(Clearwisdom.net) At the end of last year, one of my husband's college classmates arrived by plane from a remote province to attend a conference in our city, crossing more than half China. Since there would be no time during the remainder of his trip, he called my husband, inviting him to meet at 8:00 p.m. that very night.

My husband's classmate was a high-ranking official. My husband invited me to join them. I realized immediately that it was not by accident that he came in such a hurry and that I must tell the truth to him. I was not familiar with this classmate, having only seen him once before, but I felt that he was not bad. Although my husband did not oppose my cultivation, he still had illusions regarding the CCP and would not quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I once clarified the truth to relatives in the presence of my husband. He strongly opposed my doing that, so I don't clarify the truth and persuade others to quit the CCP when he is present. I have not had a breakthrough with respect to my husband, although of course I will continue to clarify the truth to him. Now, time was so limited. They were old classmates and I was not part of their circle. How could I distract my husband and start to tell the truth?

My brain was thinking fast for ideas, but I didn't come up with any. Suddenly, I remembered what Master had said, "Cultivation depends on one's own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one's master." (Zhuan Falun). That's right. I was racking my brain, but wasn't that a routine used by ordinary people? Saving sentient beings is sacred. Falun Dafa saves people. It is not an ordinary person doing an ordinary deed at all.

I let go of that attachment immediately, no longer racking my brain to think of any clever tactic. I calmed my mind and asked Master to strengthen me, letting me have an opportunity to send the truth of Dafa and letting this classmate know the truth. Then I prepared a "talisman" and truth-clarifying materials and went to the hotel with my husband.

Without many words after we met up with each other, my husband insisted that we go to a restaurant. The classmate declined repeatedly, saying again and again that he had already had a meal and was very full, could not eat any more, and just wanted to chat with his old classmate. No matter what he said, my husband did not agree, insisting we go to the restaurant, that it would be "fulfilling the host's friendship," and proceeded to drag him to the restaurant. We sat down, the two of them chatting about the stories of their classmates without letup. I could not even say one word. I sent out one thought, "Master, please strengthen me and disintegrate the evil factors behind their backs by taking advantage of this precious chance." At that very moment, the classmate's cell phone rang. It was the man who had come with him to attend the conference asking where he was. He said he was drinking with his old classmate and asked if he would like to come. Surprisingly, the other one said. "Yes, I would." My husband said, "I will go pick him up and bring him here." As he was leaving, he asked me to keep the conversation going while he was gone.

The wonders of Dafa presented an opportunity. I naturally mentioned his wife and asked him to send greetings to her. He said his wife was sick. She'd already had surgery for gynecological tumors. It is exactly the same illness I had suffered before cultivating, and it disappeared after my cultivation began! I told him my experience immediately. He felt it inconceivable. I knew he did not believe very much of it. I then said, "You and my husband are old classmates. Do you remember the black spot on his face?" He said, "How can I forget? We classmates all know of that." I said, "It was left from being burned when he was young. It lasted dozens of years and could not be gotten rid of. But now it has disappeared." He thought about that, "You are right, the black spot did disappear. His face also looks healthier. How can that happen?" I told him, "If one person cultivates, the whole family will benefit." He believed it finally. I gave him two Falun Dafa cards and some informational materials, asking him to give one card to his wife. He thanked me again and again and accepted them seriously.

Later, I began to talk about the corruption of the CCP, using the examples talked about in the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. He also had the same feelings. I moved on to the incident of a "stone of carved characters" prophesizing the downfall of the CCP. He said he had seen that on the Internet. I then tried to persuade him to quit the party. He said, "We benefit from the CCP. If it collapses, it won't be any good to us." I said, "You graduated from a famous university and are very capable. You will have the position you deserve under any form of society. Your qualifications are not bestowed by the CCP, but are the result of your own efforts." He laughed and heartily agreed with what I said. I continued, "The CCP has done many illegal deeds, and it intends to eliminate gods as well. Especially in its persecution of Falun Gong, the CCP has committed monstrous crimes, and it is destined to be punished severely by the gods! All the evil will be called to account--this is a heavenly law. No matter whether human beings want it to perish or not, irrespective of their own interests, the gods will not behave according to human beings' wishes. Even its supporters are in conflict. Why remain associated to a thing that is destined to perish? Hurry to show your true intention to the gods!"

I saw that he still had misgivings, so I told him that I had quit the CCP nearly one year ago, "The Communist regime will not know if you use an alias, and there will be no repercussions." Finally he asked me to help him quit the CCP anonymously.

I looked at my watch--it was about half the hour. Both he and I were puzzled. My husband had gone to pick up that the other person, but it wasn't that far away. A dozen minutes was enough to leave and return. Why hadn't they returned after half an hour? At that moment, they arrived. They said there had been one thing after another on their way back that had delayed them. Only I understood in my heart that it was the help of Master!