(Clearwisdom.net) On March 31, 2005, officials in the No.2 Woman's Section of the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp reorganized their division. In that division's No.4 Sub-division, the No.2 Division, more than 40 people were grouped into three cells. People in the No.1 Cell were from the No.2 Division; those in the No.2 Cell were from the No.3 Division; and those in the No.3 Cell were from the No.1 Division. After re-grouping, the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners resumed.

The No.2 Division, the No.3 Sub-division, and particularly the No.4 Sub-division were focused on. The head of the No.4 Sub-division was Zhang Zuohui, who had prepared first-hand persecution materials and was responsible for sending the first practitioner from the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp to Dabei Prison. Zhang's immediate supervisor is Zhang Xiurong, the head of the No.2 Division, who was personally involved in the notorious incident of putting eighteen female practitioners into male cells. She was then the head of the sub-division.

There are a total of four sub-divisions in the No.2 Division and more than ten prison cells. In each of these cells, two collaborators were designated to monitor each practitioner, one in front and the other in back. The practitioners were forced to sit on small stools and forbidden to move or speak for 15 or 16 hours every day. Prison guards knew the practitioners had been on strike but still let the collaborators continue their persecution. The collaborators brought soaked garlic bulbs to the cell and attempted to force the practitioners to peel them. Seeing that no one cooperated, the guards started a barrage of verbal abuse and stated that those who refused to work would have their labor terms extended. The practitioners were not impressed. They still kept reciting the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts every hour, which has never stopped since the re-grouping. The guards threw the wet garlic at the practitioners, but all of the practitioners still refused to cooperate. The guards prohibited the practitioners from going to sleep at the normal time, 9:00 p.m., and waited until 11:00 p.m. to let the practitioners sleep.

On April 6, 2005, more than 200 people in the No.2 Division, particularly those in the No.3 Sub-division and the No.4 Sub-division, acted in concert and removed their prison uniforms. The three division heads, Zhang Xiurong, Zhou Chan and Xiang Kuili, and the heads of the sub-divisions rushed into cells the next morning after they discovered what had happened. Several of them started to hold one practitioner down at a time and force her into prison clothes. Later they ordered the collaborators to help them. The practitioners in the No.4 Sub-division, including Zhou Ping, Liu Huarong, Li Yan, Li Hong, and Lao He, and practitioners in the No.3 Division Liu Chaoying and Zheng Yanrong were handcuffed. Some were handcuffed to a metal bed or to the heating pipes for several days or more than 10 days, which made it impossible for them to sleep during that period.

Practitioner Ms. Wu Shuqin from Inner Mongolia should have already been released but they illegally extended her term for another two months. She was physically very strong, and several people were unable to hold her. Finally, male guards were called and handcuffed her. While she was carried out she called loudly, "Falun Dafa is great." Several people tried to tape her mouth shut. A male guard clenched her cheek so forcefully that some of her teeth were broken.

After the incident of removing their prison uniforms, the practitioners in the No.4 Sub-division held a three-day group hunger strike. Some continued to hunger strike even longer. The guards made a rule that those not wearing prison uniforms were forbidden to use the toilet.

The group of practitioners in the No.4 Sub-division were steadfast in resisting the persecution instigated by those individuals in the No.2 Women's Section of Masanjia--Su Jing, Wang Naimin and Zhao Laixi. The No.2 Division monitoring office was set up in the No.4 Sub-division. The system focused on the No.2 Cell. The practitioners in No.2 Cell refused to cooperate with the evildoers. Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Liu Huarong from Senyang City was handcuffed in a triangular-shaped storage room without light and no airflow for several days. After the practitioners in the No.2 Cell held a group hunger strike protest, she was returned to them. Ms. Lao He from Fusun City was handcuffed in a restroom used by prison police so that she was unable to stand up or squat down for several days. After the practitioners intervened with division head Zhou Chan on the night before May 1, she was released.

One day practitioner Ms. Liu Guifang from Dandong didn't feel well and went to bed a few minutes early. The collaborators dragged her onto the floor, making a row. Guards called her to the office and handcuffed her. Deputy sub-division head Xiang Kuili slapped her face twice. Ms. Liu Chaoying from the No.3 Sub-division was put into a solitary compartment after the prison uniform protest. She was left there until her term in the labor camp ended in June.

The persecution situation of practitioners in the No.2 Division in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp was and still is very serious. Because the practitioners in the No.2 Cell, No.4 Sub-division, refused to cooperate, they were deprived of rest at noon, prohibited from sleeping until 11:00 p.m., and had to get up 5:00 a.m. This lasted until the middle of July 2005 when the No.2 Cell was disbanded.

The persecution incidents in Masanjia are too numerous to record.

February 11, 2006