The persecution of practitioners in the second group

Agents from the first section of the Fushun City Police Department in Liaoning Province arrested Ms. Gong Xiaochen (alias). Officer Guan Yong persecuted her relentlessly and tried to force her to tell the name of her fellow practitioners, but she refused to do so. Guan forced Ms. Gong's legs apart and beat her brutally. As a result of the torture, she was unable to walk for several days and displayed injuries all over her body, especially in her face and legs, which were full of gruesome bruises.

Ms. Gong Xiaochen was illegally detained in the first subgroup of the second group of the Liaoning Province Women's Prison. For more than three years she was frequently, brutally beaten. Wang Jihong, the former head of the second group, and Wang Dan and Qi Xiaojing, heads of the first subgroup, instigated criminal inmates Shi Xiuli, Liu Min and Li Yongjie to bind Ms. Gong with ropes and hang her up to force her legs apart. The former head of the second group, Wang Jihong, instigated inmate Shi Xiuli to force Ms. Gong to stand for five days and nights. After that, she could not walk normally. She was also slapped repeatedly in the face. Unknown drugs were added to her food. Fortunately, she realized what was going on and, since then, it has no longer happened.

Ms. Gong was forced to labor in a workshop. Suddenly, inmates Li Yongjie and Shi Xiuli demanded that she approach them. They then both brutally beat her. Criminal inmates Tang Haixia and Bai Hongying stripped Ms. Gong in broad daylight and wrote words slandering Teacher on her body. Because she refused to write the "guarantee letter" that she had been "transformed," criminals Nie Chunling and Sun Yuwen forced her to squat in a basin filled with cold water and repeatedly slapped her face with slippers. But Ms. Gong did not cooperate with them and protested her persecution through continuous hunger striking. She also clarified the truth to them, but they did not listen. During her hunger strike, the criminals still cruelly beat and tortured her.

Criminal Liu Guiqin often tortured practitioners whenever she felt like it. She also swore against Teacher and Dafa. Ms. Gong Xiaochen clarified the truth to her and told her the principle that any good or evil deeds will be rewarded in the end. But because Ms. Gong refused to give up her belief in Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance, these criminals tortured her for three years. She protested this persecution through a hunger strike and clarified the truth. These were the circumstances she had to endure.

The persecution of practitioners in the eighth group

Around the clock, the eighth group of the Liaoning Province Women's Prison persecuted the newly-arrived practitioners who refused to be "transformed." The practitioners were forced to do manual labor, forced to stand all day long, and forced to sleep on ice-cold bed boards without any bedding at nighttime. Practitioner Ms. Liu Junlu, who was detained in the second subgroup, was handcuffed with one hand upward and the other downward behind her back all day so that her hands and arms could not move for several days. To force all the practitioners to "transform," the heads of the eighth group, Zuo Xiaoyan and Gu Yajie, demanded that the heads of their subgroups instigate criminal inmates to persecute the practitioners to varying degrees.

Practitioner Ms. Jin Shunnv, from the first subgroup, was stripped of her clothing and had cold water poured over her in winter. She was also brutally beaten and shocked with electric batons in her mouth, such that she could not shut her mouth for a few months, since it was full of big blisters. Practitioner Ms. Cheng Ling was bound and beaten. Her mouth was stuffed with underwear. Practitioner Ms. Wang Su'e in the third subgroup was stripped and had words slandering Dafa written all over her body. During the daytime, the practitioners labored extremely long hours in the workshop, like slaves, and were required to accomplish a huge work quota. Otherwise, the practitioners would be shocked with electric batons, slapped in their faces, and not allowed to have dinner or buy things. They spent almost every day like that.

The same was the case with criminal inmates. When some inmates were ill, the police simply thought that they were pretending because they were lazy. As a result, their medical treatments were postponed again and again. It was not until they were at the verge of death that they were sent to a hospital to be treated. In prison, some inmates died of complications caused by being overworked. To achieve the highest work quota in the whole prison, policewoman Zuo Xiaoyan forced inmates to labor without any concern for their lives.