(Clearwisdom.net) I was not in a very good state for quite some time when sending forth righteous thoughts. I did not pay enough attention to it. Except for the four times we send forth righteous thoughts globally, I did not pay attention to doing it at other times. Even on those four times, I did it as a routine job and was very slack.

Evil severely interfered with my child and me in those days. One day, two practitioners from other places came to visit me. They more or less had the same problem. When sending forth righteous thoughts, they were sleepy and did not focus. In the evening we studied the Fa together and had some experience sharing. We sent righteous thoughts according to the clock. When I sent righteous thoughts on my own, I saw with my third eye that lots of ugly low spirits and rotten demons, grotesque in shape, fell down from above one by one. There were lots of them that fell down. After righteous thoughts, I told the other practitioners what I had seen. Each one of us recognized our shortcomings to a certain degree. Because of human notions and attachments, as time went by, we became slack, even numb in sending forth righteous thoughts.

At about eight o'clock the following morning, my son had to go to kindergarten, my husband was going to work and my mom was also busy. All my family members are practitioners. But another two practitioners and I started to send forth righteous thoughts. In a short time I saw the following scene: There was a pond full of lotus flowers, tens of thousands of them. All were in bud. The lotus flowers were floating quietly in a dark and obscure dimension. It was dawn and very quiet. All of a sudden, at the corresponding place where the three of us were sitting in the other dimension, three lotus flowers burst into bloom. When the petals opened, the blossoming power was very strong and irresistible and the speed was amazingly quick. The lotus flowers were beaming with golden light. The rays were shooting out to the cosmos. The space above the three lotus flowers suddenly became bright. At that time another lotus flower nearby was turning bright.

I could feel that the evil above those lotus flowers could not escape in such golden light. I expect that when all of the lotus flowers burst into blossom, the golden beams will occupy the whole cosmos and all the evil will be eliminated. But as time went by, minute by minute, the other lotus flowers were still in their buds; their petals remained tightly closed. Until we stopped our righteous thoughts, everything remained very quiet. At the time my husband was in a hurry to go to work. He did not sit down to send forth righteous thoughts and only had a thought of it. I feel that he opened the last flower that blossomed. It was about eight o'clock in the morning. Everybody was busy and people who were sending forth righteous thoughts might not be that many. As a matter of fact, whether you can see with your third eye or not, whether you can feel what's happening in other dimensions or not, the fifteen minutes when we are sending forth righteous thoughts seems ordinary in this dimension, but it is a fiery and stirring battle in other dimensions. As disciples of the Fa-rectification period we should do well the three things and help Master to rectify the Fa and live up to Master's mercy to us.

Due to my limited understanding, please point out anything inappropriate and regard the Fa as Teacher.