4th ward, 86-459-5059834, 86-459-4686728, 86-13936729603(Cell)
Chen Yubin, Captain of the 5th ward, 86-459-5059423, 86-459-4893913, 86-13019087748(Cell)
Xu Jiamin, Political Instructor of the 5th ward, 86-459-6366017, 86-13936977750(Cell)
Wang Defeng, Vice Captain of the 5th ward, 86-459-5050422, 86-459-4622466, 86-13945955956(Cell)
Li Shouchun, Vice Captain of the 5th ward, 86-459-5050422, 86-459-6368717,
Dong Menghuan, Captain of the 6th ward, 86-459-5059596, 86-459-4686883, 86-13059041717(Cell)
Cui Shijun, Political Instructor of the 6th ward, 86-459-5059704, 86-459-6328933, 86-13936836930(Cell)
Liang Shougui, Vice Captain of the 6th ward, 86-459-5796937, 86-19836735042(Cell)
Li Fengjiang, Captain of the 7th ward, 86-459-5059233, 86-459-5962033, 86-13359603366(Cell)
Xiang Zhenchun, Vice Captain of the 7th ward, 86-459-6180347, 86-13904863444(Cell)
Gao Changhua, Political Instructor of the 7th ward, 86-459-5059233, 86-459-6369885, 86-13936998789(Cell)
Pan Shaolin, Captain of the entry-and-exit ward, 86-459-5059704, 86-459-6678320, 86-13845951567(Cell)
Li Zhenxing, Vice Captain of the entry-and-exit ward, 86-459-5059704, 86-459-6288707, 86-13059042788(Cell)
Li Hai, Vice Captain of the entry-and-exit ward, 86-459-5059704, 86-459-6337570, 86-13845920440(Cell)
Wang Xiyi, Captain of the internal affairs team, 86-459-5059892, 86-459-4681337, 86-13704896555(Cell)
Huo Weidong, Political Instructor of the internal affairs team, 86-459-5059233, 86-459-6388861, 86-13059065518(Cell)
Gao Qing, prison hospital Chief, 86-459-5059828, 86-459-6852986, 86-13804696394(Cell)
Huang Zhiwei, prison hospital Deputy Chief, 86-459-5059828, 86-1309168508(Cell)
Prison hospital doctors: Qiao Guotao, Wang Haicheng, Wen Jijun, Wang Wenhui, Mei Hongfei, Lu Mingyao, Hou Gongyu.