(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Song Xu from Zhengzhou was illegally arrested and sentenced in November 2002 to a jail term to be served at the Henan Province Xinmi Prison. In prison he is suffering from continuous brutal persecution, both mentally and physically, including force-feedings and merciless beatings by inmates instigated by the guards. Clearwisdom.net has published several reports about this in the past.

About six months ago, a prison guard locked Song Xu alone in a dark room with no windows and only one air vent. In the total darkness, guards took turns attempting to brainwash him. He was completely isolated otherwise. Song Xu clarified the truth to them and pointed out their crimes. The prison guards realized it was hopeless to "reform" Song Xu, so they spread the following rumor: "Song Xu is very stubborn. We worry that if this continues, he will have mental problems and commit suicide."

Song Xu explicitly told every person he met that if he had an accident, it would not be suicide but a murder. The prison guards could not do anything with Song Xu, so they turned to Song Xu's parents and threatened them by saying, "Song Xu is so stubborn. If we have no way to reform him, according to the law we can increase the penalty for his crime of subversion, and we already have precedents here." Song Xu's parents were very worried and became mentally unstable. His mother once fainted while shopping.

Henan Province Xinmi Prison

Switchboard: 86-371-66982315 (ask to transfer to 13th brigade chief officers, Li and Yang)