(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, while sharing experiences with fellow practitioners, I noticed that some practitioners in our area had not destroyed the records of Master's lectures outside China from which the relevant books are published. This phenomenon is common, especially among veteran practitioners who obtained the Fa before July 20, 1999. Some of them do not know how to properly destroy these materials, some haven't realized the importance of destroying them, and others even think that it is fine as long as they do not further distribute the records. I think that these practitioners have not yet arrived at a righteous understanding from the perspective of the Fa.

Master has made this point very clearly in his article "Bear in Mind Forever" when He says:

"What is "safeguarding Dafa"? This is most thoroughly a safeguarding of Dafa, and a test of whether you can follow what I tell you and whether you are truly my disciples!"

This is a serious issue, and it measures whether or not we are Master's genuine disciples.

Master also addressed the same issue in "Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005 (Q&A)":

"And those who undermine the Fa: Gods are watching your every action. In a little bit, you must turn all of those things in to the conference staff, videotapes included. You shouldn't do such things, and should pay attention to it! Ordinary people can't undermine the Fa. I've said that only when Dafa disciples themselves don't do well can damage occur. Some people say, "I have the audio of Master's Fa lecture at a certain place that nobody else has--I alone have a copy." He is quite pleased with himself, and it's a very bad state of mind. It is using solely human thinking to look at matters of cultivation, and in reality it undermines the Fa. It is an early indicator that a person is about to undermine the Fa. Once that thing is brought out, it will undermine the Fa, even though it is a speech given by Master."

Therefore, I would like to remind fellow practitioners to treat cultivation in Dafa seriously and I suggest that everyone get rid of these materials completely and eliminate all audio and videos immediately. Let go the attachments to human sentimentality and walk correctly on the path of cultivation in order not to leave any excuse to the old forces to persecute you. Otherwise, you may encounter the situation in which,

"The old forces haven't gone after you yet, but when you approach Consummation and reach the final stage, they will definitely stop you on account of this. At that time it will be too late for regrets." ("Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005 (Q&A)")

January 12, 2006