(Clearwisdom.net) As Teacher's Fa rectification pushes forward, the wave of withdrawals from the Communist Party triggered by the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party has become a hot topic for many people. It greatly shocked the evil. The Chinese Communist Party's red wall is about to collapse. There is no turning back!

After the Nine Commentaries was published, I immediately quit this organization and I also asked other people to quit the Party and its affiliated organizations. I made little progress. The true reason is that I did not truly keep up with Teacher's Fa rectification in terms of my mindset. The old forces often took advantage of my unrighteous thoughts and human notions. I walked the path arranged by the old forces, sometimes without realizing it.

After the volunteer coordinator established a Fa study group at my home earlier last year, I benefited tremendously from group sharing. Some of the problems I faced, such as how to free ourselves from the manipulation of the old forces, how to speed up withdrawals from the Party, among other issues, were quickly solved through group discussion. We printed and disseminated the Nine Commentaries and proactively asked people to quit the Party. We gradually matured from having a superficial understanding to gaining a rational understanding [of asking people to quit the Party].

I want to summarize the work I did asking people to quit the Party. Please compassionately point out anything inappropriate.

Returning to my hometown and asking family and friends to quit the Party

I work in the city but grew up in the countryside. I have an inexplicable, predestined relationship with many peasants and residents in the suburban areas. I vowed to rescue the people there. Last year, my Dafa practitioner husband and I went to my hometown five times during holidays to clarify the truth and encourage people to quit the Party.

During last year's Chinese New Year we took banners, stickers, talismans, VCDs and other truth clarification materials with us to my hometown to celebrate the New Year. We clarified the truth to everyone we came across, as we did not want to miss a single predestined person. We clarified the truth to the cab driver, the panhandler and the passengers on the bus. One old woman who begged for food was ecstatic when she took a talisman from us and shouted five times, "Falun Dafa is good!"

During the Chinese New Year we visited relatives and friends and clarified the truth about Jiang's brutal persecution of Dafa and Dafa practitioners. We contacted more than 100 people during visits, meals and tea parties. Many people gladly accepted Dafa after learning the truth. My fourth uncle was weak and bedridden and could barely speak. After he heard the truth, he was very excited. He touched my hand and said the heartfelt words, "Falun Dafa is good," through trembling lips. My third aunt was 81 years old and had been bedridden for seven years. She felt hopeless as she stayed alone in her room. She moaned and cried. When she learned that saying "Falun Dafa is good" could help her recover, she seemed to have known Dafa's saving grace and shouted, "Falun Dafa is good" hundreds and thousands of times. By our second visit, both my fourth uncle and my third aunt had recovered. Their children witnessed the supernatural power of Dafa and the blessing Dafa brought to their loved ones.

I was moved by The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and by the wave of withdrawals from the Party after Teacher published an announcement to quit the Communist Youth League. I deeply felt the profound meaning of Teacher's compassion and arduous salvation and the heavy responsibilities Dafa disciples shoulder.

"Never has it happened in the past or present
In the future, heaven and earth last forever
Look at the ancient, eternal great heavens
Who still dares to descend again"

("Save the Vast Firmament" Hongyin II)

The Fa rectification of the firmament, unprecedented since the beginning of the universe, will never happen again. As Teacher tells us, Fa rectification period Dafa disciples are connected with the Fa rectification. What glory and magnificence it is to assist Teacher to rectify the Fa and rescue sentient beings! Countless sentient beings' fates are determined by our single thought; nothing is more solemn, sacred and magnificent. We used the May 1 holiday, the October 1 holiday and the birthday of our elderly relatives to visit other relatives and friends in our hometown and kindly asked them to quit the Party. Through the power of Dafa we even connected with relatives and friends with whom we haven't spoken for years. We visited again and again and left an impression of compassion with sentient beings. Some people who didn't want to quit the Party were melted by the power of compassion. After nearly one year, more than 170 people in my hometown alone quit the wicked Party.

Breaking down barriers and encouraging colleagues to quit the Party

It was more difficult to ask people at my work unit to quit the Party than asking people in my hometown to quit the Party. During six years of savage persecution, many employees witnessed the whole process of arrest, beating and forced labor to which I was subjected. I wondered how much credibility I had among my colleagues? How many people would listen to my kind words? I was uncertain. We Fa rectification period Dafa disciples are the hope for sentient beings in the universe, so we have to overcome difficulties, no matter how great, and fulfill the mission and responsibilities Teacher endowed us with. We cannot rescue many sentient beings if we don't have great compassion. However much we are devoted, however much the Fa will manifest itself, that's how much we will gain. Empowered with the experience of asking people to quit the Party in my hometown, I was confident that there was nothing I could not do; so, I started to clarify the truth.

