(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Chinese veteran who became severely handicapped in the Sino-Vietnamese War (a.k.a. the Third Indochina War, a war fought in 1979 between the People's Republic of China (PRC) and Vietnam. After a brief incursion into northern Vietnam, PRC troops withdrew less than a month later, and both sides claimed victory.)

The dramatic improvements in my physical health and morality over the past few years have caused quite a sensation in my area. "Wasn't he a blind man?" "Why is he now even healthier than a person without any handicap?" Now I would like to share with everyone how I overcame the tribulations, awakened from the nightmare of being handicapped, and got a new lease on life.

1. I "Died" Once at War

In 1976, I was drafted into the army. In 1979, the Sino-Vietnamese War broke out and PRC troops were sent to the battlefield. During this war, I was wounded three times and received a third-level medal and eight proclamations. First, a bullet hit my lower back and then a bomb injured my legs. After I recovered, I went back on the battlefield. I miraculously survived a third injury. Everyone who has heard my story was astounded.

In 1983, my truck fell into the so-called "Death Valley" while I was transporting weapons. By the time my colleagues found me and took me to the hospital, the hospital announced me as dead because of the many fractures on my entire body.

A Chinese doctor insisted on checking me again. By the time the military officials brought the doctor to the morgue, it was already late at night. After I had been pronounced dead for over 12 hours, my arm twitched a little in front of their eyes. The doctor insisted that they should at least make an attempt to resuscitate me and that it was not time to give up yet.

Thus I was taken to the operating room. The doctor performed a neuro-procedure. After about 40 days, my life was no longer in danger.

After I finally regained consciousness, I had lost my eyesight and had become hard of hearing. I began to live in a world without light, voice or time.

After two years of treatment at an army hospital, my left eye remained blind, but my right eye recovered some vision. My left eardrum had been punctured, so I remained deaf in my left ear. I also lost feeling on my head. The open wound on my skull continued to bleed and ooze fluid and had not healed even after 15 years. I felt dizzy and my head swelled and hurt all the time. I often passed out. In addition, I lost control of my legs and feet. I would fall when I tried to walk. I couldn't raise my arms either. I was classified as severely handicapped and was taken back home.

2. Fifteen Years of Life in Living Hell

After I returned home, my wife became my nurse. She began to look after me with tears in her eyes, day and night. Since then, my family and I lived in hell for 15 years.

During the first few years, when our children were little and my wife was young, she repeatedly encouraged me not to lose faith. Because of her, we managed to survive the 80's.

The difficult life impacted my wife's health greatly. She began to suffer from arthritis, gastroenteritis, vertebra protrusion and some other health problems. As a result, she was often bedridden and unable to work, and could not cook at times. On the worst days, she couldn't get up at all and had to eat in bed. At times like this, she had to rely on our daughter and son to take care of us. Our two children attended college at the time and we were destitute. After having borrowed money from all of our relatives and friends, I was in the depths of despair. I thought of killing myself, but my wife told me, "No matter how difficult life is, we must bring our children up and help them finish their education before we kill ourselves."

When my parents-in-law (in their 70's) visited us, they burst into tears as soon as they saw us. My mother-in-law decided to live with us and help with the cooking, laundry and other housework. When my wife became ill, I sunk into an even fouler mood. As a result, my health deteriorated. The skin on my hands looked like the bark of an old pine tree. My hands had many dry cracks that never healed and bled all the time. My fingernails fell off. I couldn't bend my fingers or put them together. I couldn't even hold a bowel. We had tried many different types of treatment, but nothing helped.

Even during our darkest hour, the CCP leaders in our village demanded payment from us for our expenses. Because we were unable to pay, the local government suspended my handicap pension.

In order to provide for the family, my wife had to go work in the field despite her ailments even though it meant she had to work kneeling down to reduce her back pain. Alas! Will my tribulation ever end?

3. After I Began to Practice Falun Gong I Was No Longer Handicapped

While I was struggling to survive, I was fortunate to learn Falun Gong. After I started practicing Falun Gong, I experienced what it feels to be rescued from deadly despair.

One day, a Falun Gong practitioner from a neighboring village introduced Falun Gong to my wife and me. I asked my wife to learn Falun Gong first and teach me afterwards. My wife left to hear more about Falun Gong and began to learn the practice that day.

A miracle happened. My wife endured the severe physical pain and learned the five Falun Gong exercises within three days. Before she could really do them well, the pain in her legs and arms disappeared. The excruciating back pain also had lessened quite a bit. She could even do some housework. My wife was very impressed by Falun Gong's miraculous healing power. A week later, my wife became completely healthy.

