(Clearwisdom.net) How do we have enough money to make truth-clarification materials? The following examples show how this is possible.

Fellow practitioner A donated 1,000 yuan for making the truth-clarification materials. All of us were very surprised because practitioner A's family was short of money. Her retirement pension was 470 yuan. In addition she earned another 300 yuan each month for doing maid services. Her husband had very little health insurance and suffered from diabetes. Her son was studying to be a hairdresser. How did she accumulate the 1,000 yuan?

Practitioner A was moved by a Dafa practitioner who managed to save every penny she could in order to run a home-based materials production site. On the first day of Chinese New Year, what this practitioner and her family ate was cornmeal and pancakes, no meat or delicious dishes. Inspired by this practitioner, Practitioner A therefore made a wish to save money for making truth-clarification materials. The water used for washing rice was re-used to wash vegetables, to wash the bowls, and to flush the toilet. She tried not to turn on the lights whenever possible. She managed to save gas whenever possible. Thus, she managed to save every penny and every yuan possible. During the process, there were tests too. Sometimes she felt she must use the money she saved for household purposes. She said she had to let go of her attachments during the time she was saving the money. She felt this test was very difficult to pass. It took her a whole year to save up 1,000 yuan, and it really was not easy. However, once she gave up her attachments, she felt at peace.

Both practitioner B and her husband lost their jobs so they made a living by selling vegetables. When she was going to pay the bill for central heating in the fall, she decided to cancel the central heating service in order to save money for making truth-clarification materials. However, for the whole winter, she did not feel cold and always felt warm.

Practitioner C worked for one year and made 8,000 yuan, all of which was used to make the truth-clarification materials. Practitioner D did not have a regular job. She worked half a year and made 3,000 yuan, all of which was also used to make truth-clarification materials. With her husband's consent, she also withdrew 4,000 yuan from the family's savings for making truth-clarification materials.

The condition of practitioner E's family was good, but they lived sparingly. Every month she gave 1,000 yuan for making the truth-clarification materials. No matter whether it was 5,000 yuan or 6,000 yuan that others owed her, she used it all for making truth-clarification materials when they paid her back. Practitioner F sold off her real estate and used the money for making truth-clarification materials.

I really respect and admire my fellow practitioners. On the path of Fa-rectification cultivation, they are very righteous. Although they have some shortcomings, the root is very righteous. They are walking very steadily.

Editor's comments: At the same time, while following our paths righteously, we should not forget that we are Fa-rectification Dafa practitioners. We should also send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil forces' economic blockade. Let the big companies with the economic potential and people with a sense of justice be able to reach their correct positions and fulfill their bright futures.

February 11, 2006