(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Huang Fuji lived in the Sui Dynasty (581-618). When he was three, his father passed away. His grandfather Mr. Wei Xiaokuan then began to raise and educate him.

One time little Fuji was having fun with his cousins playing chess. After Wei Xiaokuan learned of this, he thought that they were wasting their time instead of studying hard and therefore wanted to severely punish them. However, he had pity on little Fuji, considering that he was still very young and also was an orphan. Thus he decided to let him go and did not punish the little boy.

After little Fuji heard this, he said, "I am being raised by my grandfather, without my parents to discipline me. If I cannot strictly discipline myself and encourage myself to be strong, how can I achieve major accomplishments when I grow up?" Thus, he asked someone to use a stick to hit him thirty times.

Even when Mr. Huang Fuji was so young, he could already be strict with himself and be brave enough to acknowledge his mistakes and correct them. When Mr. Wei Xiaokuan saw this, he was moved to tears. Later Mr. Huang Fuji became a famous officer in the Sui Dynasty and had an excellent reputation.