The miraculous health improvement in my wife was a shock. I became anxious to learn the Falun Gong exercises. Because I couldn't travel to the practice site, several Falun Gong practitioners came to my home to teach me the Falun Gong exercises and played Teacher's nine-day Fa lectures to me. As soon as I heard Teacher's Fa lectures, I was mesmerized. Falun Gong's immense, and profound inner meaning was speaking to me. I listened to Teacher's Fa lectures in two days. Next I slept for four days and four nights. During the four days, my family was getting worried, fearing that my life might be at risk again. Fellow Falun Gong practitioners came to check on me. They saw that I snored loudly, apparently having a very nice sleep. They told my family, "Perhaps he has a great predestined relationship with Falun Gong, so Teacher is now healing his body. There is no need to fear."

When I finally woke up from the long sleep, a miracle happened! There was a dramatic improvement in my physical and mental health! It was as though my strength and vigor had been restored all of sudden. I felt like leaping, skipping and singing. There were sparkles in my eyes. I exclaimed, "Honey, there is a Chinese idiom, 'Good fortune awaits those who survive a catastrophe.' Aren't we now enjoying our good fortune?"

I kept looking at my wife. It had been 15 long years since I was able to see her face clearly. My wife laughed and cried.

My eyes became moist with tears. Teacher, it is you who saved us! Despite my family's protest, I went to the largest city near our village on my bicycle. In the past, I used the bicycle as my walker. Today I went on the bicycle and rode all the way to the large city. Words couldn't do justice to my feelings. I didn't feel tired at all after riding the bicycle for about 40 miles. Since that day, I have been persevering in studying the Fa and practicing the Falun Gong exercises. I recovered from my illness rapidly.

My hands with numerous dry cracks that bled daily for years and cost me a fortune for medical treatment healed five months later. The open wound on my head that discharged fluid and bled for 15 years also closed on its own. I threw away all the medicine because I no longer needed it. I look completely different now. No one could imagine that I used to be severely handicapped. I now look like a completely healthy person. I grew a head of thick black hair. I couldn't stretch my arms, put my fingers together or have any control over my legs and feet. I was almost blind. But all of these problems disappeared. I even recovered my hearing. These miracles happened one after another.

Now my wife and I are able to tend two large rice paddies. I can carry about 200 lbs of vegetables on the back of the bicycle and deliver them to local markets. We also paid back all our debts. I always feel energetic and vigorous. During my cultivation practice of Falun Gong, I have witnessed and experienced the pureness and beauty of Falun Gong. Falun Gong requires its practitioners to cultivate kindness, to improve their morality and to be selfless and altruistic. My heart has been purified as a result of the practice. The handicapped, tormented and despaired me disappeared. Falun Gong gave me a new lease on life and brought happiness and laughter to my family.

The dramatic improvement in my physical health and morality has become an excellent testimony for Falun Gong. About 100 of my friends, relatives and neighbors also began to practice Falun Gong. Even those who have not started practicing Falun Gong have given Falun Gong two thumbs up after they saw my transformation.

4. The Evil CCP Persecutes Falun Gong, Monitors me and Keeps me Under House Arrest for Six Years

The evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its ringleader Jiang Zemin started their mad and cruel persecution of Falun Gong on July 20, 1999. Even I, a veteran who once gave almost my life to the evil CCP in the Sino-Vietnamese War, and thus became severely handicapped, could not be spared from it. 610 Office staff repeatedly barged into my home, and attempted to force me to give up practicing Falun Gong. When I demanded to know the reason, they told me, "CCP orders!" They declared Falun Gong is an evil cult and no one should practice it." I was enraged and started telling them my personal experience of practicing Falun Gong. They replied, "No matter how wonderful Falun Gong is, you must not practice it if the CCP forbids you to. If you insist on practicing Falun Gong, you are declaring a war against the CCP. Don't blame the CCP for playing dirty! You are living in the world ruled by the CCP." They also ordered me to give them all of my Falun Gong books and the exercise music cassettes. I was in agony and began to think why such tribulations should befall upon Falun Gong.

It was Teacher and his Falun Gong that truly saved my life. Although that unknown Chinese doctor had brought me back from death's door in 1983, I led a life bathed in hopelessness. For 15 years I had been in agony and despair and had experienced the cold, uncharitable society the evil CCP had created. In my darkest hour, people bestowed cold eyes on me instead of charity. It was the selfless and altruistic Falun Gong practitioners that brought me Falun Buddha Fa and hope of life. Falun Gong gave me a new life, but today the evil CCP and its accomplices have arrested these kindhearted people that follow Falun Gong's principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, people who think only of themselves.

