1. Kidney Transplant Operation in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China
  2. Source of the Organs
  3. Increased Price of Kidney Transplants; Falun Gong Practitioners Persecuted to Death Are Cheap Source of Organs for the Black Market
  4. Organs Missing from Falun Gong Practitioners' Corpses
  5. Sujiatun Concentration Camp
  6. Former Employee of a Shenyang Hospital Confirmed Organ Removal from Live Prisoners
  7. What Can We Expect from the CCP?
  8. Conclusion

Preface: The world is filled with both happiness and sadness. Goodness and evil, the beautiful and ugly are all intertwined in people's daily lives. With apathetic hearts, people easily drift along and lose their own views, justifying this with the thought that it's "not too serious"...

Yet the cosmic principles are also evaluating each and every of us. At some point, we will need to seriously consider the situation and make a clearheaded choice for our future.


Sujiatun Concentration Camp

Since the Sujiatun Concentration Camp sells organs cheaply, international organ buying and selling representatives try to find ways to contact and make deals with Sujiatun. Overseas Chinese also contact relatives in Shenyang City in hopes of buying a cheap kidney from Sujiatun.

Some private hospital and health systems workers know that it is possible to buy Falun Gong practitioners' organs from the Sujiatun Concentration Camp. These organs are free from the residue of lethal injections [from executed prisoners]. An eyewitness claimed that locals in the Sujiatun District regard it [the organ buying] as taboo and are very cautious. The average person there would not even raise the subject.

The Sujiatun Concentration Camp is located in a hidden place surrounded by trees and bushes. One eyewitness said, "Now, some roads in Shenyang City are blocked and vehicles must not pass. Barricades have been set up on the roads; similar barricades are set up on the road that leads to Sujiatun. The average car has no way to get close to the camp. In order to not draw attention and make trouble to ourselves, we went close to the concentration camp in a coal truck. We saw white smoke continuously rising from the crematorium inside the camp. We didn't see anyone in the surrounding area and the atmosphere was frightening. Some locals told us that they saw white smoke rising from the crematorium each time they passed the camp."

The witness said that locals are reluctant to go close to the camp, fearing murder by the CCP government in an effort to keep the camp a secret.

Former Employee of a Shenyang Hospital Confirmed Organ Removal from Live Prisoners

On March 11, 2006, the Australia Epoch Times newspaper sponsored an open forum on the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. One man in the audience named Yuan Hong confirmed that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in fact harvests organs from living prisoners. After the forum, an Epoch Times reporter interviewed Yuan Hong to gain further understanding of the matter.

Yuan Hong stated he worked at a hospital in Shenyang City before he left China. Soon after he arrived in Australia, he read a news article about a doctor who worked at the Tianjin Military Police Hospital. Following his arrival in the USA, he exposed to the US government the sale of human organs by the CCP. CCP diplomatic officials vehemently denied that such things exist. Yuan Hong declared the official denial laughable, and said that many people working in hospitals in China are well aware of organ sales. Usually, the organs used in transplant surgeries come from prisoners. Although hospital employees don't discuss it, they know about it.

The reality in China is that hospitals receive ratings such as "AAA." In order to get a better rating and qualify for the assessment criteria, hospitals must carry out scientific programs and should be able to perform complicated transplant surgeries such as cornea transplants, skin transplants and kidney transplants. In China, there is no [legitimate] place to buy organs, and people can't afford it. Very few people donate their organs. To obtain kidneys for transplant surgeries, hospitals must make connections with the judicial departments by bribing the officials so the hospitals can get privileges to receive priority notification when prisoners are executed.

The source of organs, executed prisoners, is known to everybody. The process of obtaining organs is usually that the doctors and nurses would rush to the execution ground after they are notified, and the patient would be taken into the operation room to wait for the organ. As soon as the prisoner is executed, the hospital would begin surgery to remove the bad organ from the customer/patient. The prisoner would then be dragged into the ambulance to have their organs removed.

What Can We Expect from the CCP?

The crimes of the CCP have long been exposed; yet, this latest information still shocks people. People can hardly believe that the CCP is capable of such horrific atrocities.

