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Torture Method 13: Electric shock

Photo 56

The practitioner is forced to sit on the cement floor barefooted, and guards Wang Naimin, Zhang Xiurong, Wang Shuhong, and Huang Haiyan shock the practitioner's soles, arms, legs, back, face and other sensitive body parts. In early April 2000, the four aforementioned guards and inmate Rao Aijing, who is a drug addict, yanked practitioner Ms. Zou Guirong's hair and forced her to stand on the floor while they took turns shocking her with four electric batons. She was wearing only a tank top. The guards laughed hysterically as they shocked her, saying, "This is fun! [She is] funnier than a monkey in the zoo." Practitioner Ms. Li Suyun was shocked on the chest where the heart is located with eight electric batons, each capable of releasing 300,000 volts of electricity. Smoke rose from her body and the smell of roasted flesh could be detected outside the building.

Torture Method 14: Sitting on a Metal Chair in a Solitary Confinement Cell

The metal chair is made of several pieces of welded metal. There are two types of metal chairs at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, the circular chair and the one with a metal plank across the top. Photos 57 and 58 show the circular chair, photo 59 shows the plank chair. The chairs in the pictures are approximate model reproductions made by practitioners. The actual metal chairs used at the labor camp are much thicker and heavier than the ones shown. It takes several people to move a chair. Practitioners who refuse to "reform" and refuse to cooperate with the torture are affixed to the metal chairs long-term. The practitioner sits in the chair with his hands, feet and back restrained by handcuffs, metal rings, and the metal plank. After several hours his hands, thighs and feet swell up. The guards often shock the practitioners with electric batons or directly hit them.

Photo 57

Photo 57

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Overall, this torture consists of forcing the practitioner to sit in the metal chair inside a solitary confinement cell. The practitioner's arms and feet are held in place by the metal rings, and several guards shock the practitioner's neck, chin, face, stomach and other sensitive body parts repeatedly with electric batons. If the practitioner refuses to reform or to write a guarantee statement, this torture continues without a break. The practitioner's body is covered in char-black wounds and his clothes often stick to his skin. The victim is in extreme agony and yet he cannot move. Some practitioners' hair becomes messy and they slowly become mentally disordered. Some practitioners have ulcerated and dead flesh on their buttocks after sitting in one position for a long time. Blood and pus seep from underneath them and their pants are glued to their bodies by the fluid. They are therefore forced to cut the pants open with scissors. The victim is allowed to use the restroom only twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Sometimes the victim cannot wait and is forced to relieve himself in his pants. The guards often restrain practitioners in metal chairs for one week, or more than ten days at a time. Some practitioners lose function in their arms or cannot walk when they are released from the chair. Some practitioners cannot move at all and have to be carried out on a stretcher.

Torture Method 15: Sitting on a Metal Chair in a Sardine Can

The "sardine can" is the solitary confinement cell with four-inch-thick sponge covering all four walls. It's hard to breathe inside, especially in the summer, because no breeze can enter the room. The practitioner feels he is suffocating. Many Falun Gong practitioners held in the sardine can cannot endure the heat and lack of oxygen, and they try to peel the sponge off the walls. As a result, many holes are left on the walls, reminders of the anguish and desperate struggle of those who made them. The guards often put a metal chair in the sardine can and force the practitioner to sit in it without moving and without sleeping. Dafa-slandering propaganda is constantly broadcast through a loudspeaker. If the practitioner passes out from the heat or if he grows a little drowsy, the guards pour a basin of cold water over him. The practitioner is startled, revives, and continues to suffer.

Photo 64

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Photo 66

Torture Method 16: Force-feeding

Photo 67

Photo 68

Photo 69

This is the basest and most completely inhumane tactic that the guards use to torture practitioners on hunger strikes. The guards insert a stomach pump tube as thick as an index finger down the throat and into the practitioner's stomach. They do not feed the practitioner but instead they pull out and insert the tube repeatedly to inflict the most pain. On April 5, 2006, division head Li Wangyu led about eight guards, both men and women, to barge into the women's division. They pinned practitioner Ms. Wang Jinfeng to the floor. They put a plastic sheet over her face, pried her mouth open with a stainless steel bar, jammed a tube into her mouth, and fed her corn porridge. Ms. Wang's face was white as a sheet and she nearly suffocated. Practitioner Li Baojie was tortured to death this way.

Torture Method 17: Force-feeding Through the Nose

Photo 70

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Photo 72

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Photo 75

A practitioner who has been on a hunger strike for a long time has his arms and legs cuffed to the four corners of a metal bed. The guards insert one end of a rubber tube into the practitioner's nose and down his throat to his stomach. The guards push corn porridge and rotten vegetable soup from the other end of the tube into the practitioner's stomach. They are very rough, and the tube often breaks the skin in or punctures the practitioner's nose, throat, and/or stomach. The tube is often covered in blood. Some practitioners whose stomachs are punctured suffer from long-term stomach bleeding. Their stomaches are shrunk after long-term hunger striking, and after suddenly being fed more than one quart of corn porridge and water, their stomachs are inflated and they experience tremendous pain. Some practitioners then become incontinent or have to urinate frequently, as much as fifteen times per hour. After long-term force-feeding, the practitioners develop anorexia, nausea, and difficulty swallowing. Some guards intentionally leave the tube inside the practitioners' stomachs. One end of the tube gets stuck to the practitioner's face by the food remnants, and the other end of the tube rots inside the practitioner's stomach. The guards laugh at the practitioner and say, "Look, you grew a big nose and now you look like an elephant."

