(Clearwisdom.net) In November 2005, the police from Baokang Town Public Security Bureau in Baokang Town, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia, arrested Ms. Li Guizhi and several other Falun Gong practitioners. They brutally persecuted and extorted money from them.

On November 15, 2005, a fellow practitioner named Ms. Gao Wa went to Ms. Li Guizhi's home, but she didn't know that a policewoman named Bai Yuhua was following her. Bai searched Ms. Li's home and found Falun Gong truth-clarification materials, so she called for backup. Ms. Gao escaped from the scene because of Ms. Li's cover. After the police backup came, they attempted to arrest Ms. Li Guizhi. When she refused to leave with them, the police carried her to the police car by force, even though she didn't even have her shoes on. She was barefoot for a few hours, standing on the cold concrete floor at the detention center in the middle of winter. Next the police drove to the homes of Ms. Zhang Shujie and Ms. Qu Yuling. The police ransacked their homes and arrested both practitioners. The police smashed Ms. Qu Yuling's front door and confiscated her computer, printer, and truth-clarification materials. The police even took Ms. Qu and Ms. Zhang's house keys and still have not returned them. After the police made the arrest, they stole two bank deposit certificates, her ID, a small axe, and a small digital radio from Ms. Qu's home. At the time Ms. Qu Yuling and her husband had just moved into their new home, so they couldn't tell exactly how many more things the police had stolen.

The police didn't even notify their families to bring their personal belongings after they illegally arrested Ms. Li Guizhi, Ms. Qu Yuling, and Ms. Zhang Shujie. Policewoman Bai Yuhua announced, "If you refuse to cooperate with me, I will make your life a living hell." She ordered wardens Ms. Chen Xiaolan and Ms. Shan Daixiao to give the three practitioners a cold shower in the middle of winter in Mongolia. Ms. Li Guizhi couldn't stand it and shouted for help. About a dozen female prison inmates witnessed the torture. Even people in the men's quarter heard Ms. Li's call for help. Before she practiced Falun Gong, Ms. Qu Yuling suffered from severe kidney disease and was close to being blind. Because of the cold shower treatment in the middle of winter, her kidney disease surfaced again. She lost the ability to walk and became nearly blind. When she was released, she had convulsions and was dying. The police extorted 2,000 yuan from her family at the time of release even though they had nearly killed her. After she returned home, Ms. Qu suffered from insomnia and remained extremely thin. When her family visited her in the hospital, she could identify their voices but was unable to recognize their faces. She has to depend on other people's care completely.

Ms. Li Guizhi and Ms. Zhang Shujie went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. The police then started to torture them both with force-feeding. Ms. Li Guizhi was subjected to force-feeding twice. The second time she lost the ability to talk and had such a high fever that she madly grabbed hold of the cold metal bed. Despite her condition, the police left the feeding tube inserted in her throat. It was not until the eighth day of her hunger strike that the police removed the feeding tube after she stopped the hunger strike protest because of her family's request. As for Ms. Zhang Shujie, the police left the feeding tube in her throat for five days until she had a heart attack. When she was sent to the hospital for emergency resuscitation, her heartbeat went up to 130 times per minute. When she was dying, the police lied to Ms. Zhang Shujie, promising to return her copy of Zhuan Falun to her and give her the freedom to practice Falun Gong and study the Fa in order to make her stop the hunger strike protest. In addition, the police took turns interrogating her. They promised to release her in a month if she would sell out her fellow practitioners, but the truth is that the police had already sentenced her to serve time in the forced labor camp by then. Because of her alarming health condition, the forced labor camp refused to take Ms. Qu Yuling. Since the police were unable to have her admitted to the forced labor camp, policeman Wang Chunling then extorted 2,000 yuan from her family without giving any receipt, telling them that he had gone to Tongliao City to apply for bail for Ms. Qu. Her family paid the extortion in order to save her life.

Heads of the public security bureau that participated in the illegal trial: Mr. Wang Hongjiang and Mr. Heba Genna
Governor in charge of jurisdiction that ordered the arrests: Mr. Zhao Haishan
About a dozen policemen made the arrests, including Mr. Song Shouan, Mr. Yin Wei, Mr. Chen Baoquan, Mr. Heba Genna and many other policemen.
Policewomen that participated in the persecution directly: Ms. Bai Yuhua, Ms. Chen Xiaolan and Ms. Shan Daixiao
Policeman Wang Chunlin: 86-13947523857 (Cell)
Police Commander in charge: 86-475-3212257 (Office), 86-475-3217799 (Home), 86-13847567799 (Cell)
Secretary of the region Mr. Shi Zhuangsha: 86-13904756979 (Cell), 86-475-3212516 (Office), 86-475-3216844 (Home)
Deputy Secretary of the region:
Mr. Tai Baoxi
Mr. Wu Jincheng 86-475-3212515 (Office), 86-475-3214440 (Home)
Deputy Governor: Sun Hongyu: 86-475-3213222 (Office), 86-13904753553 (Cell)