Mr. He, an engineer living in Virginia, said, "My mind went blank for a while after I read this information. The images of 'crematoria' and 'doctors' walking around filled my head and wouldn't go away. People who watched Schindler's List and The Diary of Anne Frank, as well as other films that reveal the truth about Nazi concentration camps feel lingering dread evoked by the crematoria; columns of thick smoke rising from giant chimneys, and the 'doctors' engaging in terrible medical experiments. When I read about how guards at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp use debased and savage methods to torture Falun Gong practitioners, I thought it was already incredibly sinister; yet unexpectedly, there are crematoria and many live-in doctors at the Sujiatun Concentration Camp - the terror there exceeds the scope of one's imagination."

The families of disappeared Falun Gong practitioners are terribly anxious and frightened at the possibility that their loved ones perhaps being held at Sujiatun. Dr. Huang Wanqing, a Falun Gong practitioner in the United States, said that when reading the report, he remembered his younger brother Huang Xiong, who has disappeared for nearly three years. Huang Xiong lived in Wanan County, Jiangxi Province and started practicing Falun Gong in 1996. He was sent to a forced labor camp by CCP agents and was held there for more than one year. After his release, he lived in exile to avoid further persecution. Police from Jiangxi Province, Shanghai and other parts of China pursued him nationwide. In April 2003, Huang Xiong disappeared after speaking with Huang Wanqing on the phone for the last time in Shanghai. Huang Wanqing has not heard from him and does not know his current whereabouts.

Zhang Tianxiao, a Falun Gong practitioner living in Chicago, was saddened by the concentration camp report. She cried for a whole day. Zhang Tianxiao's family was persecuted in China for practicing Falun Gong. On November 3, 2000, her 28-year-old brother-in-law Zou Songtao was tortured to death at the Wangcun Forced Labor Camp in Zibo City, Shandong Province. Her sister Zhang Yunhe went to Beijing to appeal in 2000; she was arrested and taken back to Qingdao City. In February 2002, Zhang Yunhe was arrested in Qingdao City for the second time, and several other Falun Gong practitioners were arrested along with her. Ms. Zhang Yunhe was held at Dashan Detention Center in Qingdao City for at least six months and disappeared after her release. She has not been heard from in the past four years. One year ago, Zhang Tianxiao called the Shandong Province "Anti-Cult" Division and inquired about Zhang Yunhe's whereabouts, but she received no response. When Zhang Tianxiao told the official that those who persecuted Zhang Yunhe would be brought to justice, the official cursed at her. Zhang Tianxiao could not suppress her anguish and shock at the revelation of the Sujiatun Concentration Camp. Zhang Tianxiao said that the word "worry" is not adequate to describe her feeling toward her sister. She calls on all people, including Falun Gong practitioners who are persecuted like Zhang Yunhe, to actively resist the evil CCP's persecution instead of enduring it passively.

Yuan Hongbing, a scholar, said that between 1959 and 1961, 40 million Chinese people starved to death due to the famine induced by CCP policies and corruption, yet the CCP told the world that it was the result of three years of natural disasters. According to a recent investigation, however, records from that period indicate the weather was in fact generally favorable; small-scale natural disasters hit but they were not enough to affect the whole country. The biggest reason people starved to death was Mao Zedong's rural communes during the famine.

The CCP is a pathological liar, yet it did not have the courage to face the truth when the Epoch Times published articles about the Sujiatun Concentration Camp.

Perhaps people had illusions about the CCP; maybe people saw a satisfactorily fed wolf taking a stroll and mistakenly thought it would stop eating sheep; maybe the farmer in the fable "The Farmer and the Snake" didn't foresee his death after he revived the snake with his body warmth.

We were wrong.

Why were we wrong? One can find the answers in the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.


We have all lived through sorrows and losses, hopes and disappointments;

As the sun is rising, as heaven and earth are becoming clear, why are we ignoring the nine million withdrawals from the CCP?

Let us all witness the eternal light of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, illuminating heaven and earth!