The method I used is thorough truth clarification, breaking through important points and step-by-step administration. I clarified the truth to people in each one of all eight departments. I repeatedly asked each person to quit the Party and visited different departments. As for those who refused to quit, I treated them with wisdom, compassion and patience. I enthusiastically guided them and helped them strengthen righteous thoughts and eliminate fear. Usually, it took me two or three times, at most four times, to encourage a person to quit the Party. I waited for opportunities for those who still refused to quit. I continued to clarify the truth to people who had already quit the Party and broke the rigid mold formed in their minds after the Party's long-term brainwashing. I gave copies of The Real Story of Jiang Zemin, copies of The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and other materials that help clarify the truth of the persecution to a few people in each department who had quit the Party. I did this so they could read it first and then give it to predestined colleagues in their department, so they could in turn act as a leading force to quit the Party.

At the same time I also grasped the opportunity at group tour events our employers organized for the workers. Within a short period, nearly 90 colleagues quit the Party and its affiliated organizations. They included five managers and assistant managers, two head secretaries and the vice secretary of the Communist Youth League. The head of my department who had failed in the attempt to force me to give up my belief, after exhausting "hard" and "soft" methods, awakened quickly. It happened due to his encountering tribulations after his recent retirement, and he then broke away from the Party. Almost everyone from my department quit the Party, including the manager and the clerks. The security officers were the first to quit! Nine out of fourteen security officers quit the Party. Another security officer didn't quit the Party, but he had a positive understanding of Dafa. One security officer in charge of electronic monitoring even respectfully took Teacher's picture home. He burned incense before Teacher's picture on Chinese New Year's Day and the Fifteenth Day of the Chinese New Year. He wished Teacher success in all things.

One older security officer working as a door guard saw a Party membership application in a young guard's pocket and said to the young guard, "The Communist Party is an evil cult! You cannot join the Party!" He tore up the application. When I went to a certain department's cafeteria to clarify the truth, a lady at the bar shouted at the waitresses, "Who is a member of the Communist Youth League? Come here and quit it!" I quickly helped four waitresses quit the Communist Youth League and the Young Red Pioneers. An official from the city Maintenance Advancement Committee who came to our place of employment quit the Party after I told her the truth. She cherished The Nine Commentaries, The Real Story of Jiang Zemin and other materials I gave her. She read them repeatedly. Her complexion became rosy.

In order to quickly eliminate the evil Party's evil specter implanted in my colleagues and to promote withdrawal from the Party, with Teacher's protection, I tore down six pages of "maintain the Party's advancement" propaganda on the bulletin board as well as Mao Zedong's poems hung in the office hall. Later, ordinary people completely removed the bulletin board and thereby the base that supported the banner imprinted with Mao Zedong's poems. This incident sent a shockwave throughout the local community.

Many workers had lost interest in joining the Party, as they were disillusioned with it. In this extremely vicious and perilous environment I constantly risked verbal attack, slander and being reported to the police. The manager of my department protected me, and I knew that benevolent and great Teacher was protecting me. After the evil in other dimensions was eliminated, my superiors immediately changed their attitude. My manager ordered a soft drink machine installed in my office. The head supervisor brought me an electric heater, saying my office was too cold in the winter. Another official sent me a military coat. I had previously asked many times to have a phone installed in my office, but related officials kicked the ball around and put it off for a long time. This time, they not only installed the phone without my asking, but also obligated me to accept it. Experience taught me and made me realize that as long as I have Dafa in my heart and act with righteous thoughts and righteous actions, Dafa has boundless powers. Any and all evil will instantly disintegrate, any evildoer will melt from the radiance of compassion, and Dafa will instantly correct any unrighteous elements.

Asking people to quit the Party at a wedding reception

In December 2005, my husband received three phone calls from his nephew, who asked us to attend his wedding in our hometown. I immediately agreed to go, because rescuing people is like putting out a fire; nothing else is more important. We had only three days to clarify the truth, and the trip to and fro would take one day. I knelt before Teacher's picture and asked for his help. On the day of the wedding, we started to rescue sentient beings right after we stepped inside the hall. I clarified the truth to the person boiling the water, the cook, the receptionist, the gift receiver (by Chinese tradition, a cherished person is assigned to catalogue all wedding gifts), the visitors, the naughty ones who were going to play tricks in the newlywed couple's room, and the people setting off firecrackers. I didn't want to let a single person go and asked whomever I came across to quit the Party. I fully clarified the truth to each person and asked him or her to quit the Party. I didn't differentiate between family members and outsiders, as I treated all sentient beings the same way. Regardless of whether they were older or younger than me, whether they were women or men, I felt responsible for rescuing them all. I clarified the truth one-on-one, then I clarified the truth to a few people at once, and later I spoke to a dozen people at once. All of those I spoke with completely accepted the truth and quit the evil Party organization.

