Dafa practitioner Liu Mei was tortured until her cerebellum atrophied, and she was in an advanced stage of tuberculosis. She was detained at the handicapped & senior's unit of Shenyang Women's Prison. Sun Linghua was tortured to mental collapse and was also detained at the handicapped & senior's unit.

Dafa disciple Zhao Aili's hands and feet were tied and she was hung upside down over a bed. She was hung for seven days and her right hand could not do anything after this. Not only were Zhao Aili's teeth knocked out, but also her arms were tightly tied and she was shackled to a bed for five days. She could not do anything after her arms were shackled. A criminal named Shi Ziuli knocked out her teeth, and other criminals by the names of Liu Yan and Hou Yan helped him to shackle her. An Rui, a staff member of the unit, instigated this. Li Liming was also tortured.

Li Lijuan got kickbacks from the kitchen and supermarket, and she shared them with staff member An Rui. What An Rui ate and used were all provided by Liu. An Rui violated the law while executing the law, and she conspired with and instigated Liu Lijuan to join her in crime. Liu is the head criminal inmate. For example, all her clothes are cleaned by other criminals, and the others always serve her. Liu Lijuan was the most vicious of those who persecuted Dafa disciples.

Unauthorized pooling and covertly unauthorized pooling of funds were very serious in Shenyang Women's Prison. For example, the prisoners endured ultra-stressful and burdensome work for fourteen and fifteen hours a day. There was no compensation and everyone had to buy everything by oneself. For example, those imprisoned had to purchase their own bedding, badges, photo IDs, and the newspapers they were forced to read. Everybody would have to take a share of the cost. After entering the prison one has to pay a physical exam fee of 150 yuan, and after being assigned to the workshop one has to pay extra 150 yuan for other exams. Besides this, the prices of merchandise in the prison store are four or five times higher than outside.

Everyone was given rice four times a week, and steamed bread once every week. Every meal was boiled cabbage with clear water. Some days, cabbage and carrots were the only dishes served. A fried dish was never served. Sanitation in the dining hall for over two thousand persons was very poor. Rotten vegetables and worms were found in the food. It was inedible. The corn bread was sour and one felt nauseous after eating it. Many got various illnesses because of lack of nutrition, poor sanitation and intense overtime workload. Those in extreme poverty could not have a chance to see their family all year round. Everyone in the prison was allocated seven yuan monthly but in the end, nobody got a penny of that money. For example Chen Xiaoli (a non-practitioner) was a person in extreme poverty. At the end of 2004 she developed acute appendicitis. The operation cost more than 1500 yuan. Afterwards section head of the Third Team Guo Naijuan told Chen Xiali that if she did not pay the operation fee, then she would never have her prison term reduced (she would never be allowed to leave). She was desperate and hanged herself on her birthday. When the seasons changed, we could not find time to wash our blankets, as we were busy with intense work every day, without any time to ourselves.

Warden: Li Sen

Director General of Administration Bureau of Prison: Chen Taibao

February 2, 1006