(Clearwisdom.net) From February 28, 2006, until the beginning of the Two Congresses (Congress for People's Representatives and Congress for Political Consultation), the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) conducted another round of persecution against practitioners in the Yanbian area, including eight counties and cities such as Yanji, Tumen, Antu and Longjing. The situation in other areas is unknown due to the information blockade. This was part of a nationwide persecution against practitioners during the Two Party Congresses.

On March 7, officers from the Longjing City Police Department arrested practitioner Ms. Shang Shuxin from Longjin City when she helped her partially paralyzed husband on a stroll through the streets. Her elderly husband was left on the freezing streets for two days and could not take care of himself. When someone finally found him two days later, his legs were frozen stiff.

Until mid-March 2006, agents from Yanji City followed the plans of Xu Xiaofeng and Xiao Bin, heads of the National Security Division, to start a large-scale arrest after obtaining information on many practitioners by following them and waiting outside their homes to find out their itinerary. Many practitioners have been arrested, including Liu Zhenxi, Sun Zelin, Dong Guizhi, An Yingji, and Song Guoru from Yanji City; Wen Yinjia from Wangqing County; and Huang Wenxue and Wang Dianrong from Antu County. Practitioners in other counties and cities have apparently also been arrested. Many material production sites have been destroyed, and computers, printers, food and many pieces of equipment taken. Direct and indirect losses are hard to estimate. Several practitioners have disappeared and many practitioners left home to live in exile.

Yanji City National Security agents followed practitioners Huang Wenxue and Wang Dianrong to Antu County and arrested them after they talked to practitioners Dong Guizhi, Wen Yinjia, and Liu Zhenxi inside Yanbian National Trade Building. Wang Dianrong was arrested on February 28 and Huang Wenxue was arrested on March 1.

During the Party Congresses, police officers from Yanji City, Longjing City, Helong City, and Tumen City harassed practitioners at home. Agents from the Longjiang City Police Department and the Chaoyangchuan Town Police Station in Longjiang City harassed practitioners in different towns and counties. They arrested three practitioners from Qinlao Village. A young practitioner, Tian Xingang, from Longjing City was arrested from home, and another Korean Chinese practitioner from Longjing City was arrested. Several practitioners from Tumen City were arrested.

Right now, practitioners Sun Zelin, Dong Guizhi, Song Guoru, Wen Yinjia from Wangqing County, Huang Wenxue, Wang Dianrong, and three women practitioners are being held at the Yanji City Detention Center. Many practitioners, including An Qingji, are being held in the Tumen Detention Center. Three practitioners, including Tian Xingang, from Longjing County and Shang Shuxin are held at the Longjing City Detention Center. Persecution is also taking place in other areas but we are unable to verify it at present.

Work units and people responsible for this persecution:

(Note: for home or office phone numbers, dial country code + area code before all numbers. For cell phone numbers, dial country code before the numbers. Country code: 86, area code: 433)

Yanbian area 610 Office

Ren Zhiqi, head of the 610 Office: 2516311 (Office), 2556280(Home), 13894389168
Jin Changquan, deputy head: 2517615 (Office), 2621570(Home), 13904434878
Liu Wenzhong, deputy head: 2517615 (Office), 2538582(Home), 13904485385
Tai Jinglin, deputy head: 2517615 (Office), 2655998 (Home), 13069238777

Yanji City Police Department

Li Dongzhu, deputy head, in charge of persecuting Falun Gong,Yanji City Police Department National Security Division
Shi Dezhi, group head at Yanji City Police Department National Security Division: 2514600 (Office), 2525232 (Home), 13804487858 (Cell), 2770005 (Cell)
Xu Xiaofeng, head of Yanji City Police Department National Security Division: 2511442 (Office), 2985233 (Cell)
Xiao Bin, deputy head of Yanji City Police Department National Security Division: 2565275 (Office), 2623155 (Home), 13039085155, 13904438836 (Cell)
Xiao Bin, deputy head of Yanji City Police Department National Security Division: 2565275 (Office), 2529030 (Home), 2999030 (Cell)
Xuan Yongshan, deputy head of National Security Division: 2565275 (Office), 2851081 (Home), 13904480013 (Cell)
Song Lihai, group head at National Security Division: 2999369
Yanji City Monitoring Division (Detention Center): 2616905, 2614535
Women's Labor Camp: 2657192
Yanji Detention Center: 2625444, 2625464
Tumen City Detention Center: 3622296
Shao Zhanming, Tumen Detention Center
Cui Songzhe, Party secretary
Piao Mingzi, guard at Tumen Detention Center: 13843353283 (Cell)
Piao Yingyu, doctor at Tumen Detention Center
Longjing City Police Department: 3222297
Longjing City Detention Center: 3286669
No 2 Police Station in Chaoyangchuan Town: 3590130
Railroad Police Station in Chaoyangchuan Town: 3589404