(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of November 22, 2005, Mr. Chen Guihua, a teacher at Xiaoxiling Elementary School in Datong Town, Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, was teaching class when policemen from the Qingbaijiang District Police Department and the Datong Police Station suddenly drove onto the campus and illegally arrested him. Mr. Chen asked the police why they would arrest a good person. The officers said, "The students' parents reported that you promoted Falun Gong and the truth of the self- immolation incident in Tiananmen Square to the students."

Chen Guihua did not cooperate with the authorities. He refused to let the officers arrest him and shouted loudly, "You will receive retribution if you do anything you want without caring if it is good or bad." He firmly held onto the door of the police vehicle and refused to get in. A policeman said, "I can break your arm if you don't release the door. I'm not afraid of receiving retribution." Then he rammed his fist into Mr. Chen's arm. Mr. Chen screamed to the policemen, "My arm is broken. You will receive retribution." Another policeman said, "We don't care about this. Let me see if it is broken." He shook Chen Guihua's broken arm, causing Mr. Chen to scream in pain. Later, Mr. Chen went to the hospital where an examination showed that his arm had indeed been fractured by the policeman's blow.

Qingbaijiang District Zip code: 610300
The Qingbaijiang District Communist Party Committee: 86-28-83304336, 86-28-83301451, 86-28-83302144
Datong Town Government: 86-28-83625748|
Directing Center of the Qingbaijiang
District Police Department: 86-28-83665000
Office: 86-28-83665010
Police Section: 86-28-83665018
Administration Section: 86-28-83665026
Economic Detecting Team: 86-28-83665049
Security Section: 86-28-83665079
Qiangbaijiang District People Court: 86-28-83692666
Inspection Department: 86-28-83661259
Datong Center School: 86-28-83626455
Chengxiang Police Station: 86-28-83626336
Qingbaijiang Huayan Elementary School: 86-28-83304155
Qingbaijiang Datong Elementary School: 86-28-83625521