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Torture method 7: handcuffing

Form A: handcuffing the arms behind the back

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This is a torture where the Falun Gong practitioner is handcuffed with his arms behind his back while standing facing a wall. Sometimes the practitioner is forced to wear a helmet, and the guards additionally shock the practitioner's arms with electric baton(s). After several minutes, the practitioner cannot move his arms and he feels as if his arms are falling out of their sockets. The handcuffs cut into the flesh and his arms become severely swollen, and he loses feeling in his arms.

Form B: handcuffed to a radiator pipe, nicknamed "Su Qin carrying a sword"

Picture 26

The practitioner is hung up in handcuffs on a radiator pipe. There are two metal clips on the radiator pipe about 5.9 feet above the ground, and the practitioner is hung from them in mid-air. The handcuffs cut into the flesh and cause excruciating pain. Some practitioners' arms have become disabled from this torture. In December 2002, guards Wang Xiaofeng and Xue Fengdiao hung practitioner Ms. Wang Yulan (49 years old, from Chaoyang City) from the radiator pipe in the division head's office until her right hand was scalded and she sustained a deep flesh wound, exposing the bone. Her left arm was disabled. She has been unable to move her left arm ever since. She is unable to work. In March 2005, practitioner Sun Jiping was dragged into the office and handcuffed to the radiator pipe after resisting brutal force-feeding.

Form C: handcuffed in a spread-eagle position

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The practitioner's arms are stretched to the maximum and handcuffed to the railing of the upper bunk of two bunk beds. His feet barely touch the ground; he is in a spread-eagle position. While being handcuffed this way, the guards savagely beat him or shock him with electric batons. This torture usually lasts several days.

Form D: tie-up, handcuffing and hanging up

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The practitioner is handcuffed behind his back to the railing of the upper bunk; his feet are off the ground. This torture can result in permanent disability in the arms after a while. In December 2002, guard Dong Shuxia used this torture on 36-year-old practitioner Yang Yanting for 15 hours until both her arms were disabled (see the process shown in photos 30-33).

Form E: squatting and handcuffing

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The practitioner is handcuffed to the railing of the bottom bunk and his lower body is forced underneath the bed. This is a horrific torture. The victim sometimes suffers from severe lower back injury and cannot stand up. The practitioner is handcuffed this way for several hours, several days or more than ten days. The Masanjia Forced Labor Camp guards often use this torture to coerce practitioners to renounce Falun Dafa. In October 2002, practitioner Song Xiuting from Tieling City, Liaoning Province, around 30 years of age, was tortured this way by guard Dong Shuxia.

Torture method 8: sitting with arms raised

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The practitioner's legs are bound with rope or shackles and stretched forward. Two guards pull his arms up above him from side to back to the maximum while pressing down his head towards his knees until his chest touches the knees. One or more collaborators sit on the practitioner's back. The practitioner's head bends so it makes a U shape with the rest of the body and he almost suffocates. They torture the practitioner until he renounces Dafa.

Torture method 9: split legs and head against the floor

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The practitioner's legs are split open to the maximum while he is handcuffed with his arms behind his back. The guards press his head downward until his face touches the floor. The practitioner's tendons are torn; it is excruciatingly painful. In mid-October 2000, practitioner Zou Guirong, who was later tortured to death, was tortured this way. She wrote, "Qiu Ping and Huang Haiyan (both are guards), and collaborators Wang Chunying, Chen Xiaoyu, Wang Yujie, Yang Lin and Qin Zhiqing pushed me down, tied my hands behind my back and pressed my head toward my thighs. My body bent like a compressed spring. I could hardly breathe and I screamed. They gagged me with a dirty rag. I struggled, crawled toward the restroom and was pulled back. My whole body and the floor underneath me were wet with sweat; my shoes were kicked away. I struggled several times and was held down several times..."

Torture method 10: sitting on a small stool

Picture 41

The practitioner is forced to sit on a small stool and is forbidden to sleep. The guards stand next to the practitioner and watch him while reading in a loud voice books that slander and attack Dafa. This long-term torture results in tissue necrosis of the buttocks as they turn black and blue.

Torture method 11: sitting in a basin of cold water

Picture 42

This torture is administered even in the coldest time of winter. The practitioner's buttocks are pushed into a basin containing cold water while the collaborators pull the practitioner's hands up from behind him. One collaborator vehemently pushes the practitioner's head down while another collaborator sits on his legs and pushes downward.

Torture method 12: savage beating

This is the most violent form of torture used against women Falun Gong practitioners at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. The guards physically and verbally assault the practitioners at any time without restraint. Violence and terror fills this wicked place. Four reenactment scenes below illustrate four actual beating incidents.

Scene 1:

On April 17, 2004, the guards dragged practitioners to the division head's office, slapped their faces repeatedly with shoes, kicked their chests and punched their faces. Some practitioners had sustained ruptured eardrums in both ears, their faces became deformed and their teeth became loose.

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Scene 2:

During the "Battle to take the Fort," which was forced "reform" in December 2003, practitioner Cui Guohua (59 years old, from Yi County) was savagely beaten by about eight people, headed by collaborators Li Junying and Zhao Xiuli from Jinzhou City. They concentrated their punches on Cui Guohua's head and face. Li Junying said, "Beat her hard!" Cui Guohua sustained a concussion and vomited whatever she ate after the beating. She felt her head was swinging when she walked. See photos 47-49.

Picture 47

Picture 48

Picture 49

Scene 3:

The guards ordered inmates to savagely beat practitioner Zhen Xiuxiang. They banged her head against a wall, forced her to double-cross her legs, yanked her hair and tore her clothes. She suffered a mental collapse afterwards. See photos 50-52.

Picture 50

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Picture 52

Scene 4:

The guards brutally beat one practitioner until her face turned black and blue and she lost consciousness. The guards put a soiled sanitary napkin under the practitioner's nose to see if she really had lost consciousness. See photos 53-55.

Picture 53

Picture 54

Picture 55 Disfigured face after being beaten

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