(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Wang from northern China was merciless and aggressive. When he walked past a temple, he never showed any respect. Sometimes he would even point at the statues of the gods and curse them. In 1156 A.D., a man named Song Zhongzheng visited Wang and told him that respecting gods will bring good fortune to people, while cursing gods will bring misfortune. Wang felt that Song was trying to convince him to change his behavior, which irritated Wang. He said, "My family is wealthy, and wealth is good fortune bestowed by heaven. Why should I listen to you?" Song said, "You violate the righteous rules of the world and don't listen to any advice. This has been going on for a long time. Real disaster is going to happen to your family. If you go through a blessing ritual, you may be spared the disaster." Wang said, "If disaster can be spared through a ritual, then good fortune can, too. Don't use your unfounded words to deceive me." Song sighed. Wang yelled at Song and drove him away.

About ten days later, another guest arrived. He wore a red outfit and also said that his surname was Song. He started talking with Wang about the same things Song Zhongzheng said. Wang said, "Ten days ago a scholar surnamed Song came and tried to scare me. I didn't listen to him. Are you with him? I have never worshipped or feared spirits or gods. You are wearing red and your last name is Song. Are you the spirit of the Star of Disaster?" He yelled at the person in red. The person in red then walked out the door and cried out to the sky. Suddenly a fireball fell from the sky. Everyone ran to put out the fire. Wang was still stubborn and said, "There's no need to put out the fire. It'll only burn down a building or two." As he spoke, the fire started spinning and split into dozens of fires. All of the property Wang owned, no matter where they were, caught fire and burned to the ground. Rocks even melted, yet the buildings near his that belonged to others remained intact.

Since antiquity, kind-hearted people have always believed in the existence of gods. They believe that good will be rewarded with good, and evil will receive retribution. Thus, these people respect gods and do good deeds. People who curse and insult gods and spirits usually bring about their own destruction.