In the evening, the host threw a feast for those who had come to help. They drank and I clarified the truth. After I finished speaking of the wonders of Dafa and was about to distribute talismans among people they stood up at once; each person took a talisman. After I explained the method, significance and effect of quitting the Party, all of them quit the Party. I gave them copies of The Nine Commentaries. One farmer in his 40s complained because he didn't get a copy. "Today I came just for this! Why don't you give it to me?" I was deeply touched. My husband immediately took a copy from his bag and presented it. The farmer took it, held it in front of his chest and wouldn't let go.

As for those whom I didn't have time to talk to during the party, or those who didn't attend the party but also need to be rescued, we visited them the next day and helped them quit the Party. During our trip to a certain county to buy return tickets we visited some of our former superiors, friends, the deputy head of the Unified Front Department, the former manager of a film company, the deputy head of the Retired Cadres' Bureau, the deputy head of the Education Reform Committee, the president of a tobacco company workers' union, the deputy head of a print factory, the head of a town People's Congress, the head of a Politics Committee, and the head of an Armed Bureau. We helped a total of 75 people quit the Party by attending this wedding reception.

All of these achievements are manifestations of the mighty power of Dafa and the boundless compassion of Teacher toward all sentient beings. Dafa disciples are only doing things in this surface dimension. Teacher said,

"Remember: you are the stars of today's world, you are the lives that sentient beings are watching the most intently, and you are beings who are determining the future of every person in the human world!" ("Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Canada Experience Sharing Conference")

Indeed, when so many people listen to us clarify the truth, or when they are in a desperate situation waiting for us to rescue them, we truly feel we are "the stars" of today's world.

Some practitioners acknowledged our method and asked me many times to share my experience in asking people to quit the Party. I said, "I really don't have too much to talk about. I didn't talk about too many things or discuss complicated issues. I only feel the elevation of mind, a manifestation of compassion and tolerance, a feeling of transcending material interest and forgetting about others and myself. In an instant, I felt my heart was pure and I was living for others, maybe it was the manifestation of "selflessness and altruism" ("Non-Omission in Buddha-Nature," Essentials for Further Advancement).

I dare not think I have reached that level, and I only feel heartily content. This contentment comes from the depth of my heart and it comes from the Fa. It is a greatness I experienced after I truly understood the importance of rescuing sentient beings and the boundless meanings of Dafa. I neither had hatred when people didn't understand me nor when people accused or insulted me. I remember my mission and I feel transparent and happy.

Eliminating attachments, taking solid cultivation steps and assisting Teacher in the human world

Looking from another perspective, I didn't do everything well. I still have many shortcomings and problems. Once I saw a friend of long standing whom I had not seen for a long time. He is a senior Party member. Surprisingly, when I asked him to quit the Party he immediately took off running, and several people could not stop him. Another senior Party member learned the truth. He not only quit the Party himself but also helped his wife quit. When he told his wife about it after he went home, however, they had a fight and both of them were unsure if they did the right thing. This happened because of my simplistic approach and I was attached to a quota. Even worse: sometimes my mind is unsteady and I get flustered. My enthusiasm ebbs and flows, which results in unreliable results. Sometimes a whole week goes by when I don't help a single person quit the Party. At other times I help many people quit the Party in a single day. Sometimes I didn't do it when the opportunity presented itself and regretted it afterwards. I also judged people by their appearance and dealt with them according to my notions. My mind went blank when people verbally abused and intimidated me.

Although my husband and I helped more than 370 people quit the Chinese Communist Party, we are still far off compared to practitioners who do well. We are even further removed from the Fa's requirements. We are not yet living up to Teacher's compassionate and arduous salvation. We haven't cooperated well with other practitioners. Often I pay too much attention to one particular aspect and overlook other things. I like to do things in small settings and am still very selfish. I like to hear praise; other practitioners help me more than I help them. I am attached to comfort and am not willing to endure suffering. Complacency and the show-off mentality often surface. My attachment to rise in levels, to Consummation and to a great Attainment Status sometimes surface, although these are usually hidden. This is my fundamental attachment and the greatest cause for the aforementioned problems. At this last critical moment of Fa rectification I am determined to give up all worldly desires and attachments, diligently practice cultivation, do the three things well and assist Teacher in this world.