We are family members of Falun Gong practitioners who are unconstitutionally detained at the Baimalong Forced Labor Camp in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province. In the past six years we have watched our loved ones abused and tortured at the hands of the labor camp guards, yet the labor camp authorities do not admit to any crimes. None of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime's judicial or legal bureaus has ever punished these criminals. The cruel persecution is persisting and escalating. Justice and conscience forbid us from remaining silent. We, together with the other 552 family members of Falun Gong practitioners who appealed to the international community on September 1, 2005, total 1,072, are again appealing for help from the international community. We call on the international community to condemn and stop these atrocities. We strongly urge international human rights organizations to take measures against these crimes against humanity.

We had previously exposed the atrocities at the Baimalong Forced Labor Camp on September 1, 2005. The labor camp received many phone calls and faxes sent from overseas to condemn their crimes. The atrocities did not stop, however, but escalated. The labor camp authorities and the CCP agents launched a frenzied retaliation against the people who signed the public letter. Falun Gong practitioner Zhang Yunlan was tortured until she had a mental breakdown, after which her family took her home. In November 2005, the CCP agents hit and killed her with a car in order to destroy evidence of their crimes. The parents of Falun Gong practitioner Liu Dan, who is still being held at the labor camp, both signed the letter. The perpetrators stripped Liu Dan naked and used a hard brush to scrub her body until she was covered in blood. They force-fed her drugs. Liu Dan was suffering from pneumonia. She had a high fever for 20 days, and yet was deprived of sleep. Guard Zhang Yanping screamed, "I will make sure to drive you insane!" The labor camp authorities told her family that they couldn't visit Liu Dan for one year.

The guards at the Baimalong Forced Labor Camp often say, "It's not necessary to beat them [Falun Gong practitioners] to death! It's better to make them feel worse than dead."

More than 300 Falun Gong practitioners, including Jiang Meilan, Xu Shaoan, Xu Jinhua, Chen Chujun, Yang Jusheng, Yang Cuixian, Shi Yuhua, Liu Juhua, Li Mei, Song Zhezi, Mu Yuxiang have been savagely tortured. Most of them were left with severe injuries and some are severely and permanently disabled.

Practitioner Zou Ruxiang from Pingjiang, Hunan Province refused to give up Dafa even after the guards exhausted all kinds of torture on her, so the guards took her to a mental hospital. According to her account, the captors took her to a room lined with many drug bottles, as well as ropes and sticks laid on the floor. She could not remember what happened after that. She woke up at home, blind in both eyes and paralyzed. A large scar was discovered on the back of her head, which she thinks resulted from being hit by a stick at the hospital. Four years later, Zou Ruxiang still has not recovered her memory fully. Her eyesight is 0.1 in both eyes, which is legally blind. Her gait is highly unstable and her body sways when she walks.

We know that more than 100 practitioners who had been sent to mental hospitals were injected with large doses of nerve-damaging drugs, which caused them to suffer mental breakdowns and left them with various kinds of trauma. Some were severely disabled.

The CCP pays the abusers at the labor camp with hard-earned taxpayers' money. This money is used to savagely persecute our family members. We are completely disillusioned about the CCP. The CCP follows no law, no moral standard, no concern for humanity, but only perpetuates strife between people.

We appeal to international human rights organizations to condemn the wicked CCP for its barbaric, large-scale persecution of millions of people who practice Truthfulness- Compassion-Forbearance, and help rescue our loved ones from the Baimalong Forced Labor Camp.

(We will not repeat the 552 names who signed the appeal on September 1, 2005, Please refer to "Family Members of 552 Falun Gong Practitioners Endorse Letter Exposing the Atrocities at Baimalong (Photos)" http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2005/9/10/64762.html)

