(Clearwisdom.net) In the past several years, the authorities at the Heizuizi Women's Forced Labor Camp of Changchun City have brutally tortured illegally detained Falun Dafa practitioners both physically and spiritually. Those held there are deprived of freedom. They are forced to work from morning to night each day. Every day they have to work for over ten hours. Once, the practitioners were forced to pick beans after dinner. Lan Mingjuan (female), who is the deputy chief of the seventh division, complained that the practitioners did not pick enough beans. She forced the practitioners to work until 1:00 a.m. before they were allowed to go to sleep.

The deputy chief of the seventh division, Hou Zhihong (female), always let loose a torrent of abuse to those practitioners who failed to complete the given task. She has beaten a countless number of the practitioners. When practitioners lined up, if she found someone who did not please her eyes, she would either kick or punch the practitioner while yelling with vulgar language.

The seventh division set up a so-called "new birth" division to "transform" Falun Dafa practitioners. It was specially designed to torture practitioners who just arrived or who refused to give up the practice. The guards used those who already gave up the practice to force practitioners to study brainwashing materials and to write repentance statements. Those who refused to follow their orders were punished by being forced to stand up for a long time (1), sleep-deprivation, beating and yelling, electric baton shock (2), and other brutal torture methods.

The Guard Hou Zhihong (female) also ordered Hao Limei (female), Ning Wenzhi (female) and several other people who gave up the practice to take practitioners who refused to give up the practice to hidden places. There they hold the practitioners to the ground, with some holding the arms, some pressing on the legs, some riding on the body and some sitting on the head of the practitioners. Some pulled down the pants of the practitioners and then beat the practitioners' buttocks with the soles of their shoes until they turned purple and black. To avoid others from hearing what they were doing, they used smelly socks to stuff the practitioners' mouths. They grabbed the practitioners' hands to force them to write the Repentance Statement. Just I alone have witnessed over ten practitioners who were put through such torture.

The Heizuizi Women's Forced Labor Camp: 86-431-8983380; 86-431-8961487; 86-431-5384312 ext. 8006, 8013 and 8014

The Director of the Heizuizi Women's Forced Labor Camp, Ma Yanlin (female): 86-431-5384323(Office), 86-431-5924643(Home), 86-13843020118(Cell) 86-13604338661(Cell)

The Director of the Heizuizi Women's Forced Labor Camp, Fan Youlan (female): 86-431-7697329

The evil guard who does brainwashing, Ye Jiong (male): 86-431-8912561

(1) Punishment by Forcing to Stand for a Long Time (http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2005/3/20/97713.html)

The so-called "Punishment by forcing to stand for a long time" means that the victim has to stand, facing a wall all day long except for the time spent eating, sleeping and using the toilet, from the time s/he rises at 5 a.m. until 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. the next morning when s/he is allowed to go to bed. This abuse usually lasts several days. If someone cannot withstand the intensity of prolonged standing and loses consciousness, the guards will then force-feed him or her with drugs.

(2). Electric Baton Shock (http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2001/11/23/20186.html)

Electric batons of high voltage--30, 000 volts--are used to shock practitioners' sensitive and private places, like the mouth, the root of the ear, the central part of the sole of the foot, center of the palm of the hand, penis, private parts and nipples. Sometimes, multiple batons are used together to torture practitioners. See pencil illustration on http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/24/16156.html 6th in article of 12 tortures)