(Clearwisdom.net) Clearwisdom has published more evidence by witnesses concerning organ harvesting from live Falun Gong practitioners in the secret Sujiatun Concentration Camp. The former husband of the witness was one of the surgeons harvesting organs in the concentration camp -- he primarily did cornea harvesting. The hospital harvested many kidneys, livers, and corneas from practitioners. Even worse, the practitioners were cremated in an incinerator that was converted from a boiler, after the organs were taken from their bodies - to destroy the evidence.

The organ harvesting began in 2001 and peaked in 2002. The concentration camp has secretly detained approximately 6,000 Falun Gong practitioners. To date, no practitioner has left the camp alive.

Participating in harvesting organs from the living and burning the bodies is tormenting this doctor greatly. Also, the witness divorced her husband because of this issue. When telling the story, the witness was highly disturbed and had difficulty controlling her emotions.

When practitioners are on the operating table, and the doctors harvest their organs, the practitioners cannot express the deep pain by crying out loud. Yet, the silent suffering of the practitioners is imprinted on the surgeons mind; it tortures their mind and questions the surgeons' conscience. This hideous crime began 5 years ago, yet the unspeakable suffering of the murdered practitioners has not been heard by the outside world until now. Their pain is now torturing the mind and questioning the conscience of all of us.

Those who are suspicious about the news should examine their conscience. Hasn't the world witnessed enough of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s crimes? The evil regime has taken the lives of at least 80 million Chinese people; in all political movements in its history, the CCP has killed people openly and daringly.

The CCP has stopped at no evil. The CCP is responsible for the torture and murder of Ms. Chen Zixiu and disfigurement of Ms. Gao Rongrong. Numerous cases like these have been reported on Clearwisdom and other websites. How many more crimes does the CCP have to commit before the world discards their illusions about the CCP?

When a witness risks his/her life in disclosing such news, the international community should immediately call for an investigation and intervene to stop the crimes and save the endangered, innocent people.

There is the issue of "Burden of Proof" in the Western world. -- that is, who is responsible for providing evidence and proof? Based on the CCP's numerous crimes and its extreme efforts to cover them up and block all information, no person or media should have to provide iron-clad proof when pressing charges against the CCP in matters pertaining to either morality or the laws. Forcing the "Burden of Proof" on the plaintiffs is a reflection of clouded morality and wisdom. In actuality, these people are absolving the CCP from its crimes and tyranny and helping it to cruelly harm the populace.

Those who remain numb concerning this issue should also examine their conscience. People have witnessed too much injustice and too many atrocities committed by the CCP. Many people feel helpless when confronted by the CCP's tyranny. They drift with the current, seeking victory or to minimize their losses.

In today's China, because people's hearts have been poisoned for many years by the CCP, brutal deeds no longer make people indignant. Tragic suffering does not bring out people's sympathy. Instead, these tragedies and brutalities make the dishonorable survivors rejoice in their temporary safety and comfort. But don't forget, an injustice toward one person is an injustice toward everyone. The atrocity falls on other people today, but tomorrow it might fall on you and your loved ones. Today, you hold a numb heart towards other people's sufferings; tomorrow your pain will also be ignored.

The witness said the corneas were harvested from mostly elderly people and children. Aren't these elderly people and children our parents and kids? When others drown, we also drown. When others suffer, we also suffer. Let all of us awaken our consciences and make our voices heard. Let us all join in this effort to stop this evil persecution -- not only for those who were murdered for their belief, but also for ourselves.