(Clearwisdom.net) Qianjin Prison in Beijing is a huge prison administered by the Qinghe Branch of Beijing's Prison Management Bureau. Any male practitioner who is a permanent resident of Beijing, when sentenced to imprisonment, is to be detained there.

Currently, 150 to 160 practitioners are being detained in this prison. Among them are Qinghua University lecturers and students, workers, farmers, policemen, and soldiers. After arriving, they are locked in small cells (three meters long and one and a half meters wide, about 10 by 5 feet) and monitored 24 hours a day by criminal inmates in rotating shifts. The police also come to question them and try to "reform" the practitioners and ask if they admit to their "crimes."

The police pressure the practitioners and put them under constant duress. For example, the police give them two options: One, to admit to their "crimes" and their circumstances will be "relaxed" (that is, after going through their "procedures" the practitioner can return to the cell) or Two, not to admit to their "crimes" and their circumstances will become more severe. In this case they first lengthen the interrogation time and deprive the practitioners of sleep or only let them sleep for an hour or two. Beatings and verbal abuse follow. They compel practitioners to sit on a small stool that is only 12 centimeters (about five inches) high and prohibit them from moving, except when eating or going to the washroom.

Since the year 2000, dozens of practitioners have been cruelly abused and mistreated. Between 2000 and 2001 the evildoers used more than one electric baton at the same time to shock practitioners who refused to be "reformed." Many also beat practitioners at the same time. The electric shocks made some practitioners lose consciousness or they became physically handicapped from the beatings. Prison Chief Zhang Fu personally led police to use electric batons to shock practitioners and also beat those who refused "reformation." Later he was fired from his post for gambling. Some practitioners were made to wear strait jackets for going on a protest hunger strike.

As the evil in other dimensions became largely eliminated, the environment did gradually improve. But the captors did not let up for a single day in persecuting practitioners. Since 2003, the police have not beaten practitioners publicly. They have incited criminal inmates to beat the practitioners. From purely physical punishments, the persecution has escalated to include both mental and physical torture. They use both coercion and enticement to make the criminal inmates carry out corporal punishment and insult and maltreat practitioners. Essentially, the criminals benefit if they cooperate. They don't have to go out for forced labor, yet they can earn more points and reduce their prison terms. As a result, many criminal inmates fight to get the "lucrative" task of persecuting practitioners. The more cruel and debased the methods the criminal use, the more the prison police reward him.

The police also get credits, rewards and a chance of promotion for active persecution. Thus they cruelly abuse, mistreat, and torture practitioners.

Some practitioners continue to stand firm and protest the persecution. They publicly declare that their previous agreements to be "reformed" were against their conscience and should not have been issued. These practitioners are persecuted again. No prison information is permitted to reach the outside. None of the practitioners are able to study the Fa except for the Fa that they have previously memorized.

This place is a very terrible environment. The deceit, shamelessness and cruelty of the Chinese Communist Party are blatantly obvious on a daily basis. The atmosphere of fear and hate continually proliferates and infects every one.

Cao Lihua, political head of the Ninth Team, and middle team leader Chen Jun were given merits for successfully "reforming" some Falun Gong practitioners. Many practitioners had to suffer from abuse and mistreatment because of these two individuals. Currently practitioners in the prison are detained in teams one, nine and twelve.

Team one political head: Liu Chenshan;
Team nine political head: Cao Lihua;
Team twelve political head: Chen Jun;
Deputy Prison Chief in charge of persecuting Falun Gong: Cheng Huijian.
Address: Chadian station mail stops 106-1, 106-9, 106-12 of Jingshan line in the Hangu District of Tianjin, Zip 300481