(Clearwisdom.net) Communist regime agents from the Jiyuan City Politics and Law Committee in Henan Province disrupted students' studies and stopped their classes to disseminate hatred among young people.

After the 2006 Chinese New Year, agitators from the Jiyuan City Politics and Law Committee started another round of mind poisoning among young people. They printed many slanderous pictures that attack Dafa, and distributed them in schools. They required each student to post the picture at home.

People were angry and said, "The wicked Party won't even spare kids!" Most parents burned the pictures, and almost none of them posted the picture.

In early March the evildoers disrupted school schedules and stopped classes in secondary schools in Jiyuan City. They ordered the students to gather in Century Square to participate in a "10,000 Students Oppose Falun Gong" signature activity. Hao Qinglei, head of the Politics and Law Committee, spoke at the gathering and required every student to sign his or her name. Although teachers deceived by the CCP's propaganda sat in front of tables to watch the students, more than half of the students refused to sign their names.

Hao Qinglei, Head of the Jiyuan City Politics and Law Committee: 86-391-6633011 (Office), 86-391-6693388 (Home), 86-13903891289 (Cell)
Zhao Zhongjun and Yu Wuzhong, deputy heads of Jiyuan City Politics and Law Committee
Li Baoxing, head of Jiyuan City Police Department: 86-13838900001 (Cell), 86-391-6693389-21111 (Office)
Chen Jiali, deputy head of police department: 86-13603899368 (Cell), 86-391-6693389-21116 (Office), 86-391-6611236 (Home)
Wang Qingzhu, main member of Jiyuan City 610 Office
Wang Mingli, a woman in her 40s, head of Jiyuan City Police Department National Security Division: 86-391-6699181, 86-13507678219 (Cell)
Wang Guoyou, a man around 50 years of age, political head of the National Security Division: 86-391-6669911, 86-13838929911 (Cell)