Signed by 526 family members of Falun Gong practitioners

Yi Hong, Wang Xiaoqun, Wei Baiqong, Wang Tefu, Wei Daying, Wang Xiaolin, Wang Xiaowen, Shi Yuhua, Luo Yiyi, Jiang Minqing, Jiang Minshi, Wen Huiying, Luo Fengming, Luo Manman, Wen Chengzhong, Zhong Liping, Wen Lanying, Li Liping, Liu Dongxian, Di Quanhan, Di Jizhong, Di Jiwei, Liu Yunqing, Liu Hanqing, Liu Bingqing, Liu Youchang, Xiao Zhiren, Li Quanjian, Liu Zhixian, Liu Bixian, Liu Haiming, Liu Haijun, Liu Yuxian, Liu Chunxian, Liu Hailan, Liu Chunzhen, Liu Haiying, Di Li, Zhang Zhiying, Li Qiling, Li Taoxian, Li Huaxian, Li Zhiping, Zhang Guoding, Luo Huiyuan, Chen Guiyun, Zhang Guiyun, Chen Guixian, Li Lin, Gong Jie, Chen Xiaohua, He Wen, He Yanyang, He Shengzhong, He Meilin, He Lijia, Yang Yunhua, Pang Changmin, Zhan Shaoquan, Zhan Yan, Zeng Hongqiang, Pang Change, Pang Changming, Zhou Sanmei, Liu Minwen, Zhou Boguang, Wen Sizhen, Zhan Shaoming, Song Sizhen, Liu Heju, Zhen Guizhang, Zhen Guibin, Zhen Xiulan, Zhen Jumei, Zhen Liumei, Li Weishan, Liu Jinhua, Gong Yuanzhen, Zhong Yuanyou, Zhong Hua, Zhong Mei, Zhong Si, Chen Hua, Ge Aijun, Chen Fanwei, Zhong Cheng, Ge Huihui, Chen Xiangxiang, Gong Zhankuan, Gong Zhanqi, Gong Duanzhen, Gong Xiuzhen, Zhong Guichu, Shu Chunxiang, Huang Chunzhi, Zhang Jugui, Guo Jinren, Chen Bangqing, Zhang Chunying, Zhang Yaomei, Huang Jincheng, Zhou Shantang, Zhou Minghan, Zhou Donghan, Zhou Dongzhen, Huang Jianwang, Huang Juhua, Huang Meihua, Guo Qiucui, Guo Qiulian, Guo Bing, Yao Wangshu, Chen Yongjun, Chen Aiming, Chen Xiuqing, Chen Meiying, Li Zhougang, Zhang Maolin, Tan Yaomei, Tan Shaopu, Mao Xinmin, Tan Zhongpu, Yan Yunwen, Qin Shengwen, Ai Jinyu, Qin Qiugui, Qin Manhua, Shu Deming, Huang Mingzao, Shu Guizhen, Huang Jiahong, Shu Yaomei, Ai Boquan, Ai Taishan, Zhang Lianchu, Huang Yanbin, Liu Zhongyuan, Li Lijun, Ai Zhengjun, Wen Yuanzhi, Fang Xingzhi, Dai Yongxin, Dai Zeyou, Fang Wanghua, Fang Huaiqing, Fang Xinglian, Man Sanqing, Man Chao, Man Yi, Zhang Hong, Gong Weiqun, Gong Caiji, Zhang Chunyuan, Wu Huizhou, Chen Taoxiu, Xu Jupu, Xu Dingsheng, Liu Yan, Xu Zhimin, Liu Chunsong, Peng Zhuolin, Chen Yuezhen, Chen Dazhong, Xiang Xiangqin, Chen Xinnian, Chen Xinhua, Hu Aixian, Xu Jinhua, Chen Gaofan, Xu Jinlian, Gao Meichu, Xu Jintao, Gao Dongqiu, Nie Linchun, Xu Mingcheng, Xu Shicheng, Xu Xiuying, Xu Zhenying, Xu Yonghong, Xu Qunying, Yi Xueji, Yang Hezhi, Liu Aihong, Li Zhaoqi, Xue Xinsheng, Yi Mingqing, Xu Jiamei, Yi Zhongbao, Gong Fang, Wen Yinbo, Xu Jiaai, Wen Luyang, Wu Guiming, Zou Yabing, Zou Yabing, Wen Luxia, Yi Jincheng, Yi Bingyan, Yi Bingqiu, Yi Bingyun, Chen Xiuyun, Yi Hailin, Yi Guihua, Chen Shunmen, Yi Xiuzhen, Yi Huaizhen, Chen Sanyuan, Chen Bingsheng, Song Qunxian, Chen Yaoqing, Xiao Kaimei, Chen Shunqing, Bai Yan, Chen Shengqing, Chen Guiqing, chen Guodong, Chen Wen, Xu Xianzhi, Liu Laifu, Chen Fengying, Liu Xinzhong, Liu Xinan, Liu Xinman, Liu Xinmei, Liu Xinxia, Chen Yaojie, Xu Maoxian, Chen Minghua, Yang Meiying, Zeng Xiulan, Zeng Bingxiang, Zeng Xiuhua, Zeng Bingqing, Zeng Xiaolin, Zeng Bingshu, Yang Jianguo, Yang Jianfen, Mao Fenglian, Yang Bicheng, Wu Guifang, Zeng Guicai, Guo Daokang, Xiong Bifang, Xiong Biyun, (255) Ou Liumei, Zeng Lingde, Zeng Huxian, Zeng Zhiyue, Zeng Yalan, Zeng Yajuan, Zhou