(Clearwisdom.net) In 1127, Emperor Zhao Huan, his concubines and officials, plus more than ten thousand others were taken captive by Jin soldiers and taken north to the Jin Kingdom. This is known as the "Jingkang Change" in Chinese history.

The agreement made between Emperor Zhao Huan and the Jin kingdom at a later stage allowed Empress Xianren to go back to her people in the south. At the time of her departure, Emperor Zhao said to Empress Xianren in tears while holding her hand: "If I were able to go back to the south one day, I would be very content with the title of just an official in charge of the Taiyi Palace. I have no other wish."

Empress Xianren replied: "If I don't think of ways to get you back when I return to the south, let my eyes turn blind." This was the last oath and promise made by Empress Xianren.

When Empress Xianren returned back to the south, the new Emperor Zhao Gou didn't want Emperor Zhao Huan to come back. Empress Xianren was very disappointed but did not dare to say anything more.

Not long after that, Empress Xianren lost the sight in both of her eyes, and she searched everywhere for a cure, but in vain. Later a Taoist came to the royal court and restored sight to her left eye with a golden needle. Empress Xianren was very pleased. She asked the Taoist to cure her other eye, but the Taoist said: "You can only use one eye to see. Let the other eye remain as evidence and manifestation of your promise and oath!"

The Taoist was a cultivator and he could see the causal relationship at a deeper level. Although what Empress Xianren could do was limited, she hadn't done everything she could have to keep her promise, and therefore, the consequences of her oath manifested. Empress Xianren understood the causality after listening to the Taoist and expressed thanks to him. After this, the Taoist quietly disappeared.

Now, among the circle of cultivators, among those with supernormal abilities, and as foretold in various prophesies of different cultures, it is clear that as a result of the unpardonable crimes committed against humanity, Gods, and Buddhas, the Chinese Communist Party will be soon eliminated by Heaven.

They see that the evil red dragon and evil spirits of communism in other dimensions have controlled the Chinese Communist Party. However, a lot of Chinese people, while being deceived and brainwashed by the evil party, have sworn before the blood red flag to willingly give their lives for it. When the time comes to eliminate the evil Chinese Communist Party, won't the evil party use those pledges as an excuse to take all its members down with it? Heaven regards those people as members of the evil party, thus, disasters will fall upon them. But heaven also has mercy on people and now offers people an opportunity to publicly renounce the party and choose to be good. So, how can we not treasure this chance? This is a matter of life or death. Don't miss it.