(Clearwisdom.net) For every practitioner, the time before the Fa-rectification comes is very precious. Dafa practitioners need to study the Fa well, keep up with the Teacher's Fa-rectification process, eliminate our human attachments, step forward to save sentient beings, and cherish the vows we made in pre-history. Below are a few of my experiences and understandings in the Fa-rectification cultivation process.

1. Reaching Out to People with Predestined Relationships

When the persecution first started and was very severe, I was fortunate to obtain a photo of Teacher taken during a lecture series in Guangzhou from a fellow practitioner. I kept the photo in a cabinet. It was getting close to Teacher's birthday, and I wanted to make more truth-clarification materials, offer fruits, and burn incense to show my respect, as I had done in previous years.

As I looked at Teacher's photo, I felt sad. Why couldn't I openly hang Teacher's photo with dignity? Many human notions popped into my mind. I was afraid that the photography studios would not frame Teacher's photo. I was afraid that bad people might see it. I thought I might feel guilty when I looked at Teacher's photo. I was afraid of many things, and they were all human notions. If my mind was righteous, how dare the bad people persecute me for something so sacred?

The next day, I took Teacher's photo to a photography studio. A man in his 40s greeted me. I asked him to find the best frame he had. He looked at Teacher's photo, then looked at me, asking whose photo this was. I told him with sincerity that this was my Teacher. He said crystal frames were the best kind, and I agreed. Three days later, I returned with two truth-clarification CDs. He handed me the framed photo, which was carefully wrapped. His apprentice was also there. I examined the photo thoroughly and said, "You're really fortunate and have gained a lot of merit! My Teacher is the founder of Falun Gong!" They looked at each other and seemed excited. His apprentice pulled up a chair for me.

I began explaining the situation, from the wide spread of Dafa, to my personal experience, the local practitioners, the incident on April 25, 1999, and the persecution. They listened closely and said, "We knew there must be a reason for so many people to practice Falun Gong. If the practice were really like what was described on TV, nobody would be practicing it. Who is that stupid to believe their lies?"

I told them that now people in over 70 countries and regions practice Falun Gong, and Teacher has received over 1,000 recognitions throughout the world. I also talked about the miracles in Dafa and certain prophecies. I told them to remember, "Falun Dafa is great," and gave them the two CDs. They were very touched, and wrapped Teacher's photo in a pink ribbon. They walked me all the way out to my car.

2. Teacher Protects Us when Our Xinxing Meets the Standard

The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party has gained a lot of interest among ordinary people since its publication. In the beginning when I was distributing the Nine Commentaries, I felt nervous and thought it was different from distributing truth-clarification materials. One day after dinner, I first sent forth righteous thoughts, then took a bag full of Nine Commentaries materials to a residential complex. The light in front of the building was very bright. I slowed down my steps and hesitated. At that moment, the light went out. I realized that Teacher was protecting me, so I quickly climbed to the top floor and distributed materials to every floor. The hallway lights were supposed to be motion-sensitive, but in this case, whenever I came down to a floor, the light would go out. When I was done and left, the light would turn on again. It gave me enough light to distribute the materials but wasn't too bright, either. I became very calm and finished all the floors as I planned.

Another time, I was clarifying the truth to the daughter-in-law of a coworker. She believed in gods, so I emphasized the miracles of Dafa. I told her that Falun Gong was a cultivation way of the Buddha School. I also said that even scientists such as Newton were religious. When I gave her two booklets, "Today in Prophecies," and "Choose the Future," she said that they had never received any truth-clarification materials at home, because there was a guard at the gate of their residential complex. I realized that sentient beings in her area were telling me through her mouth that they needed more materials in their area. So I went home and made more materials. I returned to her area a few times, and each time was able to accomplish my goals.

One Saturday, I went there again to distribute the CDs of the Nine Commentaries. When I was finished with a building, I walked out of the hallway and felt something was wrong. I saw a few people whispering to one another and realized that they had found the CD. When I was pondering what to do, a stout woman yelled out, "Catch her!" Because I still had a lot of materials in my bag, I was a little nervous. Just when I didn't know what to do, an elderly woman walked towards me in the opposite direction. I waved to say hi to her, and she started chatting with me like an old friend. The stout woman thought I was her friend and became quiet. I was able to leave the area safely.

3. Using Seven Days off to Encourage People to Quit the CCP

When I first tried to persuade people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), I was caught up in the thought of who I should start with. I thought about all my friends and relatives, and could not even calm down when I was doing the exercises or studying the Fa. All I could think about was what to say when I saw them. However, the result was not very good.

Once I went to a friend's home, and I first chatted with him about ordinary people's things, and then tried to slowly shift our conversation to the topic of quitting the CCP. However, we were frequently interrupted by phone calls and visitors. More than one hour later, when I left his home, I still had not achieved my goal. I was very frustrated. After studying the Fa with a calm heart for a while, I realized that my perspective was wrong. We are actually saving people.

For the seven-day break during the Chinese New Year, I did something different that I would like to share with everyone.

I decided to be very straightforward. When I came to a friend's house, I first told them that I had something very important to say. Because we had been friends for so many years, I would feel guilty if I didn't tell them. Then I started with the Nine Commentaries and gave them the book and CD that I had prepared. Before I left, I told them that this was not something I could force on them. They needed to think about it carefully. The result was pretty good. Some people said right there that they wanted me to make up an alias for them to quit the CCP. I told them that they must also tell their family members and children. It was my wish that their entire family was safe. That would be my biggest wish.

March 2, 2006