(Clearwisdom.net) In the beginning of March 2006, a 21-year-old female Falun Dafa practitioner suffered a mental breakdown due to the intense pressure she received in less than a month of detention in the Second Ward of the Shaanxi Province Women's Forced Labor Camp. She had just graduated from the university, and was very innocent and full of life.

Many evil methods are being used in the Shaanxi Province Women's Labor Camp to torture Falun Dafa practitioners. All firmly cultivating practitioners are locked separately in 2-3 offices or on the second floor of the South Building for long term mental and physical torture. Some practitioners' spines were beaten to the point of being fractured; some practitioners had their hair pulled by guards and then slammed against the wall, resulting in a concussion and hair being uprooted by the handful; some practitioners were pressed down by several guards, and then their pubic hair would be pulled out one by one; some practitioners' front teeth were knocked out by guards.

At the beginning of March 2006, a 21-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner suffered a mental breakdown due to the extreme pressure she received in less than a month's time. In order to cover up their crimes, the guards said that it was because her mother (also a detained practitioner) had refused to pay attention to her. Her mother was locked on the third floor of the Third Ward, and the young woman was locked on the second floor of the Second Ward. The camp had never let them get close to each other. Their family members have requested them to release this young lady for medical treatment many times, but the camp administration refuses, in fear that their crimes will be exposed. This poor girl is still locked in the camp without any treatment.

When practitioners first enter the camp, they are forced to watch videos and read books that slander Falun Dafa and Master Li. They are put through brainwashing in order to make them give up the practice. For those very solid and righteous practitioners, they use many means to torture them, such as depriving them of sleep, not allowing them to use the toilet, and forcing them to stand facing the wall for a long time. One cruel method is cuffing both hands onto the stair railing, putting the practitioners in a position so that they cannot sit or stand. Some practitioners have been tortured by being cuffed onto the door frames or heating pipes for 2-4 weeks at a time. Guards are using 3-4 prisoners as their designated monitors. They rush to each practitioner when the guards shout, stuff a towel in the practitioner's mouth, and then punch and kick her. When practitioners were being force-fed, the guards would hit their heads with a bowl, cutting their faces. Some guards said openly, "The higher-ups told us when they came to inspect that we should not beat you with our bare hands, but we can beat you with batons, or shock you with electric batons."

Practitioners locked up here have to do heavy labor for 17-19 hours per day until 2-3 a.m., and they can only sleep for 3 hours. Steadfast practitioners are absolutely not allowed family visits, even if their families came from far away. They said these practitioners "did not behave well." In fact, they are very afraid that their torture crimes will be exposed to the outside world, especially through the Minghui/Clearwisdom website. Therefore, they strictly block the news from coming out.

Steadfast Falun Dafa practitioners such as Ms. Lan Cuilian, Ms. Li Suping, Ms. Ma Jie, Ms. Luo Changyun, and Ms. Wang Xinlian have been tortured for long periods of time, and their terms were extended from one to seven months. One female guard, Zhang Xiaoqin in the Third Ward, has locked Ms. Wang Xinlian and Ms. Luo Changyun in solitary confinement since 2005 and used all sorts of torture methods on them.

The CCP claims that they are running the country with a legal system and that this is the best human rights period in history. On the surface the camp propaganda clamors, "Follow the Law in a Civilized Manner, Manage the Camp with a Conscience," but they are doing evil things that cannot bear the light of day.