(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner Mr. Yang Xiaojie passed away at 11:15 a.m. on January 28, 2006.

Because of his belief in Falun Dafa, Mr. Yang had been detained in the Northern Suburb Prison of Shijiazhuang City. Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members tortured him with numerous methods to make him give up his belief. Even after he was tortured to the brink of death, and he had become emaciated, prison staff did not inform his family members. They were not allowed to visit him for more than a year. People who knew Mr. Yang's story are deeply anguished about this miscarriage of justice. At the same time, they are shocked by the CCP members' brutality and enraged about the murder.

Because Mr. Yang persisted in practicing Falun Gong, persecutors in Shijiazhuang City arrested him on September 28, 2001 and detained him in the Northern Suburb Prison of Shijiazhuang City. His family members saw him last in November 2004. On January 26, 2006, after seeking help everywhere for over 2 weeks, his family members finally were able to bring him home, but only because Mr. Yang was dying.

By that time, Yang was malnourished and only skin and bones. He had difficulty breathing or speaking, and could not finish a sentence. He slept most of the time, as he was extremely weak. He only semi-conscious, and his family members could not wake him up. He had difficulties opening his eyes. He weight around 160 pounds before he was jailed, but by the time he was released, he was down to around 80 pounds. Even his parents could not recognize him. The Northern Suburb Prison of Shijiazhuang City delayed his release for over 10 days, although he had reached the critical stage. It was too late by the time he entered a hospital. The first thing a doctor said, "How could you wait so long before bringing him here?

Mr. Yang's parents are both in their 70s. They had been separated from their son for over 5 years. Yet, shortly after being reunited, it was time to bid farewell. His father kept saying, "It would be great if I could die in his place." Not being able to accept the fact, his mother cried at his body for over 7 hours.

Mr. Yang's wife, Ms. Liu Runling, was sentenced to an 11-year prison term at the same time Mr. Yang was sentenced. Ms. Liu has been detained in Hebei Province Female Prison and husband and wife had not seen each other for 5 years. When Mr. Yang's life was endangered, his family members applied many times to the female prison, hoping that Ms. Liu would be allowed to visit Mr. Yang. Persecutors in the female prison delayed the process until after the death of Mr. Yang. On the day before Chinese New Year, they dispatched 8 policemen, who took Ms. Liu to the funeral service for a short time only. Under pressure from family members, they allowed Ms. Liu to visit her mother-in-law. However, Ms. Liu was not allowed to go upstairs, so the old woman had to be carried down to see Ms. Liu in the police car. Shortly after, police took Ms. Liu with them, leaving behind her 16-year-old daughter and her old parents-in-law. Despite the fact that the next day was Chinese New Year, she was not allowed to stay at home for even a single day.

Under the genocidal policy of the CCP, the persecutors in the Northern Suburb Prison of Shijiazhuang City dared to hide Mr. Yang's condition and delay his treatment. We suggest the The World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) to investigate this murder.

The tragedy of Mr. Yang Xiaojie's family is yet another evidence of the CCP's policy of killing practitioners.

We hope those people who are still participating in the persecution will wake up immediately, especially the guards and police in the Northern Suburb Prison and Hebei Province Female Prison. Please do not use your job requirements as an excuse any more. This is not an issue of rules and regulations, but one of conscience and human nature. You may not have the power to release practitioners, but you can tell your superiors the facts, so that the crime of murder will be stopped. Please do not let the tragedy of Mr. Yang Xiaojie be repeated!

We also suggest that practitioners in Hebei Province clarify the truth to the local prisons, using Mr. Yang's story and save other jailed practitioners. By sending forth righteous thoughts at every 8, 9 and 10 p.m., let us eliminate the evil in other dimensions corresponding to the local prisons that persecute Dafa.

Address of the two prisons mentioned above:

1. No. 4 (Shijiazhuang) Prison in Hebei Province (also known as the Northern Suburb Jail of Shijiazhuang City)

Practitioner Niu Mingang, Wang Chengbiao, and Shi Yan are detained here; Mr. Yang Xiaojie died as a result of the torture he received here.

Address: 3 Beihuan West Road, P.O. Box 131
Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province 050061
Tel: 86-311-87775174, 86-311-87723356
The Prison office:
Hongxing North Street, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province 050000
Tel: 86-311-87777264
Xiao Feng, warden: 86-311-87751830 (Office) 86-311-83826601 (Home)
Wei Wensheng, deputy-warden: 86-311-87718069 (Office), 86-311-83810877 (Home)
Wang Guobin, Education Division Director (Brainwashing Center Director): 86-311-87751912 ext. 6260 (Office), 86-311-87751912 ext. 6290 (Home)
Yue Yuhai, deputy-director of Education Division: 86-311-87751912
Jiao Wei, officer, 86-311-87751912 ext. 6470 (Office), 86-13784035678 (Cell)
Zhao, Education Division Director: 86-311-87751912 ext.
Chen, the eleventh division factory director and head of the first group of the Eleventh Division
Zhang Zhiguang, Seventh Division director
Wang Ruiku, deputy-director of the seventh division
Zhang Zhonglin, Seventh Division police officer
Yu Chunguang, Fifth Division police officer

2. Hebei Province Female Prison

About 3,000 people are detained in Hebei Province Female Prison, including 1,500 practitioners. Most of the female practitioners illegally sentenced to jail terms are detained there. Video monitors have been installed everywhere in the prison, including shower rooms.

At least five practitioners from Shijiazhuang City, Ms. Zhang Wenjing, Ms. Yu Jingxia, Ms. Liu Runling, Ms. Bai Yuzhi, and Ms. Yang Jianmei are detained here.

Address: Shitong Road, Shijiazhuang City (newly constructed, the place is near Tongye Town)

Mailing address:
No.2 Division of Mailbox 55
Luquan City, Hebei Province
Zip Code: 050222
People in Charge: Zhang Yi, [86-13832116656 (Cell), 86-311-83939601 (Office)]
Zhao, Li Jing, Ma Dongmei, and Cheng Fei.