(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. Because I seldom studied the Fa and was not diligent, I did not see much change in my body due to the practice, and I could not keep up with the process of the Fa-rectification. After the persecution started on July 20, 1999, because of my fear of persecution and interference from my family, I stopped practicing. At that time, I was very sad but was unwilling to completely give up my cultivation. However, since my determination was not steadfast, I focused on making money and gradually ceased my cultivation.

Several years passed. As the situation of Fa-rectification improved, many practitioners in our village who had stopped practicing started to cultivate again. I also started to study the Fa and do the exercises again. At that time, the police often harassed me. Many people in our village, including my family and friends, were against me. Some even said some bad words to me. Especially my wife, who did not know the truth, did not believe in Dafa at all. When I went to other practitioners' homes or they came to my home to practice the exercises, she always got very angry, tried all kinds of ways to disturb me, and threatened to divorce me. Because I did not study the Fa well, and my belief in Master and Dafa was not strong enough, I finally dropped down to the level of an ordinary person. At that time, there was good money to be made in aquatic culture. Since my attachment to money was very strong, I dropped down and could not extricate myself from personal benefits and qing.

Several months later, I felt pain in my chest. My appetite decreased, but my stomach became bigger day by day. After a doctor's examination, I was diagnosed with hepatocirrhosis ascites, a serious liver condition. My brother did not believe it, so we went to another hospital. The diagnosis was the same. After returning home, my brother secretly told my mother that I would not live long. I could not sit due to my bulging stomach. I could not eat, and my hands and feet were always cold. Nevertheless, I was not scared and always reminded myself that I was a Falun Gong practitioner. What I had learned was Falun Dafa, and I would follow Master resolutely.

The next day, a practitioner came to my house and had me listen to tapes of Master's lectures. We studied the Fa and did the exercises. That night, I went to a group practice location to study the Fa and practice the exercises. The next day when I went to get an injection, it was not successful even after seven consecutive tries. I knew that it was a hint from Master. Thereafter, I studied the Fa firmly. Gradually, I could sit in the lotus position, and my hands and feet became warm. I decided not to get injections. But my wife and children cried and asked me to get an injection every day. They also said some bad words to the other practitioners, saying that they harmed me.

I thought then that I would continue to cultivate Dafa firmly, no matter what interference there was. I thought in my mind that I should strengthen my righteous thoughts and follow Master's Fa-rectification to the end. After reading Zhuan Falun again, my wife asked me to have another physical examination. It seemed that she wanted to test Dafa to see how Dafa could benefit people. I bore one thought then, that Master arranged for me to do the examination, so I would do it. After the examination, the doctor surprised us by saying, "The illness has disappeared so quickly. It is unbelievable." Everyone in the village was astonished when I returned home. They said that Falun Dafa was amazing. Even the people who did not know the truth all said that Falun Dafa was wonderful.

It is Dafa that saved me, and it is Master who gave me a second life. I escaped the arrangement of the evil old forces and found the real path to return to my origin. I will follow Master closely and definitely move forward with Fa-rectification. Now my wife, children, relatives, and friends all look at me in wonder and say that Falun Dafa is great. Their perception changed completely, and they all intend to cultivate Dafa firmly.

I will study the Fa as long as I am alive. I will not miss this chance that has not appeared in tens of thousands of years. Thank you, Master, thank you, Dafa.