(Clearwisdom.net) I have often read material on the Internet, in textbooks, or in educational materials in China that slanders Falun Dafa. I was particularly concerned after reading the article on Clearwisdom on March 20, entitled, "Who is Responsible for Children Becoming Assailants?" The article describes how students from the eighth middle school in Weifang repeatedly assaulted Dafa disciples who were clarifying the truth on the street. When asked to stop, they said, "We don't listen to you, we listen to our teachers. If you talk about Falun Gong, we'll hit you..." From this I think of the responsibility of Dafa disciples. I feel it's imperative to make the best use of our time to clarify the truth to the education system.

There are thousands of teachers and over one hundred million college, middle school and elementary school students. The evil propaganda is disseminated in the schools and spreads to every family. Many teachers who have been deceived by the lies of the Communist Party continue to instill poison in the children in their charge. Many students are immersed in the poisonous environment of the schools. Indeed, many Dafa disciples overcome great difficulty to clarify the truth to their own children, their relatives' children and their friends. Thus, many students at school have now come to understand the truth and resist wearing the Young Pioneer's red scarf. They are withdrawing from the youth league and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They are also clarifying the truth to other students, and they play a positive role amongst this group. However, there are many students and teachers that we cannot get in touch with, for within the whole education system, there are many people that have not heard the blessings from us. We have to find a way to save them and contact them.

Education is a matter of fundamental importance for generations to come. I suggest that Dafa disciples think of this special area and try our best to open up our thinking, and with all means, determinedly clarify the truth to every department in the education system. Please save these children! With infinite hope, people have honored teachers as "engineers of the soul of human beings." Now they are deceived and brainwashed by the evil party and every day they are teaching this to children. Isn't this terrible? If a teacher understands the truth, probably a class, a grade, and a school understand the truth, and then a piece of sky will become clear. At least he will not poison students again. Similarly, if a student understands the truth and withdraws from the CCP and its related organizations, then many students in his class will do the same, and his teachers and parents probably will also come to understand the truth.

At all times and all over the world, in every past dynasty, people think highly of education. Any government would earnestly treat it well because it's a project of vital and lasting importance for a nation. However, under the control of the violent and scoundrel CCP, the Chinese education system has become warped. Especially during the ten-plus years of Jiang's regime, there was shocking chaos and crisis in the Chinese education system. Some teachers were not content with giving lectures and teaching students, but thought of how to secure personal gain and how to earn personal benefits by abusing the opportunities in education. Some teachers even made profit by any means. Nowadays in China, these teachers and this atmosphere perplex students. They cannot learn the principles of how to conduct themselves, how to cherish life and how to care for others. The souls of students are pale and they lack basic moral character and ideals, and don't know the meaning of life. Students do not know to treat each other kindly and they hate each other easily. The assault incident at the eighth middle school in Weifang is an example. How could these kinds of people support the future of China and bring hope to China?

Especially sad is that after the Jiang regime persecuted Falun Gong, the education system was pushed to the tragedy of persecuting innocent people and annihilating conscience. All levels and departments of the education system are required to hold large-scale criticizing sessions on Falun Gong, or to force teachers and students to watch movies that slander and attack Falun Gong, inciting hatred against Falun Gong. People are forced to publicly declare their stance on Falun Gong, similar to what happened during the Cultural Revolution. The persecution of Falun Gong in the education system is serious. Jiang Zemin colluded with Chen Zhili to carry out a "Million signatures against Falun Gong" campaign in the education system and "The anti-[slanderous word omitted] education campaign." The Ministry of Education disseminated only false propaganda and blocked the truth about Falun Gong inside colleges, high schools and elementary schools. They held all kinds of lectures, exhibitions, performances, community activities and publications to slander Falun Gong without restraint. They compiled slanderous content into textbooks and brought it into political class as the content and condition of entrance exams. This severely poisoned young students. What schools encouraged is not truth and compassion, but lies and hatred. Political persecution was put into the classroom and the pure souls of students were flooded with poison. Schools are no longer a pure land, and virtue is not encouraged. The education system is even fouler and more degenerated than outside society. The education system in China is marching toward complete deterioration.

Schools should be a piece of pure land in this human world, inheriting the cultural bloodstream of a nation and ancient value of civilization. It is where the best of a nation's virtue and values should be passed down from generation to generation.

How do we rectify this profession and give back a piece of pure land to the human world? How do we save these sentient beings? It needs the collective efforts of Dafa disciples. Only if we think highly of it, will the Fa open our wisdom. We should send forth righteous thoughts to clear the evil factors in the education system and use all compassionate means to clarify the truth.

March 6, 2006