(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Tang Guoping from Huaying City, Sichuan Province almost became blind at Xinhua Labor Camp. We call on Dafa practitioners to help rescue him.

On December 15, 2005, officials at the Xinhua Labor Camp in Mianyang wrote to the 610 Office in Guangan, informing them that Tang Guoping from Yanghe Town, Huaying City had developed a strange eye disease, and he was almost blind. They asked the local "610 Office" to send an official letter and after approval, they would release Tang Guoping. However, the evildoers in the "610 Office" in Guangan ignored the letter and withheld the information from the "610 Office" in Huaying City in an attempt to prevent the release of Tang Guoping. Later, Tang Guoping's life was in great danger and the condition of his eyes continued to deteriorate.

Team leader He at the Xinhua Labor Camp, who was responsible for Tang Guoping, wrote again to urge the "610 Office" and the local police in Huaying City to come and pick up Tang Guoping from the labor camp. The local police then informed Tang's family to write an application for his release and to visit Tang Guoping. When Tang's family members got to the labor camp, they found that his life was in great danger. He was almost blind and he had become skeleton-like. They asked for his immediate release, but the labor camp said that they had to have an official letter from the local "610 Office" and needed approval. Then the local police could pick him up.

Tang's family members did not have much money with them and could not live there for long, so they returned home. Before they left, they gave their application letter for Tang's release to team leader He.

Three weeks after they got back home, they still had not heard anything. When it was close to the Chinese New Year, Tang's father called Xinhua Labor Camp and asked He about Tang's release. He said, "The '610 Office' in your local area did not send us an official letter, so we cannot release him." Tang's father then called Lai Yupu, the director of the "610 Office" in Huaying City, but Lai said they had sent the letter. So Tang's father again called team leader He, but he still said that they had not received any letter. Tang's father had nowhere to turn to, so he called "610 Office" Director Lai Yupu again. After repeated inquiries, Lai Yupu finally admitted that they had not sent any letter. When asked when he would send the letter, Lai said after January 15th. But now two months have passed, and they still had not sent the letter.

We call on Dafa practitioners in Huaying City to send righteous thoughts regarding Tang Guoping's situation, eliminating all the evil beings and evil factors that persecute Tang Guoping, and at the same time expose the evil persecution of Dafa practitioners to the local people, further clarify the truth and save sentient beings.

Contact details of those involved:

Team leader He at the Xinhua Labor Camp: 816-2830769
Head of the Xinhua Labor Camp: Deng Gang, post code: 621000
Head of the "610 Office" in Huaying City: Lai Yupu, 826-4830570
Head of the Yanghe Town Police Station, Huaying City: Yuan Jianmin, station number: 826-4572178; post code: 638606
Huaying City Police Department chief: Kuang Guoqing, 826-4809529
Leader of the National Security Brigade of the Police Department in Huaying City: Hu Anquan, 826-4808681