Yanlin, Chen Qinghua, Li Zhiyong, Yang Jun, Li Pingfeng, Zeng Juying, Guo Feng, Zeng Xiaoying, Ou Xueshan, Ou Xuemei, Ou Jiaonu, Ou Manxiang, Zeng Yisu, Zeng Longfei, Zeng Weiwei, Li Shengwu, (22) Hu Dongpu, Tan Liying, Fan Dakai, Li Muduo, Li Lufei, Li Xiuying, Tang Youe, Li Changjiang, Guo Meiqing, Li Xiaoying, Xu Yanlong, Cao Huazhi, Cao Shunxiu, Li Xinduo, Li Wenduo, Li Xiping, Huang Ying, Guo Chengjun, Guo Qian, Zhou Huizhen, Liu Hualian, Zhou Ming, Zhou Dongming, Zhou Xueqi, San Meizi, Zhou Mingjun, Xi Mao, Zhou Lian, Zhou Dihua, Zhou Shulin, Zhou Xing, Zhou Lei, Li Yufei, Li Shujuan, Xu Chun, Li Chaohui, Jiang Dongyue, Deng Guangxiang, Deng Guohu, Huang Ying, Huang Tao, Huang Jiashu, Jiang Xianyu, Song Xiuju, Jiang Meixin, Zhou Jinjin, Jiang Jian, Jiang Hua, Jiang Xiaojuan, Yang Jie, Jiang Meirong, Jiang Xiaoyun, Jiang Meiming, Jiang Dongfen, Xu Hang, Peng Jun, Peng Lexia, Xie Hai, Xie Guangcai, Qi Anjian, Peng Shishan, Xu Yingqun, Liu Xinhong, Huang Jiazhong, Huang Qunbin, Li Heqing, Huang Qunfen, Deng Yizhi, Huang Xiujun, (69) Liao Hongcui, Liao Hongwen, Liao Hongwu, Liao Hongjia, Liao Honglan, Liao Guifeng, Liao Anna, Liao Anyi, Lian Anli, Liao Guozhong, Liao Guohao, Liao Guoran, Li Qingyue, Li Qiong, Li Jing, Li Yunqing, He Qianjin, He Qichu, He Qilin, Li Tierong, Liu Xiaofei, Jiang Xiaolong, Jiang Rong, (23) Xiao Silan, Tang Meixing, Tang Junfeng, Tang Xiaofeng, Tan Yanhui, Hu Guizhu, Li Mannu, Zeng Lanying, Wei Shenling, Lei Chunying, Huang Boxian, Huang Taishi, Huang Yong, Huang Zhiyong, Huang Jie, Huang Huilan, Huang Fuzhao, Xiao Juxiang, Xiao Pingping, Xiao Lanping, Lei Bosheng, Xiao Changlan, Xiao Lanxiang, Xiao Fulan, Xiao Shicai, Xiao Shide, Xiao Jianxiong, Xiao Xianghong, Xiao Xiangman, Xiao Xiangyong, Xiao Jiuliang, Lei Xiaoying, Xiao Peng, Jiang Mingfa, Jiang Wei, Wu Caisheng, Wu Guoping, Wu Guozheng, Wu Liangxiu, Xiao Xiongzi, Tang Xiongjun, Wang Xiaojuan, Xiao Xiuchang, Jiang Zhenying, Liu Xinjiao, Xiao Xinrong, Wu Guomeng, Wu Guowen, Huang Fengzhu, Huang Tianfeng, Huang Sanzai, Huang Xizai, Huang Bolin, Xia Yanfang, Chen Baozhen, Wang Benzhong, (57) Guo Huisheng, Guo Shaoxiong, Guo Huiming, Guo Zhen, Guo Huixiong, Guo Zhi, Luo Guangcui, Li Zongzu, Huang Fengying, Li Guen, Li Yumei, Li Zehua, Li Lubin, Guo Yan, Li Jianxiong, He Xiaojun, He Xiaoning, Liu Jianli, Guo Liping, Li Aiying, Guo Sheng, Li Wenfang, Li Yuncheng, Guo Shuiying, Li Biao, Luo Wenxiang, Guo Huifu, Li Shuiying, Guo Huixiang, Guo Honghua, Guo Liying, Hu Shifeng, Qiu Jifeng, Li Ningna, Guo Zhihao, Guo Gaohui, Guo Deng, Guo Feng, Guo Youping, Li Shuisheng, Li Tuyuan, Guo Chaofeng, Guo Guangsheng, Li Bin, Liao Heping, Liao Liping, Li Zhengmei, Li Jumei, (49) Hu Yumei, Hu Jianfei, Hu Jianfeng, Hu Tuxiu, Hu Chengying, Hu Xiaoxiong, Hu Xuemei, Li Tuzheng, Hu Huoyuan, Hu Yumei, Hu Yuchang, Hu Fuozhong, Hu Yulan, Hu Yuzhen, Hu Guangqiu, Li Zhonghua, Li Jiping, Li Jijun, Hu Xinu, Li Shuifa, Hu Guobing, Li Meizhen, Hu Liping, Li Jibeing, Lei Zengyun, Li Taoliang, Li Ying, Li Guo, Li Yun, Hu Aiping, Li Wenjun, Li Pengfei, Li Pengcheng, Li Pengyan, Li Xuanjing, Li Zenong, Li Jingsheng, Li Jingxi, Li Zheng, Li rong, Li Jing, Hu Libo, Hu Lina, Hu Xuexue, Hu Guoping, Hu Xiaoping, Li Xiaolan, Hu Siling, Hu Jiaxiong, Li Zaoyu, Li Tuliang (51)

