A witness's testimony that the "Self-Immolation" at Tiananmen Square was a hoax

On the afternoon of January 23, 2001, the Chinese Communist Party staged a self-immolation at Tiananmen Square to instigate people's hatred against Falun Gong and to sustain and justify its persecution of Falun Gong. At the time of the staged incident, a female schoolteacher in her 30's from an elementary school in Ezhou, Hubei Province, happened to be at the scene. (Because of the CCP's reign of terror in China, we cannot disclose the witness's name.) She said that the TV cameras were set up in advance, before the orchestrated "self-immolation" act. After she returned from Beijing, she told many of her colleagues about what she had witnessed.

With that in mind, it is not difficult to imagine how CCTV obtained the close-up shots of the incident. In fact, any audience with common sense would be curious to know how on earth CCTV cameramen would be able to respond so quickly to capture this "unexpected" incident "as it occurred." Even if a murder or arson takes place, it takes the police at least three to five minutes to arrive at the scene after receiving the report. How could TV reporters possibly arrive at the scene with such lightening speed? The TV reporters couldn't have possibly come to the scene three to five minutes after the self-immolators set themselves on fire. If they did, the victims would have appeared charred on camera. This alone is ironclad proof that the self-immolation incident at Tiananmen Square on January 23, 2001, was nothing but a hoax that the evil CCP plotted and orchestrated to vilify Falun Gong.

A senior armed policeman's comment on the "Self-Immolation"

How could it possibly take over an hour to drive from Tiananmen Square to Jishuitan Hospital in Beijing?

In 2004, the assistant attorney general at a procuratorate in an undisclosed city in Hubei Province watched New Tang Dynasty Television's (NTDTV) film titled False Fire: China's Tragic New Standard in State Deception and commented, "I worked for over a decade as an armed policeman at Tiananmen Square. I am so familiar with the area that I can tell you how many steps it takes to walk from Tiananmen Square to Jishuitan Hospital. How could it possibly take over an hour for the ambulance to drive the alleged burned victims from Tiananmen Square to Jishuitan Hospital? The CCP has no common sense at all. It has no regard for the consequences of its lies. This is the way of the CCP. It is doomed."

At present, the assistant attorney general's daughter and son-in-law are both practicing Falun Gong. His daughter started practicing Falun Gong just a year ago.