(Clearwisdom.net) After overcoming obstacles, Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Wang has revealed the facts of her persecution while she was detained in the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp from December 1, 2004 through May 1, 2005. The main perpetrator was Instructor Liu Junling of Group 402, in Team 4 of the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp. During these five months, Ms. Wang was confined and deprived of sleep and was not allowed to go to the restroom for a long time. On top of being deprived of these basic human necessities, she was punished physically and beaten severely. The torture and humiliation she suffered both physically and mentally were extreme.

The following is her narration of the facts of her persecution while illegally detained in Team 4 of the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp.

"Instructors of Team 4 in Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp wanted me to give up my faith and tried to force me to write the Three Statements. In a room in Group 402, under Team 4, Liu Junling and others tried to brainwash me for a long time. The torture methods they used included confinement and deprivation of sleep, and I was not allowed to use the restroom. Not only was I deprived of basic human necessities but they also punished me physically and brutally beat me. I was not able to put up with both physical and mental humiliation because it was very extreme.

"During the five months from December 1, 2004 until May 1, 2005, I was forced to eat, drink, and perform my bodily functions in Confinement Room 1. They did not allow me to go out to a restroom until I went on a hunger strike.

"I was deprived of sleep for 70 consecutive days, from December 1, 2004 to February 6, 2005. A dozen guards took turns watching me. Every time I dozed off, they woke me up and dragged me around the room. A weird kind of music was played, which made me feel semi-unconscious, murmur nonsense, and feel short of breath. My lower limbs were swollen, I had facial muscle-spasms, and I was exhausted both physically and mentally.

"From January 7 to 31, 2005, I was forced to sit in a squatting position in a circle. Words defaming Dafa were written inside the circle. The squatting position made my swollen legs and feet feel extremely painful, as if needles were piercing through my feet. They forced me to remain in this position day and night, even when I ate.

"From January 17 to 28, 2005, I was not allowed to go to the restroom for over 10 days. Sometimes I could not hold it back any longer and soiled my pants. They then did not allow me to change into clean cloths or wash myself. I smelled very bad. This base form of abuse surpassed all other brutal torture methods. It was the greatest humiliation of one's dignity and the highest-level of infringement upon one's basic human rights. During this humiliation, I even thought of death.

"During the 70 days and nights, they brainwashed me. Liu Junling slapped my face numerous times each day. My face was swollen and my mouth bled from the beatings. Some detainees also slapped me. They hit my face without stopping, as if it were a punching bag. My dignity was infringed upon. Junling grabbed my hand several times in an attempt to force me to write sentences like, 'draw a dividing line.'

"The evil criminal acts of Liu Junling and other instructors of Team 4 in the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp injured my body and mind so severely that I was on the brink of a mental collapse. When I went to bed after the 70-day torture was over, my body ached as if it were falling apart and I could hardly sleep. The pain in my lower limbs lasted even longer. What's more, the mental wounds continue to bleed and will never heal.

"In conclusion, the actions of Liu Junling and other Team 4 guards are severe violations of my Constitutional rights, which are granted to every Chinese citizen. The Constitution states, 'A citizen's dignity should not be violated.' Such criminal acts also violated the 'Criminal Code,' 'Law of the People's Police,' and the 'Law Protecting Women's Rights.' They have constituted crimes such as 'cross-examine with torture,' 'physical punishment,' 'humiliation and mistreatment of detainees,' etc.

"Other villains in the Shijiazhuang Labor Camp who persecuted practitioners:

In Group 402: Liu Xiumin (Group leader), Liu Junling (Instructor), Qiao Xiaoxia (ex-Group leader), Gao Jie, Hao Yanping, Ma Liqin, and Wang Lina (transferred to Team 5 in 2005).

"In Team 4: Li Yong (Team leader), Wang Yong (Instructor), Li Jun (deputy Team leader)."

Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp

Address: (Group 402), Team 4, 486 Taihua Street, Shijiazhuang City, Zip code 050000