(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Ma Chunli from Dehui City has been illegally held for fifteen months at the Dehui City Detention Center where she was on the brink of death several times, resulting from barbaric tortures and force-feeding. The detention center authorities tried to send her to a prison but the prison authorities refused to admit her. The Jilin Province Police Hospital refused to treat her. Those in charge never stopped tormenting her despite her condition. The detention center authorities sent her to the Dehui City People's Hospital for emergency treatment several times after severely torturing her. They did not want to be held responsible if she died at their facility, so they sent her to a hospital for others to deal with her.

Ms. Ma Chunli, who is in grave physical condition, is again receiving emergency treatment at the Dehui City People's Hospital. Four police officers are watching her to prevent her from contacting outsiders. According to witnesses, her clothes are ragged and emit a strong odor. On the issue of life and death, the Dehui City Court issued an illegitimate "Notice to Forbid Detention Outside Prison."

Organizations and people responsible for Ms. Ma's plight:

(Note: for home or office phone numbers, dial country code + area code before all numbers. For cell phone numbers, only dial country code before the numbers. Country code: 86, area code: 431)

Xu Xiangguo, head of the court: 7225115 (Office), 8352168 (Home), 13944995115 (Cell)
Ding Caiyan, deputy head of the court: 7223140 (Office), 7227801 (Home), 13364633004 (Cell)
Zhen Xueyan, deputy head of the court: 7223140 (Office), 7227801 (Home), 13500858909 (Cell)
Zhao Jun, head of the procuratorate: 7272885 (Office), 7817800 (Home), 13351500555 (Cell)
Zhu Jun, deputy head of the court: 7275222 (Office), 7224398 (Home), 13904397900 (Cell)
Yu Quanjun, head of the police department: 7222614 (Office), 7224659 (Home), 13904392788 (Cell)
Wang Lixue, city mayor: 7216668 (Office), 13943127777 (Cell)
Li Zhibin, city mayor: 7229566 (Office), 13364635500 (Cell)
Li Jin, secretary of Politics and Law Committee: 7219922 (Office), 7266677 (Home), 13164633002 (Cell)
Li Yuke, head of 610 Office: 7216610 (Office), 7234600 (Home), 13944025000 (Cell), 13364633706 (Cell)
An Shuxin, police department: 7238208 (Office), 7274500 (Home), 13944024888 (Cell)