My nephew Xiao Xu is eight years old this year. Since a very young age, he has followed his sister in sending forth righteous thoughts. When we asked him why he was doing this, he replied seriously, "It can help me to not have nightmares." He was having nightmares from watching deviated cartoons on TV during the daytime. At such a young age he already understands that he needs to send righteous thoughts to eliminate those deviated things.

Once, while Xiao Xu was practicing the Falun Dafa sitting meditation at the Minghui School (international educational programs started by Falun Dafa practitioners), Xiao Xu saw himself wearing the cute little Dudou (traditional Chinese children's clothing) and sitting on a lotus flower. So he told grown-ups that as long as they focus their minds on the practice, they would also be able to see things with their celestial eyes. His sister told him that his experience is a form of encouragement from Teacher for him to do even better in his practice. Xiao Xu happily nodded his head.

Several days ago, Xiao Xu was crying for tuna fish rice balls, but they were already sold out at the store. His sister decided to ignore him and started to study the Fa. After he cried for a little while, Xiao Xu stopped and sat next to his sister. He asked his sister to read the Fa to him. Later, he said that he wanted to study with her. He also said to his sister, "You read one paragraph and then I will read one." Thus, they took turns reading one paragraph after the other. Then they read the following part of Zhuan Falun:

"In order to abandon human attachments as much as possible, Sakyamuni forbade his disciples from having access to any wealth, material things, etc. He took disciples with him to beg for food. They would eat whatever was given to them, for as practitioners they could not choose their given food, which might include meat." (Zhuan Falun, English version, Third Translation Edition, updated in March 2000)

After Xiao Xu finished reading this, he said to his sister, as if he had done something wrong, "Isn't this talking about me?"

Through this part of the Fa, Teacher was telling Xiao Xu to let go of his attachment to food. Xiao Xu's sister was grateful to Teacher for the compassionate guidance: Teacher is even taking care of little disciples. When Xiao Xu's sister asked him whether he would cry for the tuna fish rice balls again, Xiao Xu replied bashfully, "Not anymore."