(Clearwisdom.net) After the Shandong Province 610 Office in Laizhou illegally arrested about 30 Falun Dafa practitioners and subjected them to brainwashing last year, they again arrested four female practitioners and sent them to forced labor on the eve of Chinese New Year this year. Despite the medical examination revealing that practitioners Ms. Zhang Xiuqin, Ms. Liu Yuexiang, Ms. Wang Yuehua and Ms. Wang Youqing were all ill, they were still persecuted in the Wangcun Forced Labor Camp.

Ms. Zhang Xiuqin came from Koujia Village, Xiaqiu Township. In the forced labor camp, three guards tried to force her to step on and sit on Master Li's photo, but their attempt failed miserably. As a result, they brutally beat her until her body was covered with black and blue bruises. Then they grabbed her foot and pressed it against Master Li's photo, hoping to destroy her belief. Due to her serious injury, she could not get up from her bed for seven or eight days.

Ms. Liu Yuezxiang also came from Koujia Village and had many illnesses, including heart disease. Despite her weakened condition, the camp guards still used electric batons, handcuffs, and many other instruments of torture to persecute her. After Ms. Liu Yuexiang was brutally tortured and persecuted, she had problems opening her mouth to eat for more than three weeks.

Ms. Wang Yuehuan from Xingtaiwujia Village, Shahe Township, was brutally persecuted in the forced labor camp. The guards starved her for three days before severely beating her up. They punched, slapped, and even whipped her with a rubber hose. Her family has never received any notice of her sentence to forced labor.

Ms. Wang Youqing from Luanjia Village, Tushan Township, was also severely persecuted in the forced labor camp. The guards squeezed her neck until she was nearly suffocated. More than 20 officers ransacked her home for nearly two hours, not only to search her house but also to destroy many of her belongings. When they could not find anything, they decided to arrest Ms. Wang Youqing's husband, Mr. Luan Shihai, instead, who was also a Falun Dafa practitioner, and take him to the brainwashing center. Her husband was severely persecuted for one night before being transferred to the Laizhou City Detention Center. In the detention center, he was then hung up before being beaten for four days and nights. When the guards did not obtain any information from him, they decided to release him only after extorting 10,000 yuan from him.

In October and November 2005, the Laizhou City 610 Office and National Security Team police Yuan Shushen, Yu Zhibin, Yang Xuandi, Liu Jingbing, Liu Weibin, Wang Yongguang, and many others arrested more than 30 practitioners and detained them in the "Laizhou Huling Brigade Wenchang Squadron" for brainwashing. During the brainwashing session, the police tried to make them give up their belief in Falun Dafa.

Ms. Wang Yuehua was taken by the police when she was giving out truth clarifying materials in Laizhou City, whereas the other three female practitioners were taken from their respective houses to the brainwashing center. Many other practitioners were also severely beaten by the evil police.

Among those who took part in the persecution practitioners in the brainwashing center was Policewoman Wu Zhenqin. Every time, she was the first to slap practitioners before stepping on them with her high heel shoes. After that, about six to seven officers would all beat the practitioners together. Those who took part in beating practitioners included Liu Jingbing, Liu Weibin, Wang Yongguang, Shi Bintao, Zou, and many others.

For those who took part in beating practitioners, most of them received different degrees of retribution. Liu Jing suffered from severe lower back pain and could not get up from his bed. He even needed someone to support him when he wanted to beat practitioners. On the other hand, many other officers experienced stomach pain whenever they beat practitioners. Sometimes, they even vomited right after beating practitioners.

The 610 Office and the National Security Team police do not feel compelled to observe any governmental laws, human rights, nor heavenly laws. If they were not following the commands of the Chinese Communist Party, I believe they would not dare to be so arrogant and lawless.

Related personnel phone numbers:

Party Secretary of the Laizhou City Politics and Law Committee Du Huayu: 86-535-2211991.
Laizhou City 610 Office
610 Director Yuan Shusheng: 86-535-2252611 (Office), 86-13708919690 (Cell).
610 Agent Yang Xuandi: 86-535-2252610 (Office), 86-13506459656 (Cell).
Section Chief Xu Wenkao: 86-535-2252610 (Office).
Section Chief Zou: 86-535-2252610 (Office).
Members Li Zhiwen, Li Shaojie, and Ren Fengcao: 86-535-2252610 (Office).
Laizhou City National Security Team: 2212650.
Police officers Yu Zhibin (86-13905452237 Cell), Liu Jingbing, Liu Weibin, Wang Yongguang, Shi Bintao, and Wu Zhenqin.
Laizhou Detention Center: 86-535-2212856, 86-535-2221931.
Original article date: 18/2/2006