Torture Method 18: Stripped Naked, Cuffed to the Death Bed and Force-fed Through the Nose

Photo 76

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Photo 78

Photo 79 Partial close-up

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Photo 81

A practitioner holding a long-term hunger strike is stripped naked and has his arms and legs cuffed to the four corners of a metal bed with only a quilt covering his body. His wrists and ankles have wounds from the handcuffs. He is then force-fed through the nose. This is very devastating as it destroys the practitioner's dignity while depriving him of physical freedom. Practitioner Ms. Zhou Yuzhi from Benxi, who is in her 40s, was dragged to the office by guards Zhang Xiurong, Zhou Qian, Qi Fuying, Zhang He, Guan Lin and others. She was cuffed to the Death Bed and force-fed. The brutal feeding left her rolling in pain. She lost her sense of smell and taste after the feeding, and she was extremely weak. Several months later, she was sent to the Strictly Controlled Group to be further persecuted. Practitioner Ms. Li Ping from Dalian City was cuffed to the bed by guard Wang Xiuju and collaborators, who stripped off her clothes and force-fed her for a long time. Four months later when she was skin and bones, she was secretly sent away.

Torture Method 19: Golden Dragon in the Sea

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The practitioner is placed on the bed face down with his hands cuffed behind his back. He is positioned so that his upper body extends beyond the edge of the bed. Several collaborators hold down his legs and hit his head and back with the soles of their shoes and broomsticks. After a while, the practitioner feels as if his back is broken. The collaborators grab his hair and beat him if he even slightly lowers his head due to exhaustion.

Torture Method 20: Freezing

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Female practitioners' upper bodies are stripped naked and they are left in sweatpants. They are pinned down in the snow from morning until late at night. They are not allowed to go into the room. Their hands and feet turn black from the cold.


There are nearly one hundred methods of torture used on Falun Gong practitioners at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. Aside from the twenty listed above, we will continue to publish descriptions of other forms of torture. We want to call on all practitioners who have ever been illegally detained at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp: Pick up your pen and write down your own experiences. Let's continue to expose the crimes at Masanjia Labor Camp, let the world's people see the bloodthirsty nature of the Chinese Communist Party, and let all people of conscience unite to condemn this inhumane persecution that has lasted nearly seven years.

Aside from extreme torture methods, labor camp authorities also brutalize the practitioners with horrible food. Illegally detained practitioners are given black, hardened and rancid corn cakes, turnips and salted vegetables, and cabbage soup. The occasional pork found in the vegetables comes from discarded parts from the guards' cafeteria. It is said that the corn flour used to make corn cakes contain lots of salvolatile, and therefore they are very bitter. After eating the cakes, many people have diarrhea and they swell up. The practitioners jokingly call the cakes "dog repellant," meaning that even dogs would not eat the cakes.

Up until the end of 2003, labor camp authorities gathered determined practitioners and tortured them many times. They call it "battle against the fort."

On December 9, 2002, the Liaoning Province government organized a so-called "Brainwashing Assistance Group" consisting of 610 Office agents, police officers and collaborators from different cities. They sent the Assistance Group to Masanjia Forced Labor Camp to brutally persecute determined practitioners. They played Dafa-slandering videos from morning to night for more than a month to brainwash the practitioners. The labor camp also forced practitioners to do work that required direct contact with poisonous chemical compounds, using inadequate safety measures. Many practitioners experienced headaches, dizziness, vomiting, allergies, eye pain, skin ulcerations, nosebleeds, and heartbeat irregularities.

During "battle against the fort," all work inside the labor camp was halted, and no one from the outside was allowed to enter the camp. The guards took steadfast practitioners to the Comprehensive Building to torture them in groups. They used various cruel means including long-term sleep deprivation, the tiger bench, electric shock, beatings, kicking, forced bowing with hands straight up behind one's body, tie-ups and hang-ups, freezing, and other means. They also forced the practitioners to eat and sleep inside the restroom. The Brainwashing Assistance Group left the labor camp on December 27, 2002, but the "battle against the fort" continued until March 2003.

During the "battle," many practitioners were disabled from torture and many suffered mental collapse. Some passed away several days after they were sent home. Jiang's group has boasted that this notorious labor camp, where good people are fanatically persecuted, is a national model, and has promoted nationwide their base tips on persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.

In mid-October 2003, the labor camp started another round of "battle against the fort." In November 2003, the Liaoning Province government organized a meeting in the conference room at Masanjia Labor Camp, and 610 Office agents and police officers from different cities attended. On December 5, the Brainwashing Assistance Group again entered the camp. They left in late December. Falun Gong practitioners were again savagely abused.

The devastating crimes perpetrated at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp against Falun Gong practitioners during the past seven years is beyond words, yet a special magazine published by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) calls it "a special school that purifies the heart." Any practitioner who has survived Masanjia Forced Labor Camp could write a book with stories of tears and blood. Under direct instruction from Su Jing, head of the labor camp, and Shao Li, deputy head, Falun Gong practitioners who refused to give up their belief endured unimaginable suffering through nearly one hundred tortures. These shocking tortures are still being used at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.