(Clearwisdom.net) A policeman arrested me last fall as I was clarifying the facts to him on the street. He said he would let me go if I gave him money. I refused and told him that I was not wrong in living by the principle of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." He tore my clothes as he dragged me to the 610 Office. The thugs at the office tried to trick me with lies into signing the papers, but didn't succeed. I asked Master to reinforce me by sending out righteous thoughts and I kept clarifying the truth to them.

They sent me to jail, though I was not a criminal. I did not acknowledge the old forces' arrangements by refusing to cooperate with the police. At the jail, I didn't do any of the things they asked me to do, such as registering, working, memorizing jail rules, singing, exercising, wearing the jail uniform, etc. I only recited the Fa in my mind, sent out righteous thoughts and clarified the facts to inmates and police. When the higher authorities were to inspect the facility, jail police told inmates in advance not to say things at will. I thought to myself, if the inspectors talk to me, I will say, "People who try to be good by believing in Falun Dafa and following the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance are not wrong. It's wrong to persecute Falun Dafa!"

As the thugs at the 610 Office were interrogating me, I felt a little unsteady and impure at first. So I began to calm myself by sending out righteous thoughts. I thought to myself, "The evil fears righteousness. Falsehood fears the truth. [I] believe in Master wholeheartedly and the Fa-rectification is bound to succeed! The evil is not worthy of testing Falun Dafa, and it's the wicked Communist Party that should stand trial." I kept explaining the truth to them. I stopped talking when they started taking notes. When they finished the statement, they wanted to read it to me. I told them they didn't have to do it, but I spotted a sentence that was an obvious lie. I didn't acknowledge it and refused to sign the statement. They then wrote my name on it, creating falsehood right before my eyes. By doing so, they brought harm to themselves as well as to me. I realized afterwards that I should have made it clear to them that it's a crime to make up a false document.

When it was time to release me, some officers held my hand and tried to fingerprint me. I clarified the facts to them and refused to sign or fingerprint the release documents. I felt calm, full of righteous thoughts, and I had no resentment, hatred or anger.

I've been held at a police precinct, holding cell, detention facility, forced labor camp, psychiatric institution, brainwashing center, or public security bureau twenty times, and I have managed to remain rock-solid. Out of his benevolence, Master endured the hardship for me. The police took money, Falun Dafa books and other personal possessions from me five times. One time they entered my house through a window to take my things, and another time they came to ransack my room without any due process.

We categorically reject the persecution of Falun Dafa disciples by the old forces. I was persecuted because I was not diligent enough in studying the Fa. I didn't spend enough time studying the Fa every day. Sometimes I dozed off while I was studying the Fa. Other times I became lazy and wanted to have an easy life. I didn't hold myself to a high standard, and the evil took advantage of my gaps.

I copied or memorized some materials in order to better clarify the truth. I even explained the truth to the blind, mentally ill, deaf and mute people face to face. I just wanted them to know that Falun Dafa is good. The results were always good when I kept a pure mind and held the righteous thought that "I just want to save you." Interference would set in if I had the slightest fear or other human thoughts. Some people would not listen to me or read the truth-clarification materials. They even strongly opposed what I was doing by losing their temper and uttering abusive words. Still, I remained unmoved and refused to give up. Instead, I showed more patience by repeatedly telling them the facts. Some people quit the wicked Party after I talked to them three or four times. One time I was explaining the truth to a person as we walked together. When we were close to my home, I stopped. He then asked if we could walk further his way. I suggested we stop here and talk a little more. He didn't want it that way and left. I said to myself afterwards, "I am so selfish! I'll be more considerate of others in the future." When I came across similar cases again, I'd rather walk extra miles in order to let people know the truth.

Sometimes, bad thoughts streamed into my mind, and I set about eliminating them by sending out righteous thoughts immediately. While doing things for Falun Dafa, as soon as negative thoughts cropped up, I immediately reminded myself that they were not mine, they were interference from the dark minions, and I should get rid of them by holding righteous thoughts. In the presence of Master and the Fa, I'll surely succeed. I try to immerse myself in the Fa every second of the time and be without an ounce of selfish, distracting thoughts.

For a while I had felt lonely as I lived by myself. It was just like what Master said, "It's unbearably cold in the high places." But when I thought of the immense suffering that Master has endured for sentient beings, the sacrifices so many fellow practitioners have made, and the plights of many fellow practitioners in jail, I felt guilty and thus eliminated my attachment to the fear of hardship. From time to time, attachments like showing-off still emerge, but I have confidence that as long as I study the Fa more and look inside for gaps, I'll definitely eliminate all impure and negative thoughts.

Some people asked me, "Are you happy this way?" Although I am living a plain life, I am a being that has obtained Falun Dafa. This is a heavenly blessing and I could not be happier! I feel even more pleased when I see people begin to know the truth about Falun Dafa and quit the wicked Party, because I know they'll have a better future.

Some ordinary people know that I am a good person who cultivates Falun Dafa. They liked to ask me to do the kind of work others didn't want to do. I always tried my best to do it well, regardless of how much they paid me. I felt that nothing happened by chance, so I took them as opportunities to clarify the truth and validate Dafa. Master said in Zhuan Falun,

"That's because saving people has no conditions attached, there's no asking a price, and there's no wanting rewards, there's no taking credit. They are way above ordinary people's good Samaritans, and it's done completely out of compassion."

February 20, 2006