(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, fellow practitioners from our practice site have been moving to other places one by one. Now, I am often the only person who practices at the site. With Master's strengthening, I have been continuing to practice there. But I have often felt lonely when people who did not understand the truth disturbed me.

This morning when I went to a restaurant to have breakfast, an older auntie sitting next to me kept staring at me. I did not know her, so I just said, "Hello, auntie." Seeing my puzzled look, she said to me, "Aren't you the young person who often practices beside the building where I live? You look solemn and peaceful when you practice. You must keep on practicing until you reach your goal!" Upon hearing what she said, I felt that it was a hint that Master compassionately gave me. I was so moved that tears instantly filled my eyes. I said, "Thank you!"

Seeing my tears, the auntie told me kindly, "Child, I know that during these many years, you've suffered a lot of hardship and mistreatment. It was not easy for you to continue up 'till today. But as long as your conduct is righteous, Singapore's government and Singapore's people will definitely understand and support you." Upon leaving, she told me again, "You must persevere until the very end."

Yes, we must all persevere until the very end, until reaching Consummation in our cultivation, and go home with Master.

December 26, 2005