Forty-three persecutors at the labor camp who abused Falun Gong practitioners:

Huang Yongliang, Zhao Guibao, Ding Cailan, Lu Yongquan, Gong Chaolian, Peng Zhepin, Fu Jun, Fang Hui, Wang Nianhua, Chen Dongxia, Wan Hui, Zhen Xia, Tan Xiangqian, Wang Huanxin, Fan Yingqiao, Zhu Zhiguang, Wang Ping, Sun Jian, Huang Wenmin, Yuan Jiahui, He Xiaolian, Yi Zhiqi, Zhang Yanping, Yi Bin, Pan Xiangdong, Chen Wei, Xiong Yanxiang, Tan Meilan, Guo Yuanqing, Yuan Jia, Tang Luyun, Zhu Rong, Lu Chunming, Liu Jie, Liu Lin, Fang Fang, Xu Qiaoli, Xu Duanhui, Wang Yulan

Guards who have been transferred away from the labor camp include Yi Jine, Zhao Jinyue, Yue Lihua, Ou Yangxiu

Related phone numbers:

Huang Yongliang: Party secretary, 86-13908439030(Cell)

Zhao Guibao: deputy head, 86-13607332316(Cell)

Ding Cailan: deputy head, former head of a division that specializes in the persecution of Falun Gong, 86-13873335286(Cell)

Wang Nianhua: head of Administration Section, 86-13707338135(Cell)

Wang Huanxin: deputy head of Administration Section, 86-13973340139(Cell)

Tan Xiangqian: head of Special Police Division, 86-13607332306(Cell)

Gong Chaolian: head of Education Section, 86-13807335201(Cell)

Fu Jun: head of office, 86-13873332868(Cell)

Zhen Xia: current head of a division that specializes in the persecution of Falun Gong, 86-13873332852(Cell)

Baimalong Labor Camp: 86-733-8634800

Administration Division: 86-733-8634811

Management Section: 86-733-8634601

Education Section: 86-733-8634602

Disciplinary Inspection Office: 86-733-8634819