(Clearwisdom.net) On March 18 and 19 2006, the world famous U.S. Navy "Blue Angels" came to Sacramento, the capital city of California, to perform in the an show. Local Falun Gong practitioners went to the show and distributed flyers about the crimes at the Sujiatun Concentration Camp and called on the kind and just people to extend their hands to help stop what is happening there.

At 4 p.m. the air show concluded. The practitioners stood at all the exits to pass out flyers to visitors and walked along the long lines of people waiting for the buses. To the sound of "Help save these kind people's lives", many of the kind Americans accepted the flyers and began to read them. Some people saw the word "Falun Gong" and said immediately that they already knew about the persecution and also expressed their sympathy.

When people read the report about the atrocities at the Sujiatun Concentration Camp, they were shocked. Some people were in tears while reading the flyers; some condemned the Chinese communist party and said they knew about its bad deeds a long time ago. Some people went to the practitioners to ask how they could help. Some offered to donate some money but the practitioner kindly declined the offer. Some advised the practitioners to approach the media for help.

Some of people were cold and indifferent at beginning, but hearing the voices coming from the practitioners' compassionate hearts, many of them changed their attitude and began to read the flyers. Even the policemen came to ask for a flyer.