(Clearwisdom.net) After suffering from long term mental and physical persecution in the Dalian City Forced Labor Camp, I finally finished my full sentence and was ready to go home. The day before my release, a "reform assistant" (a criminal inmate assigned to monitor other inmates, including Falun Gong practitioners) told me in all seriousness "After you are free, you must expose the evil in this place. If you don't do it, I will be really upset." His words surprised me. Under pressure, he had done a lot of bad things to persecute practitioners. But his words revealed a compassionate side to his nature. This article intends to expose from a victim's perspective how the guards in Dalian City Forced Labor Camp encouraged the evil elements in criminal inmates, how these inmates were used to persecute practitioners and sentient beings, and how the deceptive and violent communist nature operates.

Guards in Dalian Labor Camp often beat the reform assistants. Although the guards may talk about humane management, in reality they use violence regardless. In Team Eight, the guards openly hit the reform assistants, wherever and whenever they chose. They most commonly slap them in the face. When guard An Ping slapped inmate Li Juntao, guard Liu also assaulted Li Juntao and injured her eyes. Relationships among the guards are also very hostile. They often fight with each other for some trivial reasons and never want to compromise. The four team leaders and the 15 guards have all personally attacked people. When the guards hit the reform assistants, their goal is to train these inmates to obey their orders to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. To achieve this they terrorize the assistants. The reform assistants call the guards "the mob" or "animals." Many reform assistants bribed the guards to join Team Eight for a "nicer" place. But after they were assigned to the team, they all regretted their placement and complained loudly.

Quite a few reform assistants told me, "We do not want to hit you, but we can't refuse if the guard orders us to do it. If we don't hit you, they will hit us, and they will extend our terms." The guards encouraged reform assistants to commit crimes. A reform assistant who was also a repeat labor camp inmate said, "Violence in the labor camp eliminates all compassion in human beings." Guards hit people, reform assistants fight each other, and guards order the reform assistants to assault practitioners. Reform Assistant Li Yue said, "In society if you assault someone, you end up in a forced labor camp. But in the forced labor camp if you hit someone, it's not considered a crime. You are even protected by the authorities." This officially sponsored violence has produced some very nasty reform assistants such as Fang Zewen, Xu Hui, Wei Xixin, Yu Jingkang, and Li Yue. Taught by the head guards, these assistants persecuted practitioners with sleep deprivation, physical torture, and insults.

The majority of the guards take bribes. A reform assistant told me, "In Team Eight, excluding branch heads, all the guards and their leaders deserve to be arrested because they all accept cash." This assistant himself is also a victim. Another assistant said that during the six months he was in Team Eight, he bought "nearly 100 10-packs of cigarettes." Most of the cigarettes were given to the guards. Some reform assistants said, "If they don't receive any bribes, they will start looking for trouble." He continued, "A 10-pack of cigarettes buys you one month of peace. After that, if you don't give them more gifts, they treat you like a total stranger." If the guards caught someone sleeping while on guard, they expected two soft drinks or two packs of cigarettes. Sometimes people give the guards one 10-pack of cigarettes to avoid the punishment. A reform assistant said, "I have spent 16,000 yuan in the past year and a half." Most of the money was for bribing the team leaders. Some reform assistants had no money, so they stole. Theft is common in the labor camp. People are constantly on the alert for their money and belongings.

Xu Hui, a group leader of reform assistants, and a few other assistants have their own cell phones, which are not allowed in the camp. Using the cell phones, Xu Hui and Wei Xixin gambled on sports every day. They said they had lost tens of thousands of yuan. Some guards also gamble. Xu Hui and Wei Xixin were very violent toward practitioners and helped the guards to persecute Falun Gong.

On February 16, 2005, the camp installed computers in the three branches of Team Eight. Now the heads of the branches play computer games day and night. They also watch movies with explicit sexual content while on guard duty. The guards even order the reform assistants to write up the educational records and work diaries and release the reports on their behalf. The reform assistants have to do the laundry, wash dishes, and make beds for the guards. The head of the inmates also has to prepare toilet paper and light cigarettes for the team leaders. When team leaders want to eat or use something special, the inmate leaders will go around in different groups and force inmates to contribute.

Deception is a very serious matter there. Team Eight prepared two sets of blankets, one set for show and the other for daily use. The actual set is locked in a steel cabinet year round and is not allowed to be air-dried out in the sun. It really stinks. The guards teach the reform assistants how to deceive the authorities. A reform assistant told me that in early 2005 a higher authority planned to visit Team Five to see if the new camp inmates were beaten. A guard leader grabbed an electric baton and threatened the reform assistants to not tell the truth. In order to cover up the persecution of Falun Gong, the labor camp even told the reform assistants not to tell their families and friends what they do as reform assistants. At the beginning of 2005, the higher authority came to review the situation in the labor camp. The Team Eight head recruited several reform assistants and handed them a "Guidelines in the Labor Camp." They were told to study the "Education-through-labor Rule Implementation Process" section. The guards told them explicitly to praise the labor camp and cover up the crimes.

After reading the "Guidelines," the reform assistants realized why the guards had told them to study it. According to the "Guidelines," the People's Police must observe the "Five Bans." One Ban says that police must not use physical violence, punishment or insults toward labor camp inmates. The guidelines also say that labor should not exceed six hours a day, that sleeping time should be at least eight hours, that camp inmates get breaks during holidays, that solitary confinement cannot exceed seven days, that tortures such as hanging by handcuffs and hanging by rope behind the back are banned, that electric batons are banned, and that labor camp inmates should enjoy all constitutional rights such as freedom of belief, health care and private mail. In short, all the things the law says to not do, the guards in Team Eight have done. The work hours there are usually twice and sometimes three times as long as allowed. The Falun Gong practitioners are allowed only five hours of sleep, and sometimes they are deprived of sleep for nine days. Some of them were locked up in solitary confinement for three weeks, some for several months, and in the most extreme cases for several years. These long-term solitary inmates were handcuffed and shackled. They were tortured even during sleep. They were hung by their handcuffs and by a rope behind their back. They are forced to wear boxing helmets all the time. There are no Sunday rest days here, and the longest holiday time is three days. Illegal activities occur all the time in every place.

The reform assistants hate the labor camp's two-faced approach. They are disgusted with their gross violations of the law, their persecution of Falun Gong and the guards' corrupt behavior. Strangely, despite the bad things happening every day, Dalian Forced Labor Camp has been selected as a national "Model Institute for Transforming Criminals," and Team Eight is selected as the "Civilized Team" every year. The reform assistants do not dare to speak up. They live a pathetic double life as victims and abusers. They dare not defend their own lawful rights, and they passively endure the guard's violations while they trample on their own human nature and conscience. These situations reveal the CCP's deceptive and violent evil nature. The forced labor camp's treatment of Falun Gong practitioners can best be described as "hurt without mercy and persecute without limit." The CCP is trying to turn humans into ghosts.

The purpose of this article is to expose the evil things in Dalian Forced Labor Camp, eliminate the evil forces there, and save people.