(Clearwisdom.net) I have made some mistakes and have not cultivated as diligently as a true cultivator should. Looking inward, I found that human notions and attachments often controlled me. For example, when clarifying the truth to people that did not understand, my first reaction was that they must be the problem. However, it was my human notions and attachment to fear that stopped me from further clarifying the truth to them. My acknowledgement of the difficulties was in line with the old force arrangements, and this created omissions that the evil took advantage of. The unrighteous factors were further enlarged when I was irrational. I realized I was still at the level of personal cultivation. I did not place saving people as my top priority.

So I started to recite the Fa and looking at everything from the Fa. My daughter is a young practitioner and a good child. When she started school, I did not pay much attention to helping her with her studies. Her teacher called her the slowest student in the class. My daughter felt bad when she heard this, and I felt bad too. Later, I thought about the situation calmly, "How come it is normal if the child has good grades in school, and abnormal if not? What is the purpose of being a good student, to obtain personal interests and status in ordinary society? Isn't this the (CCP) evil specter's standard?" My daughter obtained Dafa and so she has received the best in the world; she is the most fortunate child. I denied the unrighteous factors in other dimensions, and my daughter's grades improved dramatically. In the meantime, I purified myself.

My father is a veteran CCP member. He was very upset when I first told him the truth about Dafa, and this stopped me from telling the truth to others. I tried many different ways to convince him, but nothing worked. I lost my benevolence and started thinking he deserved to be controlled by the evil specter since he would not listen to me and withdraw from the CCP.

Later, I studied Master's "Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Manhattan International Fa Conference:"

"You should always keep your thoughts righteous, and when you are confronted with evil or with certain situations, you should send forth righteous thoughts a lot; you need to clarify the truth and save sentient beings, but even more so should you cultivate yourselves well. If you don't cultivate yourselves well you won't have mighty virtue, what you say will not be in line with the Fa, and then you can't possibly save sentient beings. When what you say has no mighty virtue and no power, it will have no effect, and the evil will capitalize on that. What's more, if you don't cultivate yourselves well and your righteous thoughts are lacking, when you handle certain things you will tend to slip into human ways of thinking, and then you won't be able to have the effect of saving sentient beings."

I realized that I clarified the truth to my father with human feeling because he is my family member. I did not clarify the truth with a cultivator's heart.

If we stand at the same level as ordinary people, how can we convince them? My father lost his rationality under the evil specter's control. He also suffers persecution. So I adjusted my attitude, sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil factors in other dimensions, and continued to clarify the truth to my father. Finally, he withdrew from the CCP. That night he slept extremely well. I understood that this was because he obtained a new life. The Fa showed its power in my family one more time.

After this experience, I developed an attachment to my achievement. I was feeling proud that I could persuade a stubborn person like my father. I did not realize how dangerous such a thought could be until several fellow practitioners' homes were searched. I realized cultivation is a serious matter; any unrighteous thought may bring trouble in ordinary life.

I previously didn't think it was important to write experience-sharing articles. I saw it as an assignment. However, in the process of writing this article, I noticed that many of my human notions and attachments were exposed and eliminated, my righteous thoughts were strengthened, and my attachments were eliminated. I am eliminating the evil with my pure heart as a Dafa disciple.

Please kindly point out any mistakes in my sharing. Thanks.