(Clearwisdom.net) This article is about a couple that I know. The husband is a taxi driver. Although he doesn't practice Falun Dafa, he knows the truth about Falun Dafa and believes Falun Dafa is good. He also knows that one of his neighbors was arrested by the police and beaten to death overnight, just for practicing Falun Gong and wanting to be a good person following "Truthfulness - Compassion - Forbearance." The couple knows that practicing Falun Gong can bring a person good physical health and improve one's moral standard. They do not understand why the government persecutes good people, "How can the government fear there being too many good people? If all good people are locked up in prison while bad people can do whatever they want, and no one restrains himself with moral standards, then where is hope for the society?" The husband often talks with his passengers about these thoughts and tells them that Falun Dafa is good.

However, this taxi driver was taken to a detention center and fined 1000 yuan for speaking the truth. Even his underage child was affected. All of the neighbors do not understand what kind of law a person can violate by telling the truth and refusing to curse.

The following recently took place:

On December 23, 2005, the Yanji City Police Department ordered all traffic to be blocked to search for this taxi driver. He was arrested and brought to the police department without knowing why. The police even searched his home and arrested everyone in the family, including his underage child. The family learned the reason they were being arrested only after they arrived at the police department.

It turned out that the husband told one passenger that Falun Dafa is good and gave the passenger a Falun Dafa bookmark. Later, the passenger reported him to the police. The police commanded the whole family to tell them where he got the bookmark. They also threatened to sentence him to three years in prison and force them to pay a 10,000 yuan fine if they didn't cooperate. The police even coerced the child to curse Mr. Li Hongzhi. The wife said her child had never cursed anyone and was never taught how to curse. The police forced the couple to tell them where they got the bookmark and other Falun Gong related materials and why they insisted Falun Gong was good.

Only then did the couple tell them the story that they had kept to themselves for many years. It happened when their daughter was in elementary school. The girl had psoriasis all over her body. She had to shave all her hair and wear a hat all year long. None of her classmates or neighbor kids wanted to play with her. When she was outside, she kept her head down because psoriasis was all over her face. To cure her disease, the couple had spent all their savings and was deep in debt. She had seen many, many doctors and tried all kinds of medicine, which didn't cure her at all. In the end the girl was very weak and pale, could not eat much and her nose bled a lot from taking too much medicine.

During that period, the couple almost went crazy. However, one day the wife met a practitioner who told her the truth about Falun Dafa and that perhaps Falun Dafa could save the child. Touched by the practitioner's sincere and selfless words, she accepted Dafa in her heart.

Then the miracle happened. From that day on, the girl's disease lessened and lessened each day. Not long after, she was fully cured without any medical help. Overwhelmed by joy, the whole family was very grateful to Falun Dafa and the practitioner.

The wife asked the police, "If you were me, would you refuse the chance to save your child? Now you ask me who this practitioner is. I also want to know her name for I want to thank her. It was her who gave my daughter the hope to live. Assuming I know that practitioner's name, how can I tell you for I know you will arrest her, send her to jail and maim her, or beat her to death?"

The police immediately said, "Nonsense, who do you know who was beaten to death?" The husband spoke, "Practitioner Yang Zhongfang from Sichuan province, 37 years old, was beaten to death at the Jiangong Police Station of Yanji City. Wounds were all over her dead body. I saw photos taken after she died." The police asked loudly, "How do you know?"

The husband answered that he used to work with Ms. Yang in the Lihuawan Market in Yanji City. The police warned the husband not to tell people that Ms. Yang was beaten to death and that he must say that Ms. Yang died due to illness. The husband said what he wanted to say from the bottom of his heart, "Falun Gong not only can cure illness and improve physical heath, but also can improve people's moral standard. How good is that!" A policeman immediately said, "Stop!" The husband said, "It is not only me who says this. Everyone thinks so, but no one dares to say it. But all I say is the truth. I really think Falun Gong brings all benefits and no harm." The policeman said, "You cannot say Falun Gong is good even if it is really good."

After a long interrogation, eventually the police told them they didn't beat them because they have some connections. Normally they would be fined 10,000 yuan for neglect in reporting a felony. But this time the police would only charge them 1,000 yuan for they decided this was a small matter.

Contact information for the responsible people:

Jin Guangzhen, deputy director of the Yanji Prefecture Police Department and director of the Yanji City Police Department: 86-433-2512839 (Office), 86-433-2918766 (Home), 86-13504720001 (Cell), 86-13304437555 (Cell)
Li Dongzhu, director of the Yanji City Police Department who is in charge of persecuting Falun Gong: 86-433-2514600 (Office), 86-433-2525232 (Home), 86-13804487858 (Cell)
Jin Jingshan, deputy director of the Yanji City Police Department
Piao Xiangnan, deputy director of the Yanji City Police Department: 86-13943399999 (Cell)
Piao Nanzhu, director of the 610 Office of Yanji City: 86-433-2518644 (Office), 86-433-2779805 (Home), 86-13844338311 (Cell)
Hu Xiaoyan, deputy director of the 610 Office of Yanji City: 86-433-2517901(Office), 86-433-2995656 (Home)