(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner Ms. Liu Ying lived in the Qinglong neighborhood in the Chenghua District of Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. The 610 Office personnel have illegally arrested her many times.

They injected her with drugs causing her to become mentally disordered and unable to take care of herself. On February 20, 2006, personnel from the district 610 Office and the local self-governing authority got together in a meeting. The next day, they went with the police from the Qinglong 610 Office and the local police department to Ms. Liu's home and arrested her, together with the two practitioners who were taking care of her at her home.

Witnesses say a dozen or so policemen came in police cars asking where Ms. Liu was. Because she could not take care of herself and her parents had to care for her baby, two fellow practitioners were there to help take care of her. All three were arrested at the same time and no one currently knows their whereabouts.

On June 28, 2005, police from the Qinglong Police Department ransacked Ms. Liu's home and arrested her. They took her to a farmhouse that had a sign saying, "Chenghua District Law and Order Center" (official term for a brainwashing center) on the door. Ms. Liu went on a hunger strike in protest and was taken to Qingyang District Court. She was injected with an unknown substance and was in critical condition, forcing them to let her go on July 19. At the time of her release, Ms. Liu was having auditory hallucinations and was in unstable condition.

Ms. Liu went missing in September 2005 for a second time. In January 2006, her father went to Qinglong Police Department and asked policeman Weng Kai for information about his daughter. Weng told him, "I don't know. She is not a criminal offender and it should not be the business of the police department. But I heard that she might be kept on Panda Boulevard." Her father was unable to do anything. He finally found Zhang Fumin, the head of the 610 Office in Qinglong Town. Zhang would not give him a straight answer either and said that he needed to ask higher authorities for permission to say anything.

Under constant pressure from Ms. Liu's father, the 610 Office finally agreed to release her. By the time of her release, seven or eight people from the 610 Office, the local self-governing authority, and the police department had been involved in her case. Weng Kai had arrested Ms. Liu in September 2005 and had kept her on a floor by herself at the Chenghua District brainwashing center on Panda Boulevard. She was dragged on the floor and beaten. When she went on a hunger strike and passed out, the guards sent her to the emergency room. As soon as she stabilized, personnel in the so-called "Law and Order Study Center" began to torture her. They fed her with a substance that greatly increased her appetite but then only allowed her a small amount of food, barely enough to sustain her.

After Liu Ying got home, her appearance had changed. She spoke nonsense. A couple of days later she became mentally disordered and could not fall asleep. She would yell loudly at night and had hallucinations and heard sounds. She talked nonsense and could not take care of herself. At times she was unable to control her bodily functions and often vomited. The situation was very similar to that of another practitioner, Zhu Xia, who also became mentally disordered from persecution. Ms. Liu sometimes was extremely frightened. A loud voice would cause her to tremble. It was believed that she was tortured in the brainwashing center and was injected with unknown drugs. Before her release, the perpetrators injected her with tranquilizer to keep her calm for the first couple days after her release.

On February 21, 2006, the police from the Qinglong Police Department arrested Ms. Liu and two other practitioners helping to take care of her. Currently, no one knows where they are detained.

Since July 20, 1999, when the Chinese government began persecuting Falun Gong, Ms. Liu has been continuously harassed and her home has been ransacked. She was often followed. The authorities would come at midnight, knock on the doors, and arrest people and put them in jail, a psychiatric hospital, or forced labor camps. Liu Ying was forced to stay away from home in 2001 in order to avoid further harassment and arrest. Once, the police from Fuqin Police Station in the town where she lived arrested her. They tortured Ms. Liu until she went into a coma and then threw her in a field in the countryside in the middle of the night. On September 19, 2003, her home in the Qinglong Area of the Chenghua District in Chengdu City was ransacked by personnel from the 610 Office and the police department while a few hundred people watched..

We urgently appeal to all good people to pay attention to this case and extend help by any means they possibly can to rescue Ms. Liu Ying.

People and departments responsible for the persecution of Ms. Liu:

Qinglong Police Department
Weng Kai: 86-28-80822916
Yuan Lin: 86-28-88158827
Address: Qinglong Chang, Zhaojuesi Road, Chengdu City, 610081
Chengdu City Police Department hotline number: 86-29-86407203; switchboard: 86-28-8647114
Chenghua Branch Police Department: 86-28-83261024