(Clearwisdom.net) On January 20, 2006, practitioner Ms. Wu Jingjuan, who has been "illegally detained" in the Guangdong Province Kedong County Detention Center, filed an appeal letter to the Jieyang City Intermediate People's Court, refuting the decision made in January by the Kedong Court to sentence her to three years. Ms. Wu Jingjuan is now detained in Kedong County Detention Center. We appeal to people around the world for support and rescue efforts.

Fifty-five-year-old Ms. Wu Jingjuan worked at an industrial and commercial institute in Jieyang City Kedong County. She was sentenced to two years of forced labor for her steadfast belief in Falun Dafa. She was sent to the Guangdong Province Women's Labor Camp in Sanshui City.

Around 4 p.m. on October 25, 2005, Ms. Wu went grocery shopping. Carrying a few CD's of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and three "Minghui Weekly" newspapers, she was not aware that a few plainclothes policemen were secretly following her. After she was done with her shopping, she carried the black plastic bag containing the truth clarification materials in her hand. As she passed Kedong County Elementary School, the police surrounded her and asked her what she was carrying. They grabbed her bag, dragged her on to the car, and drove her to Kedong County Chengxi Police station. By midnight, she had been sent to Kedong Detention Center.

After Ms. Wu was arrested and detained, she protested by holding a hunger strike. After hunger striking for eight days in the detention center, she was told to leave the detention room, but she fainted right after she stepped out the door. Policemen in the detention center gave her an IV infusion for a day. As soon as Ms. Wu regained consciousness, she clarified the truth to them and told them the reason why she went on a hunger strike was to protest the persecution.

In further interrogations by the police and the procurators, Ms. Wu kept her silence. Facing the illegal interrogation, she refused to answer questions, sign any documents, or leave her fingerprint on any documents. The police ended up fabricating documents and making up charges. Ms. Wu was illegally arrested again.

When the procurators from the Jiedong Procuratorate asked her if she wanted to hire a lawyer, Ms. Wu was uncertain. First of all, she didn't want to cause more pain and create more burdens for her family, and secondly, she knew that the judicial system is violating its own laws in the persecution of Falun Gong. Lawyers dare not speak out against it, so she decided not to hire a lawyer.

The falsified indictment against Ms. Wu drafted by the Kedong Procuratorate did not have much evidence, so the procurators included her detention at the labor camp as well. The purpose was to intensify the persecution. They labeled her crime as "disturbing the process of legal procedures," yet they didn't dare to mention the CDs of the Nine Commentaries found on Ms. Wu.

From the indictment, we learned that the people who arrested Ms. Wu were from the Kedong County Quxi Patrol Force.

On December 20, 2005, Kedong County Court secretly opened the case and illegally sentenced Ms. Wu. The court did not notify Ms. Wu or her family members beforehand. Facing Ms. Wu's demand for an explanation why no one was notified, the secretary in charge of the case responded that they had posted a notice. When practitioners who checked the court bulletin board said they did not see any such notice, the secretary revealed that opening the case was only formality.

Sure enough, the jury was told simply how Ms. Wu was arrested and shown the materials provided by the Chengxi Detention Center, the Kedong County Police Station, and the Kedong Procuratorate. Afterwards, they pretended to give Ms. Wu a chance to defend herself. After just a few words, the procurators told Ms. Wu the court would rest. They asked her if she had any requests and Ms. Wu told them to be clear about the truth, to distinguish with care between right and wrong, and to release her without conditions.

After the hearing, the secretary typed up the court records. Because Ms. Wu did not have a chance to express herself and the record did not include her request, she did not sign the paper.

Kedong Court sentenced Ms. Wu to three years of forced labor. On January 12, the judgment paper was delivered to Ms. Wu. To oppose the evil, clarify the truth, and validate Dafa, Ms. Wu decided to use her right to appeal to file an appeal to the Keyang City Intermediate People's Court on January 20.

The Kedong Court did not transfer Ms. Wu's case to the Keyang City Intermediate People's Court until about a month later. However, Ms. Wu's family still hasn't received the judgment paper from Kedong Court.

We appeal to people who know the details of the case to help Ms. Wu escape the persecution as soon as possible.

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