(Clearwisdom.net) A former CCP intelligence worker has revealed that in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, near the Masanjia Labor Camp, Dabei Second Prison, and a brainwashing center located in the Huanggu District Police Department, there is another facility located in the Sujiatun District especially used to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners.

According to this source, most prisons and labor camps are big enough that detainees going in and coming out will eventually bring information out. But this Sujiatun concentration camp has not had anyone come out yet; therefore, it's very hard for people outside to find out what's happening inside. Currently, there are very few Falun Dafa practitioners detained in the Masanjia Labor Camp or in Dabei Prison, because they have been concentrated in Sujiatun.

This secret Sujiatun concentration camp has steel gates that remain closed at all times. There is a three-meter high brick wall that has electrified barbed wire on top. No one can see inside from the outside, and the people living nearby don't seem to have any idea what is happening inside. The agent said that this is a secret prison, and over a period of two or three days, no cars or people in uniform could be seen going in or out.

This source said that there are more than six thousand Falun Dafa practitioners detained here, including practitioners from the three Northeastern provinces and central China.

He said, "You are probably familiar with what happens at the Masanjia Labor Camp; the most common torture is shocking with electric batons. The interrogation techniques from Masanjia have been passed to all levels of the CCP political and judiciary organs. If Falun Dafa practitioners are sent to Sujiatun, though, they have no chance of coming out. What is the CCP doing to them inside those walls? The CCP would never feed and house them indefinitely. What many people probably do not know is that the CCP political and judiciary departments in the Shenyang City area and the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture learned many things from North Korea."

"The CCP won't let a prisoner consume food forever. Then what are they doing? In the end, the Falun Dafa practitioners are killed for their organs, which are sent to the various medical facilities. Currently, organ selling is a very profitable business in China. Many patients that died on the operating table have had their organs taken away. No one investigates it, and even doctors are involved in this trade. They cannot find enough bodies through executions, and no bodies are more readily available than those of practitioners to do this business."

This source further stated, "Someone told me all of the people who built Sujiatun camp were long term prisoners who did not know what they were building, and for what purpose. Why was a crematorium built and why are so many doctors housed there? It's not because the CCP is so kind to want to treat their prisoners well. The answer is something unimaginable. You must be clear that a cremator for bodies is different than a burner used for sanitation purposes. Each prison is normally equipped with a burner. But if someone dies, that is a big deal, and the body must be sent to a crematorium in the city. Why is there a crematorium inside the Sujiatun secret camp? Why do they need to burn bodies? Why do they need so many doctors?"

"About the reliability of this information," this source said, "I have many sources of information, and I am very careful about each source. I obtained information from public health systems and hospitals, which are sources that are highly important to me."

He added, "It is very hard to obtain information in China, because people live in fear. We have many information sources on our payroll."

This insider said, "I feel a responsibility to expose the secret sujiatun facility to the public."


Note from the editor: The above is transcribed from audio recordings. We hope all Falun Dafa practitioners in China, and all friends and families of Falun Dafa practitioners closely watch the whereabouts of Falun Dafa practitioners, try to rescue them, and report all missing person incidents to the Minghui/Clearwisdom website if they cannot find their exact locations.

At the same time, we call on all people living in the Northeast China, Central China, and in the Sujiatun District to pay attention to this news and closely monitor the Sujiatun secret camp. Then, pass the information overseas, so that the Minghui website can follow up on this report.