(Clearwisdom.net) Beginning anything is always difficult. It was very difficult for Falun Gong in the beginning, but then it grew very rapidly. In the early days, to let people know about Falun Gong, Master treated diseases for many people. Many of my friends experienced this honor. For example, one of my friends had rheumatism and her husband had withering gastritis (an early stage of stomach cancer). Master treated them once and they fully recovered.

Many people went to Master's home and asked for medical treatment. Master worked very hard. In the morning he taught the Fa in the park. Many people followed Master and practiced Falun Dafa and their diseases were cured. For example, my friend's mother-in-law had an egg-sized tumor on her neck. A doctor diagnosed it as a cancer and suggested surgery to remove it. My friend took his mother-in-law to Changchun for surgery. Before the operation, my friend took her to Master's exercise site and she learned the Falun Gong exercises. The tumor disappeared. Master didn't personally treat her, but she was cured. Fellow practitioners said, "That tumor couldn't tolerate Master's field, and it may have been dissolved or run away."

In May 1992, when Master held the first class, nearly 200 people attended. It was really difficult to teach such a large class at that time. Master finished the second class in Changchun in the middle of June, and then went to Beijing to hold classes there. In August, Master returned to Changchun and taught the third class.

I attended the fourth class in the conference hall of Jilin Provincial Party Committee. It ran from September 8 to September 17, 1992. Someone said there were about 1,000 seats in the hall, and all the seats were taken. A woman who was paralyzed due to an injury in her lower back was carried into the conference hall. She had received medical treatments for a long period of time, but to no avail. Master treated her for a few minutes, then she stood up and walked three circles around the conference hall. She and her husband went to the park to practice Falun Gong every day after that. Her story quickly spread, and many people came to practice with her in the park. On September 14, 1992, Master went to their practice site and cleansed it. That site was formally established on that day.

September 17, 1992, was the last day of the fourth class. That evening Master was leaving by train for other places where he would hold classes. We invited Master to our practice site that morning. As soon as Master showed up, fifty or sixty people came and asked him to cure their diseases. Master smiled and agreed. He said, "You all line up. I will treat only one disease for each person. If you want to recover completely, come to practice Falun Gong."

From that day on, our practice site was formally set up. Master must have been very tired after treating so many people. After the lecture that day, he had to catch a train. Master had classes all over of the country. Over a period of two and half a years, Master taught 54 classes. It is hard to imagine how much Master suffered during his spreading the Fa. Master rarely went home during that period except when he had classes in Changchun.

When classes were held in Changchun, Master gave lectures in the evening and went to the different practice sites in the morning. He helped practitioners with the exercises and cleansed their bodies. There were always new people joining in. One of my friends told me about a miracle she experienced. She was very young, but she had a high fever that couldn't be diagnosed. She often had a fever over 40 0C (equal to 104 0F), and antibiotic injections (or any injections) to bring down the fever did not help. However, when she visited her husband (who was in the military) the Chinese medicines that the military doctor prescribed for her worked. However, they no longer worked when she returned home. I felt sympathy for her and suggested she practice Falun Gong. When she first started practicing the exercises in the park, Master happened to come to the practice site. At that time she was doing the second exercise and she felt something run around her a few times and then run away. She opened her eyes and saw Master standing by her side. Later, she told me she knew that Master was helping her to cleanse her body and eliminate the interference from another dimension that caused her inexplicable high fever. Since then she has never had the problem again and her health has become increasingly better.

Because of the miraculous effects, more and more people came to practice Falun Gong. In early 1994, the number of practitioners at our practice site increased to around 200. Since the site was physically small, some of the practitioners opened up a new practice site at a big, open field located nearby. In June 1994, there were five or six hundred practitioners at that practice site.

Master not only taught us the Fa, but also demonstrated the essence of Dafa through His behavior. I was honored to have many opportunities to be close to Master. I felt that the Fa manifested through the things Master handled. One time Master came back to Changchun to give a class. At that time, many other types of qigong were in decline, but Falun Gong had become more and more popular. The municipal Qigong Association invited Master to attend a meeting. I was fortunate to be invited. At the meeting, many people from other types of qigong started to attack Falun Gong. Taking advantage of their older age, they were very impolite in how they spoke to Master. Initially, Master tried to explain in a very moderate way for a while. Later, seeing that they were persistently unreasonable, Master stood up and asked the meeting director to be excused. He did not argue with those people. I could see that they tried to make trouble because of their jealous mentality.

When Master stayed with us, he also taught the Fa through stories. On August 19, 1994, several of us went to the airport to see Master off to Yanji City. In the waiting room at the airport, Master told us a story. I believe that Master was explaining a layer of the Fa. The story he told was of September 9, 1976, when Master was on duty in the military. The then-CCP (Chinese Communist Party) leader Mao Zedong died on that day and all manners of entertainment were prohibited. The city was very quiet. Master's gun suddenly and accidentally discharged. (When we heard this we were all worried about Master because we all knew how cruel the evil CCP was.) I blurted out, "Then, what did you do?" Master didn't directly answer me but said, "[Nothing,] it was just so

that you would lose face [in front of everyone]!" I remembered his words deeply in my mind and felt it had so much meaning beyond just a story. Therefore, later when someone scolded me in front of many people, I didn't feel uncomfortable and my mind was not disturbed.

I feel I am so fortunate. Since I began practicing Falun Gong, I have never taken any medicine. I am 71 years old. Though "illegally imprisoned" three times for a total of 860 days, with Master's benevolent protection, I am still very healthy. I sincerely thank benevolent Master! Heshi!

There is another story that influenced people in Changchun very much. It happened in December 1993, when Master was in Beijing to attend the Eastern Health Convention. The building that Master's home was located in had a big fire. It was a four-story building. The fire started in the apartment adjacent to Master's apartment. The apartments on both sides of Master's apartment were on fire, but Master's apartment in the middle was safe with only some items in the room soaked with water from the rescue activities. When people in the rescue team walked into the apartment they saw that there were Buddha statues on the bookshelf and a Bodhisattva picture hanging on the wall (which Master made himself). After they left, they spoke about it everywhere and said that the apartment didn't burn because the family had Buddha's protection. Now when I recall this, I think it must have been interference from the old forces which was dissolved by Master.

"Innumerable hardships and tribulations in fifteen years,
Who can tell how much it is in the Fa-rectification?
For the sake of the salvation of all sentient beings
Do not stop until the ultra-microcosmic realm is transcended."

("Hardship" from Hong Yin II) [Provisional translation]

There were so many hardships that Master suffered!