I finally realized that the CCP is but a fierce wolf in disguise of a mother. I shall shout with a loud voice the words that are in my heart. I am not doing this because I regard the CCP as my enemy. I am doing this because the CCP has ruined the future in the land of China. I declare to withdraw from this evil cult of the CCP, which is filled with unforgivable sins. From now on, I shall clarify the truth to the world's people about Falun Gong that has given me a new life.

I shall no longer cry or hesitate. I shall tell all kindhearted people in the world, "Falun Gong is genuinely good. Falun Gong's principles Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance are genuinely good." I shall tell people about my lives experiences under the Chinese Communist regime to illustrate the CCP's deceit, evil and the discord it brought to the Chinese nation. I presented my guarantee statement to the CCP in which I wrote, "First, I guarantee to study the Fa well. Second, I guarantee to persevere in practicing Falun Gong exercises. Third, I guarantee to be a qualified Falun Gong disciple and I shall never change my mind." I signed my name at the bottom of my guarantee statement.

Since then, I have been monitored closely. Staff from the city's 610 Office barged into my home and took me to the county's CCP committee. In the room, there were about a dozen men in uniform and civilian outfits. They all looked fierce and vicious. A government official from the city's 610 Office announced fiercely, "We have said enough. If you are still determined to practice Falun Gong today, we must arrest you."

I refuted, "The miraculous improvement of my healthy is a testimony of Falun Gong. You have witnessed the miracle. Why don't you tell me if you know Falun Gong is good? For example, back then the army hospital had already declared me dead. That overseas Chinese doctor brought me back from deaths door. How could I tell lies and say that the Chinese doctor is not good? CCTV vilified Falun Gong with fabricated lies and claimed Falun Gong forbade its practitioners from taking medicine when they were ill, which caused 1,400 deaths. I was on medication for 15 years and spent nearly 10,000 yuan on medical treatments every year for 15 years. When I asked your supervisors to reimburse the medical expenses, you gave me a hard time and refused my application. Since I started practicing Falun Gong, have I ever asked you for any the medical expense reimbursement for the past two years? Falun Gong miraculously cured all of my illness and I no longer need any medical treatment or medicine. What's wrong with speaking up for Falun Gong? Why don't you ask CCTV's 'Focus Interview' to give me an interview? Besides, are you saying that those who take shots and medicine will live forever? The most unbearable lie I have heard is that Falun Gong is backed by foreign political power to overthrow the Chinese Communist government. Did you really believe that I, as a veteran that gave his life to the country, was nearly killed and then became severely handicapped, would dream of attempting to overthrow the government by practicing Falun Gong? You have insulted me!" One of them continued to threaten me, "But this nation is ruled by the CCP." I refuted, "Does that mean the CCP can violate laws?" They all dropped their heads in shame. After a few moments, an official broke the uncomfortable silence and said, "Why don't we conclude the meeting for the day?" When they were about to leave, I told them, "You have not given me a chance to make a declaration." One of them said, "Let's leave that to the next meeting."

I saw them off. When we reached the staircase, one of them tried to help me walk downstairs. I told him, "Thank you, but I no longer need any help. You see? This is the miracle of Falun Gong." I ran downstairs before their eyes.

Since that day, I have been under house arrest. Up to eight of them stay in my home to watch my every move. I have lost my freedom to travel. For the past six years, I was monitored or under house arrest when it comes to so-called "sensitive holidays." I can no longer enjoy a normal life.

5. Wake Up, Kindhearted People

It is the Fa that gave me a new life. Before I started practicing Falun Gong, I was better off dead. Every year I would incur about 8,000 yuan for medical treatments. Falun Gong has saved about 70,000 yuan of medical expenses over the past few years for China. Besides, I am now free from the torment I suffered because of my illness. My family no longer has to suffer with me.

But the CCP and its ringleader Jiang Zemin ignored numerous facts like this. They have exhausted all cruel and despicable means, as well as all the medias they control to launch hate propaganda against Falun Gong, to fabricate lies about Falun Gong and vilify Falun Gong. Countless people in China have abandoned their conscience to assist the totalitarian CCP in its evil deeds for the sake of protecting their self-interest.

At this critical moment, I earnestly urge all the kindhearted people to calm down and think. Do not fall prey to the CCP's lies. For the sake of your future, please make the effort to learn the truth about Falun Gong! Wake up, kindhearted people.