(Clearwisdom.net) One day after New Year, I happened to meet an old friend of mine surnamed Huang, whom I haven't seen for a dozen years. Knowing I also practice Falun Dafa, Huang came to visit me. From our conversation I learned that he started to practice Dafa in 1998. In the past eight years, he has been cultivating himself wholeheartedly, firmly, and diligently. With righteous thoughts and righteous actions, his practice becomes better and better.

His mother passed away when he was only seven years old, so he was raised by his uncle. Having no opportunity to go to school, Huang was illiterate. Nevertheless, throughout his eight years of practice, he has been able to read Zhuan Falun numerous times. Whenever Master's new teachings come out, he asks his fellow practitioners to read for him, and then he tries to read himself. Wholeheartedly studying the Fa, frequently doing the Falun Dafa exercises, and diligently clarifying the truth, he firmly walks on the path of cultivation practice.

While clarifying the truth and distributing truth-clarification VCD on a bus, he was caught by police, who interrogated him. With righteous thoughts and righteous actions, he responded with wisdom and managed to suppress the bad thoughts of the police. On another occasion when he was doing the exercises with a few other practitioners, five policemen broke in and questioned them. "Falun Gong is banned. Why do you continue to practice it?" they asked. "We're doing the exercises to improve our health. What's wrong with that? Isn't it right to strive to be a good person by following Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance? Our Teacher taught us how to become good people, noble people. If you don't believe me, you can read Zhuan Falun yourself. I'm sure you'd understand what we're doing. What's wrong with Falun Dafa?" Huang answered. Speechless, the policemen responded, "Alright. You can just practice it at home then."

Filled with Falun Dafa in his heart, Huang practices Falun Gong openly and naturally. While working as a coal miner, at each break he clarifies the truth, answers his coworkers' questions, and exposes the lies in the staged "self-immolation" incident and in the so-called suicide. To give him a quieter environment, his coworkers often kindly leave him alone whenever he is sending forth righteous thoughts.

One day he was practicing the meditation exercise when his coworker in the same room suddenly vomited and went into a coma. After being taken to a hospital, the coworker was diagnosed with gas poisoning. Everybody was puzzled, because Huang was also in the room. They were puzzled why the gas didn't poison Huang at all. Huang's answer to this was, "My Teacher protected me."

Accidents are very common in coal mines. One day, his toes were twisted by accident. After moving them back, he had bruises on them, but he was still able to do the exercises at night and go to work the next morning. On another occasion, two of his ribs were fractured. Because they were not very painful for some "odd" reason, he didn't even realize the problem. The ribs healed quickly until a few days later when they got struck again. He finally realized he had some fracture, but he continued to work without taking any days off. As his coworkers put it, "with determined willpower, Falun Gong practitioners are made of steel."

One day, he was carrying logs in the mine when a big piece of wood fell and knocked him down. His coworkers quickly removed the wood and saved him. About a month ago, he was working in the mine when a large rock (over a hundred kilograms) fell from the 10-feet-high ceiling right onto his back. Once again, he was knocked to the ground. A few miners helped to remove the rock, and assisted him to sit up, and to finally stand up. To everyone's surprise, he was barely scratched. "It is indeed your Teacher that saved you! How come your Teacher is always with you? We all believe Falun Dafa is great. Can your Teacher also protect us?" his coworkers were all amazed. It turns out wherever Huang goes, no accident is serious any more. Deeply respecting Falun Gong and its founder, his coworkers all like to call him "Falun Gong" instead of his real name.

When Huang received a paycheck with an extra 200 Yuan, he returned the extra money to the accountant who mistakenly overpaid him. This happened twice. Deeply touched, the accountant said, "'Falun Gong' (Huang's nickname) is truly a rare good person. Nowadays, there is no such person like 'Falun Gong' any more." Highly trusting him, the management of the coalmine asked him to track the number of carts of coal each worker produced. In addition, they asked his 17-year-old son to join him so that his son can record the numbers while he counts. When Huang tried to decline the offer, the mine director said to him, "I just believe in Falun Gong."

Huang is not affluent, but he takes money lightly. When asked what benefits Falun Dafa brings and if the practice brings in money, he said, firmly, "Sure it does. Just think about it. Without smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohols, how much money can you save every year? I used to have a lot of illnesses (arthritis, skin disease, stomach disease, etc.), but I became healthy without seeing doctors or spending any money. How much money did I save from the medical expenses? In addition, I'm now healthy so I can come to work and make money. You see. There're simply so many benefits."

At the final stage of Fa-rectification, Huang is advancing diligently in his practice. Whether it is freezing winter or hot summer, he never stops visiting people, family by family. As a result, 900f the people in his neighborhood have quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. On the bus, whenever he comes across anyone, be they acquaintances, strangers, or relatives, he never gives up on anyone. Because of his compassion and his convincing truth-clarification, hundreds of people have quit the CCP. Asked why people should quit the CCP, he said that quitting the evil spirit of the CCP is the will of heaven. People like to listen to him. He constantly visits people, not wanting to leave anyone out.

After a few hours of experience sharing with Huang, I was greatly inspired. He couldn't read, but with his righteous thoughts and righteous actions, he has been melting into the Fa and advancing diligently throughout his practice in the past eight years.

It was very dark when he left my home, but he was going to visit another family in my neighborhood. I was really embarrassed because they were my neighbors, yet I haven't taken the opportunity to clarify the truth to them. My fellow practitioners, please don't lose any more opportunities. Let us take every opportunity to clarify the truth and save sentient beings.