(Clearwisdom.net) 70-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Hao Fukui was arrested by about 20 to 30 officers from the Public Security Department and the 610 Office in the Dalian Development Zone. He has been detained in a local detention center, in violation of the Chinese constitution. He has suffered persecution for nine months and his life is now in danger, with a blood pressure reading of 240/110. He was taken to ward 407 at the No.3 Hospital in the Dalian Development Zone on February 27, 2006 for emergency treatment. Even under such circumstances, the detention center still refuses to release him. Following are details.

Hao Fukui, 70 years old, was living temporarily in his daughter's place in the Cuizhu residential district in the Dalian Development Zone before his arrest. He practices Falun Gong and conducts himself according to the principles of Truthfulness -Compassion-Forbearance. His is a very good man and his earlier illnesses such as heart disease, hypertension, liver cyst and other ailments all disappeared after he took up the practice of Falun Gong. He has not needed any medication for over ten years. On May 20, 2005, a group of more than 20 people from the local police department, from the Huanghailu police station and the "610 Office" came to his house with video cameras, guns and electric batons. They pried the door open and broke into the house, ransacking the place and taking away a laptop computer and six cassette players (including those of his grandchildren).

Hao Fukui was taken away by force and put into a detention center. For nine months now he has not been allowed any family visits, and the evildoers refuse to release him. On September 10, 2005 the local court subjected him to an illegal trial. The case was then passed to the Dalian City Court where it dragged on for over two months, with various excuses. The matter was later referred to the local court.

The lawless personnel in the detention center still refused him his right to family visits. Due to strong demand from this family, he was finally permitted to see his family members on February 21, 2006.

He suffered a relapse of his old illnesses from mental trauma and physical abuse and was hospitalized in ward 407 at the No. 3 Hospital in the development zone. He has become unconscious. A previously healthy 70-year-old man has been detained and abused under the persecution for nine months, until his life is in danger, simply because he practices Falun Gong and believes in the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. This is intolerable injustice.

We sternly warn those lawless police and judges who completely ignore the Chinese constitution as well as their conscience that they must immediately release Mr. Hao Fukui and stop doing evil. We hope that practitioners who see this information will strengthen their righteous thoughts and disintegrate all the evil that is behind this latest outrage. We also hope that more local practitioners will cooperate as one body, clarify the truth, expose the evil and rescue Dafa practitioner Hao Fukui so that he can go home.

Ward 407, No. 3 Hospital in the Dalian Development Zone
Full name: The No. 3 Affiliate Hospital to Dalian Medical University, located in Wucai City, the Dalian Development Zone
Reporting hotline: 86-411-87616017, 87610159, 87633740

Police Department in the Dalian Development Zone
Office: 86-411-87319999
Command Center: 86-411-87611026
Those personally involved from the "610 Office" and from the National Security Team: Liu Wei, 86-411-88969078; Xu Yungang, 86-411-88969072

Mu Aimin is a deputy head of the police department in charge of detention centers; the head of the police department is surnamed Fan.

Detention Center in the development zone: 86-411-87655257, 87635288 Ext. 619
Political Commissar, Fu Wenqing (chief): 86-411-87635288

Criminal Squad leader, Qiu Bo, 86-411-88969576
Division head, Xing Rujia, deputy division head, Sun Zhonghai (mainly responsible for sending people to prison): 86-411-87635074
No. 1 Team leader, Yu Wen, policeman Zou Xifeng (very vicious): 86-411-87635288 Ext.619, Liu Hongquan: 86-411-87635288 Ext. 612, Nan Chaojia
No. 2 Team leader, Jiang Lingyun: 86-411-87635288 Ext. 609, policemen: Wang Zhengang, Xu Jilie
No. 3 Team leader, Song Qingbo, policeman: Hou Zhongjun
No. 4 Team leader, Wen Wei, policemen: Ding Jiayuan, Ding Haicheng, Shao Dechen

Huanghailu Police Station: 86-411-88969553; those personally involved: Qiu Bo, 86-411-88969576;
Agents from the Huanghailu Police Station: Zhao Xijun, Shao Zhengwei, Liu Hui, Xu Baoxing, Wang Sai, Sun Fanhua

Criminal Section, Dalian City People's Court
Judge of Criminal Department 1, Wang Guoliang (he handles all Falun Gong practitioners' cases): 86-411-83775035
Clerk, Zhou Wei: 86-411-83775035
Execution Department, Xu Chengzhi
Head of Criminal Department, Xu Handong
Bi Yeyou: 86-411-83795391, 86-411-83795333

People's Court of Dalian Development Zone, Chief Zhao, Judge Wang: 86-411-87644721, 87644720
Criminal Court: 86-411-87644721
Case Court: 86-411-87644725
Trial Inspection Court: 86-411-87644702
Political Section: 86-411-87644705
Office: 86-411-87644817
Comprehensive Team of the Execution Bureau: 86-411-87644852