(Clearwisdom.net) Workers in the Fuxin Power Plant are experiencing the corruption of senior level management in their work unit firsthand. They are aware that the directors of the plant embezzled 6 million yuan of their own money for the purpose of investing in their personal businesses. When the workers demanded justice from the directors, they were beaten up and their homes were ransacked. The local authorities of the Chinese Communist Party suppressed and blocked the workers when they went to appeal. The pretext the authorities used to do so was: "Falun Gong making trouble."

The workers knew that Fuxin Power Plant was compensated with 6 million yuan when Dongdian Power dissolved. This amount of money should have been allocated to the workers. However, Jin Yujun and Fu Chunsheng, the directors of the plant, used it to invest in their personal real estate businesses. The workers authorized representatives to talk to the directors. When they got no response from the directors, they used their legal rights to appeal in hopes of solving the problem. On December 12, 575 workers headed off to Beijing to appeal. However, the police department abducted them before they got on the train. It was said that Jin Yujun called the police department. The authorities called for numerous police vehicles and police officers to suppress them and prevent the workers from going to Beijing. All the while they used the excuse of "Falun Gong making trouble." They accused the workers of going to Beijing to disturb social stability. A worker surname Gao was beaten, and the home of another worker, surname Hou, was ransacked.

After the mass arrest, the workers decided to set the matter aside so that they could live in peace. Still, they must endure the disgraces of the suppression and violence wrought on them by the Chinese Communist Party. The plant directors colluded with the police department to punish the unarmed workers who sought justice. As they are extremely angry, they questioned, "Where are the citizens' legal rights?" The workers posted a statement in a public area saying, "The plant leaders and the police department colluded to suppress the people and persecute Falun Gong."

February 10, 2006